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"Reid, Spencer baby" shouted Morgan running forward to were his husband lay on the ground, blood seemed to be everywhere.

"Morgan, DERECK he needs you snap out of it" called the unit chief, Morgan looked up to see him kneeling on the opposite side of Reid, he nodded and Hotch began talking to Reid.

"Spencer listen to me open your eyes I am going to roll you over okay its going to hurt really bad okay but you better stay with us, Morgans here okay ready...1...2...3" With that Morgan, Hotch and Rossi all rolled Reid onto his back. Gasps of pain escaped Reid's lips and the other three men couldn't blame him after seeing his wound.

Blood was seeping from two areas one in his lower stomach and the other deadly close to his heart. "Oh baby" cried Morgan going deathly pale at the sight of his lover covered in blood, Hotch and Rossi looked at each as if having a secret conversation they both nodded, but before anyone else could say anything Reid spoke his voice cracking and deathly hoarse, "I'm...sorry...should have...listened sooner...m.m.m." Morgan placed his finger to Reid's pale lips.

"shh baby don't talk the paramedics are on the way then we will get you to the hospital and get you patched up" but even as he said it Morgan knew he was trying to convince himself more than anything or anyone else.

A small tear escaped Reid's eye's "Tell mum and Kahlen I love them...Derek Morgan...I love you and I ..am...Sorry" explained Reid trying to keep his voice strong but in the end he failed so with his last ounce of strength as the pain hit him like a brick wall and his breath caught in his throat, he grasped Morgans hand and before anyone could do anything else, closed his eyes for the last time taking his last breath and whispering "I love you all".

"Nooo No SPENCER noo I love you please come back!" begged Morgan as he cradled his lifeless lovers body in his arms, tears streaming his face and his wholle body shaking with sobs. Rossi pulled Hotch from the scence and joined JJ and Prentiss outside who were now both playing with the young toodler, nither women knew what was happening on 200 yards away, but as soon as they saw the look on both mens faces they dropped the toys they were holding "Oh god whats happened" gasped Prentiss going suddenley very pale. Hotch's usual emotionless exterior cracked and a single tear escaped giving both women the answer they were dreading. Rossi lunged forward grabing JJ just in time as the greif hit her full on and she lost the strength in her legs.

Muffled crys could be heard from the inside of the house as the ME came to take Reids body to the morgue, The rest of the team were still outside although no words were spoken, Hotch turned and walked back into the house taking a deep breath before entering. His heart nearly broke when he saw Morgan clinging onto Reid not letting the coroner take him "please sir I need to get him out of here I know its hard" he begged. But Morgan wouldn't move he just sat clinging and crying. Hotch walked over to the destraught young man placing a hand on his shoulder he said two simple words "Its time" and Morgan looked up with distraught eyes allowing Reid to be taken he let Hotch help him up and be led outside were everyone else was wating.

When he got to the door he turned and looked back on all the amazing memorys he and Reid had once shared.

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