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Gabe walked into his apartment.

"Hi honey," Julie said

"Julie I have to talk with you"

"Sure," she pulled up a chair.

"So you know about Horseshack needing a bone marrow transplant right?"

"Of course"

"Well I had a blood test today to see if my bone marrow would match his. It's a perfect match"

"So are you thinking about-"

"I'm going to do it," Gabe said, "but I want your permission"

"Honey," Julie said, "is it dangerous?"

"No. It's not dangerous but it's painful"

"Are you sure you're willing to do it," Julie asked.

"Those kids are my students," Gabe said, "But they're also my friends. I can't let my friend down"

"Then I think you should go for it," Julie said with a smile.

The next day Gabe went to school. Horseshack was there. He was sick as a dog but he insisted on coming to school until he couldn't go.

"Horseshack," Gabe said, "I'm glad you're here"

"Thank you Mista Kotta," Horseshack said

"I have some good news," Gabe said, "You're getting a bone marrow transplant. I just did the test yesterday and I'm a match"

Horseshack hugged Kotter and burst into tears.

"Thank you Mista Kotta"

"Hey you're my friend not just my student.

"I love you Mista Kotta"

Gabe hugged Horseshack back.

"I love you too," he said, "See you on the flip side."

A 3 week seasion of chemotherapy later Horseshack was ready for his bone marrow transplant. Gabe checked into the hospital. He would be in and out in a week. They needed to monitor him. After all a bone marrow transplant is very painful and he would need pain meds to get through that. When all is said and done however it was worth it. Horseshack managed to beat the cancer that was plaguing him.