It was a typical summer afternoon. Riley and Robert Freeman were watching TV in the living room while Huey reading a book. Their day was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Nigga, you answer it!" Riley yelled to his brother.

Huey sighed and went to open the door. He was a little surprised at who it was. It was none other than Jack Flowers.

"Huey Freeman." Jack said.

"Jack Flowers. Let me guess, you want me to tell you where the target is?"

Jack let out a smirk.

"No, but I do need you for another mission. This concerns your brother and Grandfather."


"May I come in?"


Huey let Jack into the living room where Riley and Robert were. Once they saw Jack, they made faces of shock.

"Oh, Huey! This was the man that broke down ma door!" Robert yelled.

"Granddad! He obviously needs our help!"

"Well, it better be important!"

"Please Mr. Freeman, it is a very important mission." Explained Jack.

"Well what is it?" Robert asked pausing the TV.

"It is about my daughter, Ramona. Ramona Flowers."

"Is she lost or something?"

"She is my only daughter, and my sources say that she moved to Woodcrest, with a 23 year old male."

"Don't worry Jack; we'll help you find her." Huey reassured.

"Now, if you'll come to the base with me, we can get started."

"Wait!" Riley yelled.

"What is it Riley?" Huey asked Riley.

"I know someone who could help us!"

20 minutes later…

"So tell me again why you need my help?"

"Listen, a pimp named Slickback, we needs to use your bottom bitch to track down a person." Riley explained.

"I just want to find my daughter, Mr. Slickback."

"No, my name is a pimp named Slickback. Yes, say the whole thing, including a pimp named part."

"Okay a pimp named Slickback, we need your help. How much would it cost?"

"Ooooohhhh, about 5000 will do just fine."

"Sure whatever." Jack said handing the money to the pimp.

They walked into the large computer room.

"This is my bottom bitch; she'll help you track down the person."

"So what's the person's name?" the lady asked Jack.

"Ramona Flowers."

"Okay, I'm hacking into her MySpace page. Alright password is Scotty. Hmmm it appears she told some friends that she would be delivering packages to houses at Timideer lane."

"That's the street we live on!" Riley yelled.

"We have to get there now!" Jack yelled as he and the others ran with him to his car. Jack drove recklessly toward Timideer lane.


Ramona was walking with Scott toward the Dubois house. She knocked on the door. Jazmine Dubois answered it.

"Jazmine Dubois?" she asked?

"Yeah! That's me!"

"This is your Usher lunchbox."

Jazmine squealed in excitement, grabbed the box and tore it open.

"Uh, you have to sign for it."

"Oh! Sorry!" She said signing the paper.

Just then the three of them heard a humming noise. It got louder and louder, until a black van came speeding down the road, braked hard and loud, then parked.

"I'm an old man! What are you trying to do, kill me?" Robert asked Jack as they walked toward Ramona.

"Ramona?" Jack asked.


"Oh ma baby! I thought you were dead!" he said hugging her.

"Get off of me!"

"You're my daughter! Look how big you've grown."

"You can't be by father!"

"But I am! I'm Jack Flowers!"

"You can't be! My father abandoned me a long time ago!"

A/N: will Ramona except jack as her father? What will Scott think of this?