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(Percy's P.O.V.)

"Well, what is the final vote then?" Zeus boomed from the Olympian palace atop the Empire State Building in New York. Gods and Goddesses alike both scanned their eyes around at each other suspiciously before the round of votes were cast.

So there I stood, one year after the battle of Olympus, and on my seventeenth birthday. I was encircled by all of the council, even Hades and Hestia were going to be voting for this ocassion. Today I was becoming a God.

"Well, what is the official count?" As previously from last year, it was still quite a unanimous vote in favor of me being the newest addition to the Gods and Goddesses. My stomach had a rumble of mixed emotions, and as I glanced at Aphrodite for a second she just gave me a sympathic look and mouthed "sorry" to me.

Annabeth had gotten to consumed in her work of rebuilding Olympus, though it didn't surprise me much. As her progress continued along at an astonishing pace, her thoughts and feelings for me kept getting pushed further and further aside. That was until a couple of months ago, as I was trying to visit her, when I found her wrapped up in Apollo's embrace. She did look guiltily at me for a moment before staring back into the sun God's eyes and seemed to forget about me completely as they kissed.

I would say that I was devasted, a part of me was but the reality set in that nothing was now holding me back immortality now. I jumped at the chance and told my father Poseidon immediately, and it's taken these three lingering months for them to proceed with the next step.

"It's been decided." Zeus declared as my body began to slightly tingle, and then the next moment burst into a golden flame that seared apart my insides for a brief moment and then died down as fast as it had flared up.

"How do you feel now son?" My father smiled at me, as he instictively flexed my hands open and closed a couple of times.

"So.." I stumbled the words out of my mouth, as if in a trance. I'm really a God now, aren't I?"

Zeus let out a hearty laugh, "To think we now have all of eternity to enjoy such bright observations."

I would have been annoyed with the insult, but from the look in his eyes he seemed to actual find my sea weed brain amusing. Gods, go figure.

(Poseidon's P.O.V.)

So my son Perseus was finally an immortal, it was one of the more happier moments in recent decades and perhaps centuries. Not that I didn't have lots of happy moments mind you, just this was extremely special.

"Well, I bet this makes you especially happy Athena?" I smirked at my neice as we all started heading our different ways after the council expired.

"Anything that can keep your mentall damaged brat away from my daughter, makes me more than happy." She stated with a matter of fact smugness to her smile. It was quickly diminshed as Aphrodite, Artemis and Hermes strolled up to our friendly chat.

"Well, I'm surprised at how well your taking all of this, considering your daughter dumped him for our brother Apollo." Artemis scowled at the thought, while Aphrodite delivered the unpleasant news. Athena's face twisted in terror for a moment, causing a snort out of Hermes. She quickly grew angered and chased the God of thieves and travelers off into the deep parts of Olympus somewhere.

Aphrodite still seemed a little distressed about the unfortunate relationship nosedive my son and that girl had taken, but it didn't get her down for very long. "I think maybe Percy needs some extra encourgament now."

She skipped away a bit too cheerfully after the realization of the new and very single God she could try to seduce. I slightly shook my head as Zeus called myself and Artemis both over.

"Yes brother, something you want to discus?" I asked him as Artemis looked on puzzled by his desire to talk more than necessary today.

"I want to discuss Percy's role as a God with both of you, since I believe it will include you both." He paused for his own dramatic effect. "I would like Perseus to become a mortal intermediary."

I was a little taken back by the idea at first, but seeing as how Percy understood why we almost lost to Kronos so well, and his relationship with the other demigods, it trully seemed to be a perfect fit.

"Do you mean to say he would be our go between?" Artemis asked with a deepening scowl.

"Yes, between Olympus and the demigods, even your hunters and any others we might have forgotten or misplaced." The way he said it was so unattached, that it made me slightly wonder how he could even find mortal women interesting enough to know.

"Father... you can't dare ask me that a man, even if it is Perseus, to be able to openly council with my hunters or myself freely!" Artemis outraged at the thought of such implecations.

Zeus simply waved his hand dismissively at her outburst and continued. "I also think we should also get him married as quickly as possible also, I'm giving him one month to find someone. Or for you to help him find them also."

Artemis looked both hurt and infuriated by this. "Really? You want me to help find a suitable immortal bride for a man..." She was once again cut off by a stern glare from Zeus.

"I'm demanding you and Poseidon to help look both, as well as Apollo, Hermes and Aphrodite too. The faster he is married, the less likely he end up with sired demigods running about. It is also less likely he will enchant any of your hunters away from you, at least for a while."

Artemis seemed to understand the request and bowed before stomping off like a small child. I smiled and turned to leave myself before adding. "It'll be quite fun, but you're really thinking of giving Thalia a second chance at this, arent' you?"

Zeus' eyes looked at me discerningly for a moment, before he gave a slight nod and we both turned separate ways.

(Artermis's P.O.V.)

I absolutely hated this idea from father, but there was no way I could go against it but I knew that it could easily be far worse than what was being proposed. The way it was being stated was quite clear, at least in my opinion. Perseus Jackson would be choosing an immortal bride within a month's time, and needed a girl who would have absolutely no love for anyone but him. Well, maybe love was stretching it, adoration or a very decent liking might do the trick initially. For the moment I had to inform my girls that we would soon be having a potentially frequent visitor. Oh joy.

"Lady Artemis, you're already back so soon?" My second in command and lieutenant, Thalia Grace, asked me with a puzzled expression at seeing me arrive around a day too early and with an obviously disturbed face and disposition.

"Yes, but before I summon all of the girls together to explain the upcoming headaches, I must speak with you in private." I said, trying to smile at the person I trully trusted the most in the world.

"As you wish, my lady." She replied with a pained look as we both entered my tent.

"Thalia, I'm not sure what whisperings you might have picked up on lately.. but Perseus Jackson was granted Immortality today." My lieutenant gave a slight gasp as her eyes widened with shock.

"What? How did Annabeth take that news.. that blasted kelp head, I should pay him a visit and fry him a couple of times to remind him of.." I interrupted the rant about her friend, which gave me a small piece about having him around the girls.

"He and Annabeth are no longer together." I stated to Thalia a bit too flatly. This cause a 'well duh' look from her for a second, before I raised an eyebrow at her new expression. Thalia quickly blushed and cursed simultaneously.

"It seems your friend Annabeth has become recently enchanted by my annoying, haiku spewing brother." As the last few words escaped from Artemis' lips, Thalia stood up in a rage and even though apologizing was very troubled.

"How.. how could that stupid daughter of Athena be such a shrew! Lady Artemis, where is Percy? Please let me go see him, maybe I can talk to him. I should have been there sooner for him." Artemis was a little bit startled by the shift in her lieutenant's emotions, but it was starting to make sense to her about what was really happening.

"Very well, but you have only one day to do so. Be back by sunset tomorrow so I can properly address all of my hunters as to what will be to come." Thalia bowed and rushed out of the tent, not really bothering to pack as she headed to Camp.

(Thalia P.O.V)

I wasn't really aware of what I was doing, but I knew that I was being a terrible friend. That was all I was trying to be, wasn't it? Just a friend to Percy. Oh gods. What if I was being played and this was some mischevious scheme to try and get me to like a boy and abandon the hunt. My frustration mixed with a sense of hurt and more frustration towards Annabeth, but I knew she would be up on Olympus doing all her architecture junk. I admit it took me longer to get to Camp than I had first thought, my mind sort of blanked out when I realized what had happened a couple months ago and then now. I realized that we were camped farther away from Camp then I had anticipated. Focus. Focus.

"Thalia? Where are the rest of the hunters, is something the matter?" Chiron had been asking endless amounts of questions since I arrived only a few minutes ago. I had to assure him nothing was the matter, other than me finding Percy as fast as I could.

"You haven't heard the news?" It was more of a statement than a question. "Percy is the God of mortals and heroes."

Well, that certainly threw me for a loop and I finished putting two and two together. "So this was why Lady Artemis warned me about him having access to our hunt." I refocused on the task I had now, and quickly asked where Percy was.

"He's been staying here at the big house mainly with Mr. D, but he slipped off for some alone time a few hours ago." Before Chiron could say any more, I had turned and bolted out of the big house and down to the lake as fast as I could possibly travel.

It only took a couple more minutes before I saw the seaweed brat sitting there staring out over the water. "You know, Kelp Head, the sea is more to the north." I stated with a know-it-all smile at him.

Percy barely glanced over his shoulder at me and muttered a rather lame, "oh."

"Oh." was exactly what I repeated back to him with astonishment, before I sat down next to him silently. "Seriously Perce, I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you when the thing with Annabeth..." he quietly cut me off, that seemed to be quite the recurring theme this week for me.

"Thalia, I'm over it. I have Grover, Nico, Mrs. O'Leary, the Stolls, Chiron, my parents." I slugged him hard in the shoulder. "Ugh, I get it already. Even without her, you've still got plenty of friends and support."

He smiled at me finally, his deep green eyes lighting up oddly. "I still have you also." The statement totally sucker punched me in the gut, and it was at this fabulous moment that our dads decided to pay us a visit.

(Percy's P.O.V.)

Thalia looked way caught off guard, maybe I said a little too much to her. I wouldn't get a chance to properly find out because the very next moment my father and Zeus were both there behind us.

"Well, isn't this cute brother?" Poseidon asked as he elbowed Zeus in the ribs lightly. "Our kids are already making this far easier on us than I really thought they would." Zeus just rolled his eyes a little, but he cleared his throat a moment after that.

"I am pleased that both of you are conveniently alone at the moment, we need to talk to you both about Perseus' new godhood and responsibility." He glanced over to Poseidon for a second, who gave a reassuring nod before continuing on.

"Thalia, daughter, as his new assignment as a God, Percy needs help. We're asking, no, I'm asking you for a favor and a chance to live again, without the hunt." My jaw was on the ground at the request, and I could imagine that Thalia had her eyes bugged out of her head.

She stammered a little bit and her expression was totally blank. Did someone just dip her into the river Lethe? "Um, sir? Lord Zeus." He gave me an odd look as I struggled for the right words. "Do you think that me and Thalia together is really a good idea?" Oh, bad question.

"A good idea?" The sky rolled violently as thunder pounded around us without hesitation. Without really thinking through, not that I do much anyway, I stepped between Thalia and Zeus. Poseidon smiled and put his hand on the sky lord's shoulder. I glanced nervously between my father and uncle, when a weird feeling struck me.

"Father... you mean to use us as a way to unite demigods and hunters, to keep them all under tabs to prevent anything like what happened with Luke again, aren't you?" The words were strangled and garbled out, choked between resistant tears.

Zeus only got angrier at this and before I really knew what was going on anymore, Artemis and many other Olympians had showed up on the scene. I guess too many Gods in one area does get a little suspicious. I knealt down next to the hunched over form of one of my best friends, and held her shoulders softly. Artemis, among a few others seemed a bit offended at the moment, but luckily not towards me.

"Is it true father? Do you plan on using this age's greatest heroes to do nothing more than control mortality with an iron fist all over again? This is absurd! If I knew you had planned to manipulate them from the start of this, I would never have agreed to it." Athena, Hermes, Apollo and Hestia were there throwing in jumbled complaints. In fact, the only ones I didn't see were Ares, Hera and Hephaestus.

'SILENCE! Enough! All of you!" Zeus roared as his face took a shade of deep crimson red. "I have no intentions of trying to subjugate our children with an iron fist and paranoia. I believe Percy and Thalia both relate better to them than we currently do, or have in quite a while. I also think that both heroes deserve an eternal chance at happiness. Not an immortal hunt, or arranged marriage to a sea nymph!"

I gulped as I looked around at my fellow Olympians, and paled at the thought that I was really one of them. It was Thalia who grasped the concept much better than I did, she reached down to grab my hand lightly. "Percy, we don't have to love each other right now for this to work. You and Grover are the only men that I could ever trust myself around anyway really."

She forced a smile behind her ruined black makeup, and looked sadly up at Artemis. "My lady, is this really something that's okay?" Artemis stood up Thalia and gave her a hug. Not one of those, 'you did well serving me' kind of hugs, but one you give a brother or sister or best friend.

"Thalia Grace, if this is what you really want, then I can't allow you to wear the silver tiara of my lieutenant. I can however make you like an advisor to me, and for the girls still. You will always be welcome within the borders of my camp." Thalia's face lit up with relief and she bowed with a thank you. I noticed that her hand was still clinging to mine, as she turned to adress all of the Olympians here.

"I understand what Luke went through and how neglected he left, and I think because of that I can help keep either side from losing touch with the other. We can't let Kronos to use demigods against us like this again." She looked at me last and silently mouthed me the words she saved, that wouldn't be heard or seen by the others. "I don't need to really love you to do this, but it helps that I do already."

I grinned like a mischevious kid at christmas time, and exhalled a breathed I didn't know I had been holding onto. Apollo laughed and slapped by back lightly, "No hard feelings, right cousin?" His playful uproar grew quite a few hateful stares from his sisters. "Hey hey, you can't blame me for being extra friendly. Somebody has to make up for my stiff sister's lack of it." I tried to supress a laugh, as I could tell Hermes was also. Artemis and Athena both started counting to ten, as Apollo darted off towards the woods like a frightened deer but laughing the whole time.

Zeus and Poseidon just looked at me and Thalia both. "Well, if both of you are certain, I'm sure things will go much better for you both this time around. Besides, you're both immortals now." I gently squeezed Thalia's hand in mine, earning a smile from her as were once again left alone on the edge of the lake. We certainly would have a lot to explain in the time to come, but what could be so hard about a few confusing years at most. I had like forever to enjoy this.

"Hey, Kelp Head!" Thalia smiled evily as he smacked with lightning from her electric spear.

"Ow... what was that for?" I looked at her blankly as she just grinned bigger at me.

"I didn't get to give you a congratulatory zap after you achieved godhood. Now I can zap you into fighting shape until eternity." A look of panic spread over my face as I turned to run from the electric spear monster. Maybe this wasn't going to be the best idea I ever agreed to, but even while running as hard as I could away from the lake, I felt happy and at peace. "Ow... do you have to hit me hard?"

She just smirked as he picked myself up off the ground and took off running again. "Your immortal, you big wimp! Get back here and fight me like a girl!" I laughed and almost tripped as I kept found myself running towards the big house. I think I was going to enjoy being immortal after all, because I definately wasn't alone.