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Warnings: Wincest, Crack!Fic, Set during Yellow Fever when Dean is still infected.

"Don't worry, Dean. We'll figure out a way to get you better again." Sam said as they entered their motel room, now on the first floor after Dean had refused to go in on the forth. "But in the mean time..." Sam continued as he backed Dean onto the bed and began kissing his neck, moving his hand down to Dean's denim covered cock and rubbing gently.

Dean grew stiff, no pun intended, under him and pushed him away, "No, Sammy!" Sam eyed his brother for a moment, he's never had a problem with this before, "What's wrong, Dean?" he asked concerned. "Anything that feels this good can't be good for you, Sammy." Sam laughed and looked up at him again, Dean's expression was serious. "You're joking, right?" "No, Sammy. As your big brother it is my job to keep you safe, we are not having sex."

Sam looked at him for a moment amused, before a slight smirk came onto his face, "Okay but what about..." he slid down his brother's form and unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them and his boxers down in one swift movement. Sam lowered his head and was just about to take him into his mouth when Dean reached down and pulled him up. "No, Sammy!" he, though he would deny it later, squeaked. Sam looked at him annoyed, "Why not, Dean?"

Dean's expression was serious, "What if you bite me? Or what if you choke?" Sam looked at him incredulously and was just about to say something when Dean's eyes widened comically, "What if the saying 'sucking my brains out through my dick' isn't just a saying? Oh my God Sam, what if you sucked my brain out? No, no we can't do this."

If Sam weren't so damn horny he would have found it amusing, instead he ran an irritated hand down his face and got up off the bed, "Fine, I'll just take care of it myself." he grumbled and Dean's head snapped back to him again, "No, Sam, don't!" He turned around to stare at his brother with a confused expression. "What if you jerk too hard or what if you hurt your wrist? Then you wouldn't be able to properly hold a gun. No no, it's much too dangerous." Sam's eyes widened, "You can't be serious?" "As a heart attack... Oh God a heart attack!"

Author's note: This is what serious lack of sleep and then having a two day Supernatural marathon does to me...
First attempt at a "crack!fic" so I hope it turned out okay.
Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Maybe you even laughed a little? ;)