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Summary: A 15 year old Allen Walker has just come back from a month long mission with Lenalee and two of the third exorcist. When they left, Timothy had just been getting used to the Order and the talks of the new exorcist had died down, but now that they were back there was a talk of another new exorcist. Allen and Lenalee were too tired to ask around and just decide it was some more talk about Timothy, but the next day they learned that is was a small 13 year old girl named Rose. It was pretty normal that they had gained a new exorcist but what had everyone talking was the fact that the girls parents were there too. The parents had fought with the Black Order and refused to give up their daughter, saying that they had already lost one child and they weren't going to let them take away their only other child. Eventually they were aloud into the Order but only if they became finders. Allen was pretty surprised the Order let in the parents of an exorcist but he was even more surprised when he had met them. The parents seemed so oddly familiar and he didn't know why. Then it came to him, their appearances reminded him so much of his own. The mothers silver eyes, the fathers chest nut hair. Could they be...

Loved, Lost, and Found

It was a nice spring day in England, the streets were crowded with men and women going to work and shopping, children running around playing tag, and a very excited and rushed young lady pushing through the streets. Her long blonde hair swayed back and forth in a ponytail as she ran, trying not to trip in her cute sun dress. She was in a hurry and bumped into many people on her way. They would turn around and begin to yell but they never finished.

"Ouch!" A scruffy man had been walking to work when he was hit in the arm by this woman. "Would you watch wher-" He stopped in mid-sentence, as most men did, when she turned around to apologize. He had been mesmerized by her beautiful silver eyes that shone in the spring sun light. They sparkled in the brightness, and blinked showing her long delicate eye lashes. Then looking further down, he saw she had the cutest nose, with thin pink lips and rosy cheeks. She was so stunning, he had never seen such a girl before and was taken aback.

"I'm sorry sir! Please forgive me!" She did not stop as she said sorry, just kept running and waved her hand back to him. After repeating this scene many times she finally made it to her little house at the end of the street. The door was open and she could see her beloved husband standing in the kitchen making a cup of tea.

Her face lit up even more at the sight of him and she began calling out to him and running fast to her house. "Adam! Adam! Honey!"

The young man of 21 turned around at the call of his name, kettle in his hand and a surprised look on his face. "Lily? What's wrong?" He quickly put down the kettle and walked over to his wife as she entered the door. There was worry in his brilliant blue eyes as he hugged her and made sure she wasn't hurt. The hug didn't last long as Lily began squirming trying to get free of his grip.

"There's nothing wrong Adam, it's actually the total opposite!" Adam looked down at his overly excited lover and wondered what in the world could be so great after going to the doctors. Lily saw the confusion on his face and giggled as she grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the eating area. "Okay take a seat. Your going to be in for a big surprise!" She was so happy and had a smile that went from ear to ear.

Adam couldn't have been more puzzled and lost, but he did as she said and sat. "Alright. What's all this about?"

To excited to sit she stood in front of him and held his hands. "You know how i haven't been feeling well lately, but didn't have a fever or a loss of appetite?" Adam nodded. Of course he knew, that's why he forced her to go to the doctors. "We'll the doctor said i was not sick and didn't have any disease."

The man tilted his head to the side, as his slightly wavy, chest-but brown hair, fell in front of his face. It almost hid his completely dumbfounded look but Lily still saw it and laughed. "Wait, if your not sick then what's wrong, and why are you laughing? Ah! Dont leave me hanging here."

Lily thought she had teased him enough and decided to tell him. "Like i said before nothings wrong. Actually everything is going to be alright, because we are soon going to be a family." Adam's face lit up with shock as he heard her say family. He wasn't sure what she meant but he was starting to understand and couldn't believe it.

"When you say family, you mean..."

"Yup thats right. We're having a baby." Lily was almost jumping up and down now, she was so excited about it and couldn't wait to be a mother. Adam on the other hand was in a state of shock, he just sat there and looked straight ahead not sure what to do or say. Lily saw this and ceased her jumping. Putting down Adam's hand and kneeling near the chair, she started patting his face. "Honey? Are you okay? Adam?"

He did not respond and she was starting to get worried but then he started to softly speak something. She smiled at this and wrapped her arms around him as she began to cry tears of total happiness. Adam still sat there motionless but she new he was happy, as he too was crying and smiling, repeating the same sentence.

"I'm going to be a father."

Months later...

The air was cool and crisp outside, smoke rose from the chimney at the Lerwick residence. Inside Adam and Lily sat side by side near the fire. The young man was reading a book as he watched his wife slowly start to nod off to his side. It was silent for some time and Adam looked over to see she was asleep. He put down the book and got up to get her a blanket, he had some trouble finding the extra quilt so he took some time but eventually he found it and start to head back. On his way he heard a painful groan then a discomforted yell. Adam didn't hesitate even one second before running back to his wife.

Sprinting back as fast as he could, Adam finally made it to the room and burst through the door. The first thing he noticed was Lily laying on her back on the floor. He darted to her side and grabber her hand. "Lily! What's wrong are you okay?"

He was so scared, for her and the baby, and didn't know what he would do if something went wrong. Fortunately Lily just turned her head to look at him and smile. "Everything is okay, *huff* but my water broke *huff* the contractions have started *huff* and i need to get to the doctors, now."

Adam was frozen, he couldn't believe his baby was coming! Lily made another pained yell as she squeezed his hand so tight he thought it was going to break, and he quickly snapped out of his frozen state. When she had calmed down again, Adam left go of her hand, stood up and began running around the house trying to get everything ready. Right in the middle of his preparations he looked out the window and gasped.

'Shit! It's snowing out! I can't get her to the doctor in this condition and we don't have a carriage! What hell am i going to do!' Adam was panicking. He couldn't get her to the doctor and he only knew the basics of how to deliver a baby. Stressing out he began pacing trying to think of what to do, but the only answer, that seemed possible, was a home delivery.

At long last, he figured out what he had to do, and Adam began getting everything that he remembered was needed. Lily opened her eyes and saw him running around, going into a room and bring things back, just to run back into another room. She wondered what the hell he was doing and finally when he came over to her side to prop her head up with pillows and cover her with a blanket, she asked him.

"Honey, *huff* what are you doing? Ah! *huff huff huff* We have to get to the *huff* doctors." Lily saw the worry and pain on Adam's face and wondered what was going on.

"I'm sorry. We're going to have to deliver the baby on our own. It's snowing out and there is no way i can get you to the doctors like this. I'm sorry, i'm so sorry." Adam began to feel like he was a bad husband because he couldn't provide her with all the stuff she needed but to his surprise Lily didn't care. She just smiled, as she held his hand and said, "So, our baby is a little 'snow baby' haha."

Adam couldn't believe how strong his partner was but it gave him inspiration again and he began to smile.

Hours later...


"Your doing good Lily! Just a little more!"

"*huff huff* AHHHHHHH! *huff* AHHHHHHHHHH!"

"He's out! Lily! It's a boy! Look at out little boy!" Adam was holding the small crying baby that was quickly wrapped up in a blanket after being born. He swiftly stood up and walked to his wife's side. She was breathing heavily and sweating as she laid back on the pillows. After Adam had kneeled next to her, with the baby in his arms, she turned her head to them and smiled. Adam smiled back and held out the baby to his mother.

Lily raised her arms and gently took the boy from Adam's hold. The baby was still crying but as Lily began to hold him, cradling him in her arms, he started to become quiet and fall asleep. She looked up from her son and to her husband, who was now sitting next to her and putting his arms around her shoulder. "So what she we call out little boy?"

Adam and Lily sat there for a minute and thought about it. "How about Jared?" Lily was the first to suggest a name, but Adam shot it down with a shake of his head.

"I already know like 5 Jareds. How about Mark?" This time Lily quickly shook her head.

"No way. I remember this kid from my old neighbor hood named Mark and i couldn't stand him." Adam chuckled, then began to think again, but before he could think of something else Lily gasped. "I got it! You don't hear this name too often and i think it's cute. How about Allen?"

Adam smiled and looked at the baby, before looking at his wife again and nodding, "Perfect"

For about an hour, the new family just sat beside the dim fire and relaxed. It was all peaceful and they felt like they could take a nice nap, but then Allen began to squirm and whine. "Uh oh. He's about to wake up." Lily smiled and tapped his little nose before peering up to her husband. "He's probable hungry so i'm going to feed him, while i do that could you bring the crib you made for him here?"

Adam nodded and stood up carefully, so to not disturb the waking Allen too much. Adam was so happy and giddy. It was almost morning already and he's had no sleep but he was now a father, and he felt fantastic. He had gone to their room, gotten the crib and was almost back in the room when he heard Lily yell for him.

"Oh my god! Adam! Adam! Come here now!" This terrified the young man, so without a second thought he dropped the crib and ran into the room. He looked around and saw that Lily was still sitting in the same spot with the baby, but now she had Allen held out away from her. Her eyes were filled with fear and she looked at the baby and to Adam.

"What's wrong! ? Is the baby okay? Are you okay?" As fast as he could, he went to her side and began looking her over to make sure she was okay. Everything looked okay so now his mind went to the baby and he swiftly turned to see if Allen was okay, but when he looked he just froze.

The two parents were now looking at the same thing, eyes wide and fear in their hearts.

"His arm! What's wrong with it?"

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