The Chronicles of Jackie Burkhart and Steven Hyde

'80s edition

(every episode in the canon took place – the future is my alternate universe)

Chapter 1

New Year, Same Angst (Something Has to Change)

January 1, 1980

3:15 a.m.

3 short points of view from 3 people who were sleepless the night after the Forman family's New Year's

Eve party.


People think I'm just a stupid foreigner. That really hurts my feelings. Who has to plan a kiss? Of course, I

would take the bait. I'm a Fez with needs. If you love someone with all of your heart, those words were

said before; they weren't meant when said to me. When you love someone you don't withhold a kiss.

Forman didn't see Donna for all the summer she went away in California, granted, I don't think it's going to

work out for them. But, the point is, you don't hug and then wait for your first kiss together because it has

to be planned. It had to be planned, because the woman who loves me with all of her heart, is sleeping in

her room, I didn't expect to "do it" [/sing-song voice], but she didn't even want to cuddle. Many the night, I

spied on Jackie when she was with Hyde and they would just cuddle sometimes. Even Donna and Forman

would do the same. She can't be in the same room with me, we kissed on New Year's. We went back to the

apartment, she said she was tired and wanted to sleep. She's probably in there crying over Hyde. How long

can I keep this charade up? I don't want to be sloppy thirds and that's what I am. Kelso was right, I am the

cart. Jackie settled with me. She is ugly on the inside the longer she continues to pull my chain. I deserve to

be with a real woman who loves me. I'm never going to fall asleep with this on my mind.


I cried into Fluffycakes until I couldn't cry anymore. What has my life become? I go from getting a job offer

in Chicago (and truth be told that public access show sucked, especially my first night) to being Christine

St. George's assistant to settling for sweeping up hair at Fresh Hair. I'm starting 1980 by quitting that

job. I don't know what to do. I need to give Steven his space, but he's the one I love with all of my heart,

and I think Fez is fully aware of that. I'm afraid to talk to him. I had no one to tell, not even Donna, that I

got a letter from my father, he's going to be released from prison (he just can't hold any public office

anymore) and the small trust fund that was made for me, I finally have access to. Jack and Pam couldn't

touch it. I don't know where I am going or what is going to happen. I really messed up with being bossy.

(and bitchy). Steven was going to marry me, but I wouldn't have appreciated it then. I love Steven Hyde,

we might never have a future together, but I have to focus on myself first, and hopefully, we can be real

friends. He really hurt me, but I hurt him. Listening to him call me a slut hurt me so much. How did he think

I would take to hearing that? Why would Fez and Donna encourage him to go back to the Circle? Yeah, I did

it, yeah, I sometimes liked it, but do they want him to be an unmotivated stoner forever? This group likes to

keep everyone down. He deserves so much better and he needs time to find himself as well. We might not

wind up together, but I hope, please God, if you're listening, I would like to be real friends with Steven

Hyde someday. I'm never going to fall asleep with this on my mind.


I'm never going to fall asleep with this on my mind.


Author's Note: I finally figured out how to make line breaks! Yes, it took me that long. I usually would use

asterisks, but the system here would delete them. I'm not abandoning my Scab story, I just wanted to

write something else at the same time. FX just finished airing the awful season 8, and I was trying to look

for clues that J/H were meant to be and I think a J/H reunion in the '80s was strongly implied. This is

where the inspiration for this story came from.

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