A Wonderful Day

O my sweet dear love,

My heart beat,my soul,

You are my everything.

My Morning,

My Night,

Threw thick,

And threw Thin,

We will always stick together.

I am a demon,

You a human.

Banded by both sides,

Never to be with the other.

But some how we are,

Able to make it threw,

All the cursing,

And name calling.

You know that I,

Will always protect you.

Though you are a very stubborn one,

Quiet short tempered indeed.

You always try to do,

More then you need.

For you are also kind,

And will do anything for another.

You are beautiful,

Yet Smart.

Which is very,

Very hard to find.

You care for the children,

Even when they are not your own.

You can protect yourself,

Even though you know I can do it.

You are from a different time,

And I from another,

But to us it really doesn't matter.

As I watch you now,

As you play with our twins,

I can really see,

How good you have been.

The pain you went threw,

The tears of hurt and joy.

But you went threw it,

And here you are today.

For today to me,

Is A Wonderful Day.

Hi everyone, this came to me one day a while ago and since it's no longer on my other account it's here. I really hope you enjoyed reading it. Please review and tell me what you think.