This is a sort of epilogue, I suppose. Enjoy!

I stand in front of the mirror in my bedroom, brushing invisible threads off my new skinny jeans and adjusting the long blue and white top that I have chosen to start the term in. Turning, I take the black, fitted blazer off its hanger and slip it on, feeling the soft grey lining on my arms as I adjust the rolled up material at the end of the sleeves so they are equal. It feels cool on the scars from my attack, almost two months ago, but everything feels cool compared to them.

I lean closer to the mirror, examining the three scars on my face. The one on my forehead has almost completely gone, and the one on my chin has healed to a thin white line, disguised with foundation. But the one on my cheek is a wide, long white mark, and the foundation covering it barely disguises it. I sigh. Let them stare at me, I think, the new girl with the scar. See if I care.

Martha arranged for me to change schools after Bloom told her how unhappy I was at my old school, so that I could have a fresh start in the Sixth Form. I didn't bother fighting it, and although a small part of me is sad to leave my old school, the new one looks promising. I am surveying myself one last time when Martha calls me for breakfast.

"Coming!" I yell, grabbing my new school bag and leaving my room, dropping it on the floor in the hallway and sitting at the breakfast bar in the kitchen. Martha sets a bowl of cereals and a glass of organic smoothie in front of me and I start to eat mechanically.

"All ready for school?" She asks, and I nod. "Excited?" She continues, and I shrug.

"A little bit… mostly nervous though." I confess, and she frowns.

"What of?" She wonders, and I look at her, eyebrows raised. She shakes her head, still oblivious.

"I'm scared they'll know about… the thing. And they'll stare at my scar." I whisper, and she looks at me with a "don't be so silly" expression on her face. But before she can speak, someone behind me has cut in on top of her.

"Come on, kiddo, don't worry. We got those thugs, so if they know about it, that's all they'll know. And as for your scar, it's not that noticeable, and you can come up with some scary story to freak them out if you want." John Bloom says, and I turn to see him leaning casually against the work surface, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. Martha shoots him a reproachful look before he goes and kisses her cheek, and then her expression softens and she smiles.

"John's right," she admits, and he smiles, looking at her and cupping his ear.

"Sorry? Did the great Martha Lawson just admit that I'm right?" he asks playfully, and she slaps his shoulder with the tea towel. I laugh, despite myself. Since John moved in with us a month ago, life has livened up considerably. At first, it was awkward, but since then things have got better, and I've grown used to living with my aunt and almost-uncle. To me, he's still "Bloom", but it's a habit I'm dropping out of, albeit slower than Martha did.

I gulp the last of my cereals and dump my bowl in the dishwasher, hugging Martha briefly as I walk past. Her eyes fix on me briefly before returning to John, and as I leave the kitchen he takes her in his arms and kisses her full on the mouth.

"Oh please," I mutter. "I just ate."

"I heard that!" John shouts, and I laugh, going to the bathroom and cleaning my teeth quickly before scooping up my bag and returning to the kitchen.

"Oh thank God, you've stopped." I joke, and it's my turn to be clipped with the tea towel. "Sorry, sorry! I'm off, see you later."

Martha hugs me again, every inch the overprotective parent. "Good luck," she says, and I smile.

"I'll be fine." I reassure her, and John hugs me carefully.

"Good luck, kiddo. Knock 'em dead." He encourages, and I laugh.

"Will do." I tell him, and he grin. I turn and leave the kitchen, opening the front door and looking back to see them stood in the light from the kitchen window, kissing again. "See you later!" I call, but there is no response. I laugh and shut the door behind me, walking down the stairs, a smile on my face.

I've got a feeling that the future isn't going to be to be too bad.

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