A day in mid-June. Megan McG. and Aubrey are standing on a dock.

Megan McG: Going to the Caribbean sounds fun, but we have to sail the ship ourselves? What was Lewis thinking?

Aubrey: I don't know.

Lewis comes in.

Lewis: What are we talking about?

Aubrey: Why are we going to be the ones to sail our ship?

Lewis: 'Cuz it'll be fun!

Later, on the ship.

Cathy: OK, since I'm the oldest, I say we take roll. OK… Jessica?

Jessica: Here!

Cathy: OK, good. Abby?

Abby: Here.

Cathy: Now, Brianna?

Brianna: Hello!

Cathy: Elizabeth and Patty… are you two related?

Elizabeth: Yeah, we're sisters. And we're here.

Cathy: Cool. Katherine?

Katherine: Here.

Cathy: Ashley?

Ashley: Here.

Cathy: Megan?

Both Megans: Here!

Cathy: OK… so you're both here. Good. JoAnna?

JoAnna: Hi!

Cathy: Cathy… Is she here?

Megan McG: That's you!

Cathy: Oh, yeah! Anywho… Jill?

Jill: Hi, silly person!

Cathy: Medha? Did I say it right?

Medha: Yeah!

Cathy: Lewis?

Lewis: President!

Everyone laughs.

Cathy: Aubrey?

Aubrey: Hi.

Cathy: Lindsay?

Lindsay: Here!

Cathy: OK! We're all here! No jumping off the ship, wear your life jackets, you know all the rules.

Suddenly a storm pops up. Everyone runs onto the deck and tries to save the ship, but nobody knows what they're doing. The ship runs into rocks and starts to sink.

Katherine: We're sinking! Where are the lifejackets?

Cathy: I think I left them on shore.

Everyone panics.

JoAnna: Oh, great! We're all going to die!

Megan McT: Just swim as long as you can! Or just climb onto these rocks!

Everyone climbs on the rocks. They start to fall asleep. When everyone wakes up, they are in beds.