Aarushi knew that Angad Yadav was bad news; he did not respect women, nor hardly did he respect anyone else. He thought he was something fantastic but he was mistaken; he thought he could throw his weight around, but he was wrong.

When she had first learned he was blackmailing her family and her older sister, Pratigya, she had been furious. More than furious – she had wished that he would push someone too far one day and that they would lash out back at him! She had wished he would die!

She had realised then that even though everybody saw her as young and fun-loving that she also had a lot of anger against the bad people in the world; in her fairytale life, it just didn't seem right that they existed, at all. Sometimes, she had just wished she could crunch up her eyes tightly and wish that they would go away – that they would no longer exist – and it would just turn out that way, it would just happen.

Now, she was not a child any more and she had come to realise that if a person wanted something they had to do something for that, in return. Like Angad; they had to go out and get it themselves.

As she was sitting in her bedroom, she had wondered why Angad was such a bad person: why he had teased her sister, why he didn't think women deserved as much respect as men, why he had beat up her sister's fiancé, Nitin, and kidnapped her sister. Did he really find enjoyment in these dubious, shady activities? Did he really think that this was the way the whole world could be if they weren't so 'gutless' or 'chicken'?

That was when the idea came to her; the idea of how she was going to help her sister, Pratigya, make the world a better place for everyone: women and men, rich people and poor people, old people and young people alike, and everyone in between. Well, maybe not the whole world, but their little part of the world, she reconsidered.

She was going to start with just one person: Angad. If she could help him to see that it was much better for a person's soul to be a good person rather than a bad person, then she could do anything at all.

She was not going to marry Angad just because he had asked for it; or in revenge for the bad things he had done to their family and all of the others he must have hurt, too; to try to trick him into caring for her and then hurting him worse than he'd ever hurt her; she was going to help him, instead.

She thought of herself like a princess then, sent off to a foreign land on a deadly mission with no option but to succeed or die. In all of the fairytales she'd known from her childhood, love had always won out against the most incredible odds. Now that she was older, she had decided that it wasn't good enough for her to believe things anymore without knowing if they were really real in real life or not.

This was her secret mission; she hoped she lived to tell the tale of it to the world, but most importantly, to her sister; she hoped she would finally be able to give her sister hope for the future and for the good things in life. Pratigya had done so much for her, and she was now going to do something for her. One way or another, her sister was going to be happy, and she intended on being happy, also.

She was a princess, and didn't all princesses have special powers? She was going to make Angad a good person, she just knew it!


Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya © Pearl Grey; Spellbound Productions and STAR Plus.