A/N: These drabbles are from our story Marked and were written based on word and picture prompts provided by BeCullen, who made a generous donation during Fandom Gives Back for them. We hope you all like them!

For a point of reference, these drabbles are a missing moment from the Markedboys. They take place around chapters 12 and 13 - the weekend of the boys' first time. This is a bit more of Jasper's fantasy being realized ;)

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Fire / EPOV

My body's on fire as Jasper pounds into me, making his fantasy a reality.

"Please, baby..."

Straightening my arms, I thrust my hips back against him, begging him - faster, harder, more.

He obliges, a groaned, "Fuck..." spilling from his lips as he grabs my shoulders.

I whimper; the feeling of Jasper's hands alternately clamping down for leverage and caressing my back sets my nerves even further on end.

When he slows his pace, I'm pleading - I'm so close, so close.

He pauses.

Turning my head in confusion, I see him biting his lip, blue eyes dancing with lust and mischief.

Air / JPOV

It's killing me to stay still, but Edward's wanton sounds, the way he looks at me with desire tinged with desperation - it's too intoxicating not to prolong this feeling. At least for a moment.

He'll get what he wants.

What we both want.


Grabbing his hips firmly, I push and pull as hard as I can, surprising him.

His head falls back. A strangled cry forces his lungs to empty.

"Fuck!" He moans. "Again!"

I feel powerful and powerless at the same time. I can't help but comply.

Can no more deny him than I can myself.

Earth / EPOV

My hand speeding along my shaft, a few more thrusts from Jasper are all it takes before I'm falling headfirst into ecstasy.

Jasper follows soon behind, his body slumping against mine as his arms come around my waist.

His forehead's pressed between my shoulder blades, puffs of breath cooling my sweaty, overheated skin.

Once we both have our breathing somewhat under control, he presses his lips to my tattoo.

He pulls out slowly; the loss of contact brings me back to earth.

He turns me, pulls me to him with a smile.

"Thank you," he murmurs, kissing me.

Grounding me.

Water / JPOV

The water sprays off Edward's body as I kneel behind him. It's my turn to take care of him, like he did me this morning.

It feels almost ritualistic.

When I'm finished washing him, I grasp his hips, placing a tender kiss on his lower back before standing up.

He turns, wrapping his arms around me.

Our lips meet, and for a while I'm lost.

I pull away reluctantly. We dry off, stealing glances.

He reaches for his pants. I stop him, shaking my head with a grin.

I murmur against his lips, "Go to bed. I'll be right back."

picture / EPOV

My eyes are closed when Jasper returns. When I feel the bed dip, I open them, smiling.

They widen as he's a lot closer than expected, holding a strawberry to my lips.

Taking a bite, I hum.

His lips find mine; his taste mingles with that of the fruit.

I sit up against the headboard and pat my legs.

"Lie down, baby."

He teases, "Shouldn't I be feeding you, Princess?"

I grin. "Perhaps. But I want to. And what Princess wants, Princess gets."

He laughs; I wink.

Once he's settled, I hold a berry just out of reach.

"Thank you..."