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The Princess of the fire nation, Kya in a few rare moments of not being around Mommy waltzed into the fire bending arena, Sokka her large brother had already warmed up and had begun to fire bend, as he heated the air, his fire held yellow a split second longer than usual. Sokka was obnoxiously pleased with this, the fire lord continued to drill his son in the positions of fire bending, yellow fire consistently expanding into the flames that leapt to life from the ancient art. Orange fire had consistently since the first half of Sokka's training, continued to change toward yellow at intermittent intervals, while sporadically losing the cooler red. His fire was getting hotter.

Kya however felt rising jealously as the fire lord spent more time with Sokka. Narrowing her eyes, Kya took the customary breath in, and caught up to both Sokka and Dad in several minutes. The fire lord had tried to forbid her from learning firebending, but just as quickly, Daddy changed his mind. Kya's blue eyes quickly absorbed the movements of her Dad's expert skill, launching another fireball.

Kya concentrated harder as the steps became more challenging, maintaining a steady body heat had become easier of late. The fire was somehow hotter than before, balancing on one leg and holding the other straight out Kya added her exuberance to the flame. It flashed blue, than yellow before dissipating.

Kya held the position a split second longer than expected. Recovering quickly and partially ignoring both her father, Kya repeated the same movement. The flames had not changed, the yellow orange dissipated. Kya determined to repeat the sought blue flame. Began again, starting from the beginning, the lunge and kick produced a slightly longer-lasting blue flame.

This time Dad noticed. The stunned silence was deafening, the fire lord eyed his daughter, who was looking up at him exuberantly, awaiting praise. Her brother shifted before his father, catching the wariness.

The only answering reply was a stoic, "You are a prodigy." Zuko turned then half ordered, "No more firebending today." Zuko caught Mai's eye, both nodding mutely before the Fire Lord exited the room. Mia's monotone voiced something; the Fire Lord was too preoccupied with what Zuko had seen to comprehend the meaning.

Quickly and quietly Zuko made his way toward his wife's personal water training area close to the pond. The splashing alerted him to Katara's temper. Zuko watched as Katara effortlessly curled water into advanced water bending forms. Leading against one of the cool pillars drinking in the lovely sight of his wife. Katara noticed and dropped the water with a splash, wading over to the stoic form of her husband. Gently asking, "What is wrong Zuko?" Gold met blue, Zuko sucked in a breath, "Kya."

Katara blinked confused.

Zuko took in another breath, "Kya was firebending." The Fire Lord clarified. As if that would explain everything

Katara laughed, "That isn't unusual, Uncle Sokka is rather mad at all the little firebenders we keeping having."

Zuko frowned, taking her verbal barb, "Like I can't father a water bender? He keeps questioning my ability as a father."

Katara smiled gently taking the sting out of her brother's words, "Sokka just wants to show off a little. You know how all of the gang wants to meet back up. Personally I think he's afraid that our little Sokka jr. is going to beat my brother's children."

Zuko laughed, "Sokka jr. would beat both of Sokka's sons with firebending. Regardless of their waterbending." Zuko announced proudly. Katara giggled, "Yes. So what was troubling you?"

Zuko's melancholy mood reasserted itself, "Kya bent blue fire. I am worried."

Katara blinked, "Are you sure?" The Fire Lord nodded, "Positive, Kya did it twice." Katara hit him playfully, "Kya isn't Azula, Zuko. Stop worrying, you're too good of a Dad to let our baby turn into something like that." Zuko shook his head, appeased; he tilted her head towards him, "More like your too good of a Mom to let that happen."

Katara leaned toward her husband, and purred, "So does that mean that we can invite the gang here?"

Zuko deliberately, avoided the question.

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