E/O Drabble Challenge. Challenge word: Leak. Set: Pre-Series, WeeChester.

Summary: In a world full of monsters it's a rare pleasure to chase fantasies for once.

He lay in the warm grass, breathing in the scent of herbs and flowers.

"Look, that one has fangs", he muttered softly.

"Yeah, and talons…" Dean growled and turned to tickle his little brother.

Sammy chuckled and tried the newly trained trick to ward him off with his legs, until Dean feigned surrender.

"And there", Sam pointed to another strangely shaped cloud, "a witch with a spoon".

"Watch out, Gretel", Dean snickered "the spoon must be leaking."

Fighting for the dripping bottle of water they never noticed the man leaning against an old oak.

A smile played on John's lips.