AN: K, so I figure I better warn y'all right now that this is a femslash piece. A first for this archive, and I know that this pairing is neither realistic nor particularly sub-texted on the show, but I'ma do it anyway. My reasoning is that if they reckon somewhere around 10% of the population is gay, then roughly one in ten fics should be slash, and at the time of posting this is R:SO's twelth fic, so it's overdue. I know this logic doesn't stand up if you think about it for more than a second, but it makes more sense than the current political situation, so I'm going with it.

This chapter is set in the scene close to the end of episode 12, just after the whole Lara-on-morphine conversation with Dean.

Chapter 1

"If I ever become uninvolved, I'll call for Rescue."

"Yeah, and uhh, we'll be here." Jordan plastered a forced smile on his face as he watched the blond hiker nod and disappear between the many vehicles parked in the area. He let the grin slide once she'd vanished from sight, and tossed the bag he'd been fidgeting with into the back of the truck with slightly more force than was necessary, before turning to gather more of the gear. As he hefted another load into the back of the truck, he noticed Chase, who was standing beside the door.

"You gonna help, or you just gonna stand there and watch?" Jordan snapped at him irritably. Chase didn't respond, and it was only when he rounded on him to snap the order again that Jordan noticed his colleague's expression of utter shock. "Chase?"

The younger man again didn't respond, but he did open and close his mouth a few times before simply raising his hand and pointing in the direction he'd been staring. Jordan turned, and his eyes widened as he too saw what had rendered Chase speechless.

'I'm hallucinating' Jordan thought to himself. He had to be. That was the only explanation for what he was seeing, because there was no way that was actually happening. There was no way that that was Heidi bent over Lara as she lay on the gurney behind the ambulance. There was no way that that was Lara's hand tangled in Heidi's hair. And there was definitely no way that they were actually locked in a passionate kiss.

Chase seemed to be thinking along the same lines, judging by the half sentences he was beginning to utter. "Is that…?"

Jordan nodded dazedly. "Uh-huh..."

"Are they…?"


Not taking his eyes off his colleagues, Jordan felt around for his radio and spoke into it. "Dean, where are you, mate? You gotta see this…"

"What? I'm kinda busy here."

Jordan's ability to construct complete sentences had evaporated halfway through Dean's question, when Heidi had shifted her hand slightly. "Heidi and Lara…"

"What about Lara? Jordan, is there a problem with your radio or something?"

"Just go look…"

"Look at what? If there's a proble—oh. Wow."

Jordan's thoughts exactly.

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