I. Characters


1. Megan McGuire

2. Medha Satyal

3. Ashley Kraak

4. Aubrey Timmons

5. Jessica Brown

6. JoAnna Mills

7. Lindsay VanHouse

8. Megan McTaggart

9. Cathy Roberds

10. Katherine Kirkpatrick

11. Jill St. Germain

12. Lauren Halbeisen

13. Patty Kiser

14. Elizabeth Kiser

15. Brianna Epps

16. Lewis Scott

17. Mary White

18. Abby Clark

The Black Pearl

1. Captain Jack Sparrow

2. Will Turner

3. Elizabeth Swann

4. Mr. Gibbs

5. Pintel

6. Ragetti

7. The crew

Port Royal

1. Governor Swann

2. Lord Beckett


1. Commodore Norrington

The Swamp

1. Tia Dalma

The Flying Dutchman

1. Davy Jones

2. Bootstrap Bill Turner

3. The crew

II. Synopsis

A group of friends goes on a sailing trip in the Caribbean. A storm sinks their ship and they all drown. They are found on the Black Pearl in the 1720's and when Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is taking place. Based upon Dead Man's Chest.