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"Morning pretty boy, listen J J's just rang we have a case but its here so we have an hour an so before we have to be at the BAU" explained Morgan waking his Husband.
"mmmm its tooo early" complained Reid in response wrapping himself in the pairs duvet unwilling to move. "fine..." chuckled Morgan "but your on nappy duty!" he exclaimed running from the pairs room just dodging a pillow heading his way with lethal accuracy "I hate you Morgan!" Shouted reid "mmm I love you too babe" replied Morgan.

As Reid picked out his outfit for the day he spotted a small pink box in the bottom of the wardrobe gentley untieing the ribbon he opened it to reveal a heart shaped gold locket in side was a picture of spencer holding his little baby girl and on the other side a picture of morgan doing the same, huge grins ever present on the faces of both men and on the back were the words "Kahlen, Pappa and I love you so much and always will, Daddyx", Spencer slowly walked back to his bed gently placing the locket back in its box and re- wraping the bow, but before he could get back to getting changed he heard his little baby girl crying out for him he quickly tucked the box back were he found it and went to deal with his little ray of sunshine.

As Morgan lay out the breakfast table with toast and cereal he grinned when he saw his husband coming down the stairs carrying their 2yr old in nothing but a towel "Hey babe you forget clothes come after shower shesh i would have thought a genius could figure that one out" smirked Morgan sarcastically, "ooh watever morgan whatch Kahlen while i go finish getting ready please thanks" explained Reid as he ran back up the stairs. Once everyone had eaten and Kahlens baby bag prepared the couple began to file out their family home and into the fbi order suv.

Dropping Kahlen off at day care Reid and Morgan set of for the elevator up to the bullpen but just as the doors closed Reids phone began to ring jugling his sacthel and files and paperwork he managed to fish it from his pocket and answer " DR Reid FBI how may I help, oh hi, yes uhuh oh wow brilliant thats fantastic news, oh yes we will be there after work haha yes anyway thank you so much for letting us know see you later bye" Reid turned to see Morgan standing looking at him with a curiose look while Reid just stood with a huge grin on his face "What was that all about pretty boy?" asked Morgan "hmmm well lets see we might have to both be on nappy duty now" Morgans whole face lit up and he dived in to hug Reid "oh my god were getting another baby". The elevatoor doors opened and Garcia smilled at the sight of her boys hugging "hey guys whats going on" she shouted from the bull pen bringing them both into realitty Morgan just smiled and went up to hugging her so tight and whispering in her ear the news they had both just been told "eeep" she squealled hugging them both so tight. Although before anyone could say anything else Reids phone went off again. "DR Reid FBI, oh hi susie is everything ok, oh shes not ok well ill see what i can do me or dereck will be there soon ok bye." Hanging up Spencer turned to Morgan and Garcia "Kahlens sick she needs picking up from day care" "you go pretty boy ill let Hotch know give our baby a kiss from me" explained Morgan "and me" added Garcia reid nodded and waved as he headed for the elevator.

Little did they all know it was the last time they would see Reid happy and alive again.

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