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Simmering tides

Chapter 1 smoking tides

After the battle with former Fire Lord Sozin the Avatar returned to Ba Sing Se. Once more to mediate between the four nations, between new Fire Lord Zuko, the Council of Elders of the Earth Kingdom, and the Water Tribes.

Snores could be heard all across the room. A throat cleared, and a blast of fire lanced across the room. The stifling heat instantly caused the sleeping students to sit straight on the floor. Surprised looks from most of the students caused the teacher to begin rubbing her temples in aggravation. Waving a negligent hand, the students rose and quietly dispersed from the room.

No one noticed the bright-eyed child who continued to slumber obliviously under his desk.

The halls of the fire palace per usual, as the last decade, were draped in the somber colors of midnight blue. If any of the palace valued their life (which they all did, except for the fire lord. He seemed determined to continue to put his life in jeopardy), they made no comment.

Also several somber garbed middle-aged women attended the significant event. Their matriarch, as per usual had a perpetual half frown on her face. Who was currently not in the palace per the disappearance of her favorite if not only nephew. But was rather waiting for said child to wake from under his desk.

When the golden eyed child awoke he stuck his head beyond the relatively safety of the desk, wide eyed expression so reticent of his fathers Mai felt the urge to suppress her growing desire to start throwing her knives at the boy.

The school was necessary, if not boring for the future crown prince of the fire nation.

Named ironically after the very man who helped defeat his grandfather.

(no not that name)

Mai's toneless monotone voiced, "Sokka."

Said Sokka grinned and flung himself at his adopted aunt, "Aunty Mai! Do I have a new sibling yet?"

Mai looked into his exuberant eyes, "No."

The molten orbs fell for a moment, saddened. The tiny voice held a melancholy, "Oh."

It is important to note that Mai was not heartless, as the court gossip would suggest, but rather refrained for expressing such emotions. The child knew this intimately, as he knew his aunt-sitter quite well significantly with her frequent custody in the last few mouths.

"Let's get you some food."

The little boy nodded as he was led from the room, into the open courtyard of the school towards an eating area. The fire palace loomed never quite far in the background.

The boy eyed a cow-bird eating a chunk of meat. Mumbling while catching up to the stoic lady, "Glad I'm a vegetarian."

A jet of white-hot flame shot into the sky bells pealed out across the capital Mai glanced up once before commenting about the sound and sight. Sokka's face transformed as he ran in front of Mai, eyes alight, "Do I have another sibling?"

Mai blinked, shrugged, "I suppose so."

Zuko was lucky to be born,

Azula was born lucky,

My sister was born unlucky,

I was unlucky to be born.

Katara, hands folded with her exterior perfectly calm, was growing steadily more irritated. After being cleaned up after the birth, she had wanted to get presentable. It was simple delight on her part that she could finally see her feet. No matter how many times her husband had insisted that her feet were perfectly fine and she had no need to see her feet, she wanted to see her feet. Now she didn't want to see her feet, so they were under the red blanket.

Katara, now getting angry at not being able to hold her perfectly healthy baby, Zuko had called it 'the mothering instinct', the one track mind blinded her to notice the worried looks the nurses were shooting at her. Katara crossed her arms, "I want my baby." It was a statement of fact, not an order, yet it carried dire implications.

The nurses, well aware of her temper, were survivors of the birth of Katara's first child and knew that they better get said baby to Katara, before Katara went to said baby and they got fire lord Zuko's 'daddy instinct' all worked up.

No one, save Katara, survived Zuko's 'daddy instinct'.

A nurse stepped forward, "Fire Lady Katara." Katara's eyed the formal address as if it were a moose lion, and with just as much trepidation. "There has been an unusual event. You had twins."

Katara's heart stopped, well aware of the implications. In the southern water tribe, twins were rare and almost always died.

The nurse cleared her throat, before resuming a clinically detached tone, "Both are born alive. As you assume one is weaker than the other. Shall I bring your daughter?"

"Yes." Katara breathed out heavily. The nurse nodded, and existed. Katara leaned back drained. My baby lives. Another thought struck Katara, My daughter lives! Sheer exultation filled her being.

Alone in her thoughts, Katara reviewed what she knew about twins.

In some cases it wasn't unusual for the mother of twins to die along with the two. But twins usually both died. It was even more rare for a twin to survive; they were so little compared to other babies. Her baby was so special to survive.

The door creaked opened and the nurse reappeared with a grin on her worn face, "Here is the little princess."

Katara beamed at the sound of her infant daughter, then smiled beautifically as her daughter was placed in her arms. Cooing softly at the squirming infant, before Katara began to nurse.

After a short while, the nurse cleared her throat for a third time before Katara looked up, the attendant wore a pained expression before she inquired, "Shall I inform Fire lord Zuko?"


Fire lord Zuko managed to get out of the restraining hands of all the imperial firebenders, they had made the mistake of only using half the imperial firebenders at the birth of the crowned prince, and firmly resolved to use every available imperial firebender this time. Once the old matron had signaled, the imperial firebenders exhaustedly broke ranks around the entire length of the royal confines.

After that the Fire lord was loosed to Katara's side, Zuko kissed Katara before peeking at their daughter. "So adorable."

Katara continued to utter baby talk and rock the baby. Zuko tore his eyes off their daughter, "Have you thought of a name?" he asked softly.

Katara beamed, "Kanna, in remembrance of GranGran." Zuko nodded. As their daughter, Kanna, fell asleep to Katara's soft singing.

Several hours later, Katara could do nothing as she watched the life slowly recede from Kanna.

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