-A tiger returning home-

Ron Stoppable had to smile as the plane he was on landed at the upperton airport. It was now exactly one year since he decided to go to Japan for a year and now he was back, better than ever! Over the year he had changed greatly. Not only had the martial arts he did give him a much more muscular body, no it even gave him a very much needed boost of confidence.

But there was another change to him. Something with much more meaning than a few muscles or a cooler look and it made him stronger than any training possible could. He just hoped Kim would recognize him with his new style: Gone were the old and worn out baggy clothes. Now he was dresses in a sleeveless black shirt that clung to his body like a second skin, black court trousers with many pockets and thick black leather boots. His blond hair had now silver streaks and was spike up and finished was his new look with, how else could it be, with black sunglasses.

This look had turned quite a few heads back in Japan and as left the plane and walked into the airport it was no different. For once that didn't matter to him though, seeing as he was only interested in one special women at the moment. Spotting a familiar blob of red head Ron smiled. Kim had promised him to meet him at the airport, seeing as his parents once again weren't home at the moment since they had work to do.

When he found her Ron had to chuckle and even more so, when he stood right in front of her. The reason for that was simple: She was trying to look past him. Obviously not thinking it was him for even a second. Taking another step forward, so that Kim didn't have a choice he waited for a reaction. She had to look at him and when she opened her mouth to ask him to step aside Ron grinned at her and took off his glasses, 'Hey there KP, did you miss me?'

Kim's mouth opened and closed a few times without any sound coming out. Then as realization struck her she flung herself into his arms. They stayed like that for maybe a minute till Kim realized in what a promising position they were in. Then she released Ron just as quick as she had hugged him and blushed up a storm, 'It's good to have you back Ron.

There is something I have to tell you though.' Ron raised an eyebrow but motioned for her to continue. She did so nervously, 'Well you see, I was lonely without you and going alone on missions isn't easy either. To make it short, I-i-i.' 'You finally got yourself a boyfriend who is worth something', Kim looked at Ron shocked when he said that without seemingly a care in the world, 'That's good for you KP. Don't worry I'm not mad or anything. One year is a long time and much can happen. You have to introduce us sometimes though.' Kim didn't say anything about that matter anymore. She just followed Ron as he got his bag.

After they had left the airport it was Kim took the lead though and when Ron asked where they were going Kim just answered him that her 'partner' had a car and would be driving them home. Ron was a bit confused by his friend's choice of words but didn't argue with his best friend. Why should he, he got a free drive home and got to take a look at Kim's new flame.

Ron's confusion changed into disbelieve though when he finally met Kim's new 'partner'. Standing in front of her car was Bonny Rockwhyler. Ron looked back at Kim, who was now looking at her feed,' You want to tell me you are dating Bonny?' When Kim nodded Ron took another look at Bonny. Truth to be told, he didn't have anything against them dating and was just about to tell Kim that when he got another idea. He looked disbelieving at Kim, 'You don't actually believe I'm buying this, do you?' Kim bit her lip, having no idea how to convince Ron that Bonny and she were an item now. She didn't have to though, because Bonny took matters into her hands: She walked right up to Kim and gave her a sensual kiss.

It lasted for a few a while but in the end they had to breathe so they parted. While Kim stood there panting Bonny gave Ron a serious look but before she could say anything Ron broke out laughing. This confused Kim but Bonny just slapped her face in annoyance. Kim gave Ron a questioning glance, 'What's going on, why are you laughing?' From all the reactions she could think of Kim never thought Ron would laugh. It was Bonny who answered though, 'He did believe you from the very beginning Kim, he just wanted a free show and we gave it to him.' Kim looked at Rom for any kind of answer and when he just nodded Kim blushed embarrassed.

Ron shrugged with his shoulders, 'See it out of m way: In front of me stood two sex lesbians who needed a way to prove me they were going out. There isn't one straight guy out there who could have resisted that temptation. Well, maybe Brick but that's just because he's too stupid to come up with the idea.' His statement only made Kim blush harder and even Bonny had a slight pink tint on her cheek. She caught herself quickly though, 'Come on, into the car, I promised Anne that we would be back for dinner and I intend to keep my word.'

Thinking about all the meals he had already eaten from Mrs. Possible Ron jumped into the car, making both girls laugh. It didn't take them too long to drive to the house of the Possible's but it was enough time for Kim to calm down and become her old self again and while driving the three teens did some catching up. The conversation concentrated on Kim and Bonny though.

They were so focused on talking that they only noticed that they arrived when Bonny parked her car. Regaining focus Ron got out of the car and ranged the doorbell. He as curious of the other Possible's reaction and he wasn't disappointed: As Mrs. Possible opened the door she had the same reaction as her daughter: She stared at him gaping, which made Ron grin, 'Hey there Mrs. Dr. P, how's it going?' That snapped her out of it and she hugged him smiling, 'It's good to see you again Ron. Maybe Kim will finally calm down. She's been giddy all morning.' Ron snorted and looked at his blushing friend, 'Sorry to say this but calming her down is Bonny's job now.' That only made Kim blush more, while her mother just continued smiling.

That's when she noticed something, 'Say Ron, where's Rufus?' Ron shrugged, 'Don't know and don't care.' Everybody's eyes widened hearing that, so Ron decided to explain, 'He's with my women at the moment. She recently got a new bike and those two just love to drive. Not that's any different with me.'

When they had been surprised a moment ago they were shocked now. This time it was Bonny who broke the silence, 'Can't say I'm surprised that you finally got yourself a girl. I mean, with the new look and all.' Ron laughed hearing that, 'She's the reason of my new looks. Well, that and the source. Which reminds me, she wanted to take me shopping this weekend.

But that's not important right now. What's up for dinner?' This question made everybody laugh and at the same time convinced them that they were definitely were talking with Ron Stoppable. The one and only.

Mrs. Possible looked at the boy. No, young man she corrected herself, who was almost like a son to her, 'Don't worry Ron, My three boys should be here any minute now and as soon as they are we can eat.' Just as she finished talking a car could be heard outside, then steps and finally the front door opening.

As soon as the rest of the possible family had gotten over the shock of seeing the new Ron they ate dinner. Well, Ron tried to eat dinner but every time he tried to eat something he had to answer a question. Not that Ron minded much. He had already eaten a bit on the plane and he wasn't so obsessed with food anymore anyway.

When everybody had finished eating and Ron had just told a funny story about the guest family where he had stayed there as a knock on the door. The Possibles looked confused, seeing as they didn't expect anyone, especially not this late but Ron new exactly who it was and it made him quite nervous.

As Kim stood up to open the door Ron stopped her, 'I can go, it's my girlfriend anyway.' Seeing his nervousness Kim gave him a reassuring smile, 'Don't worry Ron. I doubt your choice of girlfriend is more chocking than mine.' Ron shrugged his shoulders, even though he doubted that was the case.

In the kitchen he could hear Kim's footsteps, then the door opening and then...nothing. Then there were footsteps again but it wasn't Kim who stood in the doorway to the kitchen. Oh no, standing there in a black and green ladder suit, with a helmet under her arm, was Shigo.

Startled everybody at the table besides Ron jumped to their feet. Mr. Possible pointed with a shaking finger at her, 'Shigo, what did you do to my daughter?' Her answer to Mr. Possibles question as a shrug, 'I told her what I will do to little Ronnie here and she fainted.' Hearing Ron chuckle, everybody turned to him, 'She fights the most dangerous criminals of this planet and faints when she hears of our cuddle time?' Now it was Shigo's time to chuckle.

She walked over to her boyfriend and sat down in his lap, facing him, 'Oh believe me tiger, if you knew what I have planned you wouldn't be so calm anymore.' She snorted amused, 'Knowing you, you would probably drag me to your bedroom right now.' Ron smiled at Shigo for a moment, before he leant in and gave her a passionate kiss, not even the slightest bit bothered by the gaping bystanders.'

A screaming Kim though was a different matter all together, 'Get away from him! I won't let you use him you whore!' At the word 'whore' Shigos's eyes narrowed and she was up in an instant, her plasma hands ablaze, 'Take that back bitch!' Kim glared at Shigo, 'I say it as I see it!'

Just as Shigo was about to launch herself at Kim there as a loud crack. Everybody whirled around to see Ron standing in front of a completely destroyed table, the fist still raised from the punch. He glared daggers at both girls and they flinched under it.

Then suddenly his shoulders slumped and his entire body relaxed, almost as if tired. He turned around to Mrs. Possible and gave her a sheepish look, 'Sorry for the table Mrs. Dr. Possible. Of course I'll pay for a new one but for the moment I think it would be better if Shigo and I leave.' Without waiting for Mrs. Possible or Shigo to say something he turned around and walked outside. Shigo hurried silently out after him, too afraid to say something in case it may set him off.

Ron came to a sudden stop in front of Shigo's new bike. It was black and green just like everything else she owned. He gave a tired sigh, clearly showing how taxing the day had been. Shigo gulped, as she laid a hand on his shoulders, 'Are you angry with me Ron?' Ron turned around and she flinched at the look he was giving her, 'No, just a bit disappointed. I hoped at least you would be able to stay calm through this but I guess I should have known that this would happen. Oh well let's drive home.'

Shigo didn't say anything but as she sat on the motorcycle behind him she couldn't stop herself from cursing at herself for getting so easily riled up, for coming to the Possible house and for falling in love with Ron Stoppable to begin with but her anger subsided as soon as she thought of him. He was the first person who ever loved her since she got her powers. The first guy who looked behind her 'freakishness' to see the person behind it and the thought of losing him scared her greatly.

She was so deep in thought that she didn't even notice when Ron stopped the machine. Only when Ron lightly shook her did she snap out of her trance.

When the door closed behind the couple Shigo finally managed to bring up enough courage to talk to her boyfriend, 'Ron, I'm sorry.' She bit the bottom of her lip and looked nervously at the floor, 'I know I promised you to not let her get the better out of me. I broke that promise but please, please...' She couldn't finish that sentence, because her voice broke and she could feel tears streaming down her face. Inwardly she was cursing herself for being that weak around him but Ron just had that effect on her.

Her train of thought was interrupted by a hand gently lifting her face and wiping away her tears.

Ron couldn't help himself, he had to smile when he saw the blush on Shigo's face. She opened her mouth to say something but he didn't want to hear it, so he kissed her to shut her up. Not that Shigo complained. She loved his kisses and even more so when they meant that he had forgiven her and when their lips parted she breathlessly laid her head against his shoulder. In response Ron grabbed her in a hug, 'You don't have anything to be sorry for. I heard what KP said. You had every right to be angry. I'll have to talk with her tomorrow.'

They stayed like this for a while, just silently hugging each other. After a while though Ron's hands began to sink lower, making Shigo grin. They were stepping on terrain she was familiar with again. Not wanting to let Ron get comfortable with the situation she playfully slapped his hands away. Grinning at her now pouting boyfriend she walked into the kitchen, 'Don't get cocky lover boy. I didn't have dinner yet and as long as that doesn't change you don't get any playtime.'

Ron snorted, 'Don't make me laugh, you were the one who broke into my room, so that you could have some 'fun', remember?' Shigo blushed crimson, because she could remember that night very well but she didn't say anything seeing as Ron had already walked into the kitchen and began to search the kitchen for things he could make her.

Watching her boyfriend work in the kitchen Shigo had to smile. This was part of the reason Shigo loved Ron so much. She knew she could wake him up in the middle of the night and ask the stupidest thing of him, he would do it.

When she saw that Ron had found something he could make her Shigo walked into the bathroom so she could change into a more comfortable set of clothes she had brought earlier. A naked mole rat sure was useful, she mused.

Inside the kitchen Ron was so focused on cooking that he hadn't even noticed Shigo leaving, so when she came back in tight jeans and a very formfitting blouse (a second skin ;-))he looked stunned, 'God Shigo, you look beautiful.' Shigo just snorted at the compliment, 'I'm wearing a simple and a simple top. Nothing special.' Ron smiled, 'To me you'll always be beautiful Shigo.' Laughing softly Shigo gave Ron a quick kiss before hushing him back to coking, 'Enough flirting there tiger. I want my dinner. 'Grinning Ron concentrated back to cooking back Shigo walked upstairs. It was time to set her plan in motion.

The first thing she saw as she opened the door to Ron's room was a dust covered Rufus with a dirty rag in claw panting on the floor. Shigo chuckled as she gently picked him up and got rid of the dirt that covered him, 'Thanks for all the hard work Rufus, I promise you I'll buy you all the Nachos you can eat tomorrow with extra cheese.' Rufus nearly fell off from Shigo's hand out of excitement and Shigo chuckled again, 'Tomorrow. There a still a few things I want to do today, why don't you go downstairs and help my sweet tiger.'

Rufus gave a salute and took off at top speed as soon as Shigo had set him down. Turning her focus back on the task at hand Shigo sighted. It wasn't hard to imagine the old Ron living here. Not at all. At least there was nothing lying around, Shigo guessed Ron's mother had made sure he tidied up before going to Japan. It wasn't the room that bothered Shigo though. Now what annoyed her was that Ron's bed didn't have room for two. That just wouldn't do now, wouldn't it? She had already taken that in account though. That's why she had asked Rufus to clean the floor for her.

Not wanting to waste any more time with standing around she began to search the whole house for blankets and pillows and began to built a sort of 'nest' in the middle of Ron's room. She didn't take things from the room of Ron's parents though. That wouldn't only be awkward for Ron later on.

In the end the good smell of the food Ron had finished cooking led her downstairs though and she had to endure a smirking Ron the whole time they ate. When Ron had put the dishes away they watched a movie. Or at least the beginning from it seeing as they favored making out with each other over watching. They were so focused on each other actually that it took them at least ten minutes to notice that the film had ended.

Shigo grinned as she got off a panting Ron, 'Time for a break tiger.' She had to giggle when Ron gave her a childish pout, 'We can play later.' Hearing this Ron stopped pouting and made his way to his room. When he saw the 'nest' Shigo had build he smiled. He was so used to charring a bed with Shigo that he didn't even think about a place for her to sleep.

His train of thought was interrupted when he got a shove from behind that send him flying into the pillows. When he turned around to face his attacker his breath stocked. While he was falling Shigo had turned the lights off so that she was only shone on by the moonlight, which gave her an even paler skin color. She had changed in black nightglow which stood in strong contrast to her white skin but matched her hair and lips perfectly.

Seeing her boyfriend speechless for made Shigo grin. She loved it when she had complete control like this. While walking up to Ron she put a seducing sway into her hips and she had to suppress a giggle when she noticed that Ron's eyes were following each sway. Shigo bent forward and kissed Ron while slowly sitting down in his lap. She wrapped her arms around her boyfriend, 'So, what do you think of my new night attire?' In response Ron just kissed her, 'I absolutely love it.' That were the last words spoken that night, seeing as they favored to use their mouths for kissing instead of talking.