The Miko

I meant him threw my love,

A hot one is he.

For he is my loves brother,

Or more properly called Half.

They do not get along,

Nor do they agree.

They are not alike at all,

And that I am sure of.

Me love betrayed me,

One to many times.

I left him one night,

With his dead wife.

She is supposed to be,

My reincarnation.

Or more properly to put it,

I am hers.

She was dead once,

And was brought back to life.

She is one of the walking dead,

A living corpus and cold.

He broke my heart,

Over and over again.

I ran away,

Far far away.

I ran till I could run no more,

I finally collapsed.

When I woke up,

I do not know where I am.

I look around and find him there,

Looking right at me.


The great Dog Lord.

He came over and knelt down,

He pressed his lips to mine.

I kissed him back,

With all my mite.

We soon fell in love,

I love him so.

I know he will never hurt me.

Like Inuyahsa did.

He loves me tender,

He love's me sweet.

True loves kiss,

Is all so sweet.

I love my sweet,

Taiyoukai Sesshoumaru.

Hi everyone, okay this was previously on my other account. This is the second of three poems. I really hope you enjoyed reading this one. Please review and tell me what you thought.