A/N: Hi everyone! So, a deviation from my usual Ashes stuff. But here is my Identity fanfic! Please note it was written when I only knew the official summary for ep 6 and hadn't seen the episode itself. (I have now - AMAZING.)

Anyhoo... R&R! Enjoy x

The first time I meet Alisa, she is running. She is about sixteen, with ginger-blonde hair flying out behind her like a flag, unchecked, almost a hindrance. Her brown eyes are lit up with a keen expectation and her arms are outstretched, reaching out for someone, something. Her eyes seem to be fixed on me, and her feet trace a path that seems to lead straight to me. She looks, for a single instant, so like Martha, that my heart skips a beat. I am on the verge of calling out when she crashes into me, her face instantly changing, becoming less expectant and more apologetic. She steps backwards, apologising profusely as she stumbles away. "I'm so sorry, I need to be somewhere, sorry..."

Before I can respond, reassure her, she steps around me and is enveloped in the arms of a man who seems, at first glance, to be a male version of Martha. As I stare, I notice small changes, minute differences. Blue eyes. Darker brown hair. More flawed skin. My curiosity roused, I take a step towards him and offer my right hand, holding out my warrant card in my left. "DI John–"

He doesn't even flinch, to his credit. Not the slightest twitch of a hair or bat of an eyelid. Instead, he smiles mysteriously. "Don't tell Martha we're here, yeah?" he says, and with that, he turns and walks away.

She reaches out and slides a piece of paper into my hand. Winking, she links arms with the man and they disappear into the crowd.

Looking down, I read the atrocious handwriting and just about manage to decipher the words: "Tell Martha we're here. Alisa Lawson, 07959378385."

Looking up, I stare after her in disbelief.

"Well, fuck me." I exclaim quietly.