The Taiyoukai

I meant her threw my brother,

A young one was she.

Her name is Kagome,

A beautiful one indeed.

She was in love with my brother,

Which was very wrong indeed.

He played along with her,

But for only a little while.

She soon found out,

But not very easy.

She cried and cried,

Even when I thought she had no more tears to shed.

For my brother loved another,

A dead Miko and Witch.

She want's to drag him to Hell,

And he will follow her every wish.

Kagome tried to stop him,

And she did succeed.

But he never came back to her,

Just broke her heart even more.

I watched her thought thick and thin,

I loved her but how could I tell her.

I watched her for 2 years,

Until finally we were alone.

To my surprise she is now afraid,

For all that I had done.

We looked at each other,

For the longest time.

But I was very surprised to hear her say,

That she loved me.

I told her I did as well,

We kissed and it was the best time of my life.

She started to travel with me,

Which I love so much.

She became a Mother to Rin,

Which she loved so much.

Then her friends joined us,

Which was very good.

I now do not know,

What I would do without her.

She is my life,My love,

My sweet Miko.

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