A/N: These drabbles were written for the wonderful LAliCat in return for her generous contribution during the Fandom Gives Back. She wanted a Marked AU/futureshot featuring Jasper with his own tongue ring. Well, when the boys started talking, it turned out that wasn't the only thing pierced... we hope you enjoy the result!

We aren't saying if this is an AU or a glimpse into the future - we wouldn't want to give everything away ;)

Thank you so much, LAliCat - we really hope you like what the boys had to say!


I dry myself carefully, exhaling in relief when it no longer makes me cringe. Glancing down, I smile at the metal ball sticking out of the head of my cock.

I'd always sworn I'd never do it, but I finally did… and I'm happy about it.

When Jasper decided on the spur of the moment to pierce his tongue – for me – a plan began forming in my mind. As soon as he left for this three-week business trip, I put it in motion.

The Prince Albert piercing is a surprise – one I'm damn well ready to put to good use.


The long drive home is torture. Jasper's hand hasn't strayed far from me since the moment we saw each other at the airport. Now, his fingers trail up my thigh, his little finger grazing my crotch, and I groan in anticipation.

Little does he know the real reason.

I missed our naughty webcam sessions during this trip, but thankfully I didn't have to manufacture excuses since Mike shared his hotel room.

But that means it's been three weeks since I saw all of him. Three long, lonely, frustrating weeks.

"Me, too," he murmurs, leaving me wondering what I said aloud.


In the bedroom, Jasper blinks in surprise when he pushes my jeans off and meets boxers. He raises an eyebrow questioningly, but I just give an impish grin, kissing him hard. I moan loudly, sucking on his tongue as his metal rod clicks against mine.

I can't wait to feel that for the first time.

I'm dying to see his reaction to my surprise.

"Edward?" he asks, pulling away.

"God, please, Jazz… just look, baby…"

He grins at my pleading tone, the first hint of curiosity appearing in his eyes.

"Holy fuck," he breathes as cool air bathes my skin.


"Is it… can I… jesus, Edward…"

His rambling makes me smile, but the sight of him dropping to his knees is nearly more than I can take. He reaches out but stops suddenly, his hand hovering so close I can feel heat as he lifts his eyes.

"Fuck yes," I breathlessly answer the unspoken question. "Please, Jazz…"

I just have time to see his wicked grin as he takes me in hand before he ducks his head, licking my tip.

My hips jerk and my knees tremble at the heightened sensations.

"God damn," he whispers hoarsely.

I can only moan.


"Need you, baby," Jasper murmurs as he stands, stroking my cock as his mouth finds mine.

I don't answer in words, guiding him to the bed. Jasper chuckles as he stretches the condom to fit over my piercing, but it's a sound of disbelief and desire. He bites my lip, whispering, "Let me feel you," as he pulls me on top of him.

Pressing into him is a feeling like no other. His needy whimper tells me he feels it, too.

Every inch of my body seems ablaze, and I marvel at how we are not consumed by the flames.