"Alice... Get up..." Her voice rings in my ear as I roll over to my side, the course sheets hugging to me as I clutch some up to my chest and snuggle in deeper into sleep. I hear her make a deep sigh and then her footsteps of her leaving the room. I smile in satisfaction that I made her go away and roll over to my side. Returning to my dream of Earth and my family.

"Rhea, Matt and dad..." I tell myself softly and a small smile spreads across my face. I missed them, but I know I will come home soon. I promised...

Footsteps stop at my door, breaking my train of thought as I hear a soft mumbling between two voices and then silence. I frown, silence was never good. Especially when you were trying to avoid waking up, and your friends just walk away. I could make out some of the conversation to a coherent,




"She's...medical...she...up." The voices stopped and I turned over to show I was asleep. I close my eyes and try to dream, to sleep and rest, but something was off about today. I just wasn't sure what though.

My door slid open again, with Nicole Brennan and John Marks standing there side-by-side, looking across to the sleeping figure I was as I nestled in bed.

"Alice..." John started, you could hear the bad news in his voice. It was apparent and a lasting background of this conversation. I shuddered, this didn't sound good.

"I know. I feel sick." I explained, telling the two why I wouldn't get up. Nicole sighs and comes over to me, putting a motherly hand on my forehead as she looked back to John.

"She's experiencing the same symptoms as everyone else..." Nicole tells him softly and shakes her head sadly. Symptoms? Everyone else? What?

"Alright. I'll report it in. So far that's about 10 cases on the ship." John tells Nicole in a hushed, hurried tone and walks out, leaving me and Nicole alone.

"Hey..." Nicole whispers to me and smiles, with her bright blue eyes and golden hair flowing at her shoulders. She was so beautiful and such a big sister to me at times. She sat down on the bed beside me and took my hand in hers, trying to comfort me. "You want anything?"

I shake my head slowly as I look up to her, I felt weak. My head felt lightheaded and a headache was rippling through it, pounding and making me feel dazed. I felt the shivers, with all the hairs on my neck standing on edge as I felt a cold sweat.

"Nicole." I croak out, my voice coarse and dry from no water in my mouth. "What's going on?"

Nicole sighs and looks at me seriously, patting my hand softly as she then stood up.

"I don't know. Everyone is getting the chills, and the flu. Some type of space orientated disease, nothing to worry about." She assures and turns off the light in my room. "Head to bed Alice. Tomorrow we have work to do..."

"Can you get me some water?"

"Sure. Now, good night, Alice." Nicole says in a hushed tone and the door slides to a close behind her. Everyone sick? With some space-orientated flu or sickness? Was it because we brought the Marker the other day? And we heard the same reports on the colony except the...

I paused and couldn't go on. I didn't want to sleep with that in my head. And yet, it stayed in my mind, like a nagging thought on the back of my thoughts. I cringe as I said out the sentence slowly.

"Except the suicides..."

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