Series Blurb: A series of relationships that delve into the concepts of consent, equal rights, love and the greater good. Prowl/Jazz/Miles, Mirage/Hound, Sunny/Sides, Ironhide/Chromia and more.

Intro from Gatekat:
What originally began as (yet another) effort to find a socket for Mirage and Hound in *The Naturalists* as I tested my feet in the POV fanverse. It was answered quite effectively by femme. Then came the mess of an effort by Jazz and Prowl to find one, which eventually turned out well in *Hunting Pleasure* and femme came through again. Prophet got into the game with Sunny, asking for a Sides and thus *Sunny Side Up* happened. Then *Sunny Side Up* and *Hunting Pleasure* crossed over a few times.

35 chapters in, between the three stories, we decided that they would all be in a single 'verse, a single, inter-connected series of sorts. While I will be posting them separately on my account (gatekat), here on Sockets they are going to be combined into a single large story named *Shades of Grey*. The copy here has also been betaed more completely than the one I post on my personal account.

A word from Femme:
It is wonderful that an AU of the Points of View 'verse I created with Aniay has turned out to be far larger and more complex than the original. It affirms the decision to open the 'verse up and give others a chance to play and write. Writing with Kat and Prophet has helped me grow so much as a writer and in my rather limited knowledge of canon (limited to Bayverse, watchin G1 Animated as a kid, loads of fanfiction and what I've read on the TF Wiki). I am compelled by Kat's take on character histories. They really bring out the shades of grey I've wanted to play with in this verse. I've had a blast developing the human characters for these mechs. If they are even half as complex and lovable as Kat and Prophet's Cybertronians, I'll feel like I've accomplished something. It has been an addictive collaboration.

The sub-story guide:
Sunny Side Up: Sideswipe/Sunstreaker centric. Shimmerfire (Seeker) and Ma-le (human socket).
Hunting Pleasure: Prowl/Jazz/Miles Lancaster centric.
The Naturalists: Mirage/Hound centric. Alicia Rodriguez (human socket)
Frontliners: Chromia/Ironhide/Will Lennox/Sarah Lennox centric
Nature and Nurture: Ratchet/Mikaela Banes centric.

Chapter titles in bold have been completed and have been posted to gatekat's account. Any unfinished chapters may be moved, deleted and/or altered.

Shades of Grey 1: Intro and Outline
An explanation of what this story is, what it was and where it's going. This file.

Shades of Grey 2: Sunny Side Up 1: Seeker, Lover, Mate?
Sunstreaker is having a bad day. And when he has a bad day, so does everyone else... Unless someone can turn it around.

Shades of Grey 3: Hunting Pleasure 1: Lesbians and Mechs
After dropping Cathy off from these events of (community .livejournal .com/tf_matrix/17854 .html) Jazz and Prowl head out to find someone more willing to play.

Shades of Grey 4: Hunting Pleasure 2: Amy Parva to the Rescue
Jazz visits Amy while she's on desk duty, entices her to come 'tease' Prowl, but things don't go according to plan.

Shades of Grey 5: The Naturalists 1: Wilderness Finds
Hound and Mirage are a fine example of opposites attracting, but what will that mean when it comes to finding a socket? Will they manage to share one, or end up with separate ones?

Shades of Grey 6: The Naturalists 2: Waking Different
With the socket installed, Alicia spends her first night as a living Energizer Bunny for Hound and Mirage.

Shades of Grey 7: Sunny Side Up 2: Complications
Sunstreaker promised his brother they'd have that talk, he just didn't expect it to be this hard.

Shades of Grey 8: The Naturalists 3: A New Dawn
Waking her first morning with a socket in her neck and in the quarters of the two giant mechanical beings that were her lovers, Alicia gets a few shocks and a look at something sacred.

Shades of Grey 9: The Naturalists 4: A New Society
Alicia's first day out and about as a socket introduces her to a host of characters, from friendly to just plain crazy to scary as hell.

Shades of Grey 10: The Naturalists 5: Every Society Has Issues
Socializing has left Alicia with more questions than answers, even as her heart settles down from watching her lover fight two of the deadliest the Autobots have to offer and the very unhappy Prime that stopped it.

Shades of Grey 11: The Naturalists 6: Movie Night
Diego Garcia's Cross Species Social Coordinator's first gathering in the newly converted Hanger 10 is quit a hit for the most part.

Shades of Grey 12: Hunting Pleasure 3: Miles Lancaster
With the unmitigated disaster of Amy's last visit too fresh in his processors, Prowl has decided to take the initiative in finding a socket in his own way. Miles Lancaster replies.

Shades of Grey 13: Hunting Pleasure 4: Katie Benson
With the unmitigated disaster of Amy's last visit too fresh in his processors, Prowl has decided to take the initiative in finding a socket for them in his own way. Katie Benson replies.

Shades of Grey 14: Hunting Pleasure 5: Under the Stars
Since Kathie passed Prowl's interview, Jazz looks her up on the beach.

Shades of Grey 15: Hunting Pleasure 6: World Turned Upside Down
Miles gets some news that turns his world upside down for a reason he can't fathom yet.

Shades of Grey 16: The Naturalists 7: Human Options
Mirage is restless with Alicia stuck sleeping in a berth apart from them, and eventually decides to sleep with her the only way he can right now, and Hound likes the idea.

Shades of Grey 17: Sunny Side Up 3: Mother Hens
Sunstreaker isn't the only one worried about his brother's condition. Shimmerfire joins him in fretting over Sideswipe when the silver mech finally starts coming to.

Shades of Grey 18: The Naturalists 8: Field Distraction
With Mirage on a mission, Hound and Alicia take refuge in her field work to distract them from the fact that he's not only not there, but in a great deal of danger.

Shades of Grey 19: Sunny Side Up 4: Socket Hunt/ Hunting Pleasure 7: Burst Bubble
With Sideswipe resting in the Twin's quarters, Sunstreaker heads out to find a socket for his brother, and Shimmerfire happily tags along.

Shades of Grey 20: Hunting Pleasure 8: Claiming Miles
Jazz, Prowl and Miles come to an important decision.

Shades of Grey 21: Sunny Side Up 5: Challenge and Choice
With Sideswipe fully recovered, he and Sunstreaker are out to set up a prank when they get a most unwelcome visitor.

Shades of Grey 22: Sunny Side Up 6: Seeker Ways
While out on patrol with Shimmerfire, Tread Bolt decides that he's had enough. This is the result.

Shades of Grey 23: The Naturalists 9: Prayers to the Virgin
After days in the medbay, Hound in finally coherent enough to be turned loose.

Shades of Grey 24: Hunting Pleasure 9: Which Way is Up?
This is the 'must fuck ones socket many times a day' stage for them. In other words, this chapter is mostly porn.

Shades of Grey 25: Sunny Side Up 7: Carrying Seekers are Still Seekers
With some wind under her wings and a much-improved mood, Shimmerfire shares an ill-kept secret with Sunstreaker and Sideswipe.

Shades of Grey 26: Hunting Pleasure 10: Business in Bangkok
Jazz does a little 'shopping' for the Twins.

Shades of Grey 27: Hunting Pleasure 11: The Hill Tribes of Burma
Jazz takes Ma-le to visit family and perhaps pick up a couple other girls.

Shades of Grey 28: Hunting Pleasure 12: Miles Away
When Miles meets his mom and sister in Costa Rica in order to have a "family reunion" with the newly discovered Lancaster sibs, all hell breaks lose for the newly claimed socket.

Shades of Grey 29: Hunting Pleasure 13: When a Socket Goes Missing
When Jazz's conversation with Miles ends abruptly, NEST kicks into high gear and two mechs get a fresh taste of panic.

Shades of Grey 30: Hunting Pleasure 14: Miles of Pain
Day two of Miles' stay in Skywarp's lab brings far worse events than the first.

Shades of Grey 31: Hunting Pleasure 15: For the Greater Good
Jazz breaks mission code and contacts his socket without rescuing him.

Shades of Grey 32: Hunting Pleasure 16: Mission Report
Jazz returns from his scouting mission with a lot of news and just as much frustration.

Shades of Grey 33: Sunny Side Up 8: The Bride from Burma
Ma-le finally meets her intended husbands

Shades of Grey 34: Sunny Side Up 9: Married to the Sun and the Moon
Ma-le experiences her silver husband for the first time.

Shades of Grey 35: Hunting Pleasure 17: Fallout and Recovery
Jazz fesses up and Miles has to decide what is more important to him.

Shades of Grey 36: Hunting Pleasure 18: Of Mother Hens and Brother Jackals
Miles is scrutinized and Will 'accidentally' comes upon on Jazz brooding on the beach.

Shades of Grey 37: Sunny Side Up 10: Medical Snarls
Ratchet learns that Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are as good at following orders as ever.

Shades of Grey 38: Nature and Nurture 1: The She-Demon of Medbay
Ratchet endures his punishment for staking his claim.

Shades of Grey 39: Hunting Pleasure 19: Comfort Where You Find It
Miles is finally welcomed home liked he wanted in the first place.

Shades of Grey 40: Frontliners 1: Explosive Conversation
After more than a day of mulling things over, Will finds himself ready to have a conversation with Ironhide than could well make the base explode.

Shades of Grey 41: The Naturalists 10: Homecoming
When Hound and Alicia are allowed to talk to Mirage, she learns a few more things about her lover and herself.

Shades of Grey 42: Frontliners 2: Mamma Bear
Even in a world filled with giant robots, no one crosses a mamma bear.

Shades of Grey 43: Sunny Side Up 11: Wings of the Night and Day
Sideswipe deems it safe enough for Ma-le to meet Shimmerfire, only his plans for getting the carrying Seeker in a good mood doesn't work.

Shades of Grey 44: Frontliners 3: The Zerstörerz Arrive
Chromia's cadre, nicknamed the Wreckers by Cons and Bots alike, enters the Sol system ready to shake things up and put the fear of Autobots in Megatron once more.
-Rollbar greets Ironhide first.
-Chromia lets him, knowing her greeting is going to be long and involves a berth
-Jolt is grabbed by Ratchet to restart his training/meet Mikaela Banes
-Killblade heads to the training grounds to spar with Sunny/Sides
-Dogfight meets Shimmerfire and Tread Bolt
-Wolfkat is pointed towards Will (and others?). She immediately wants to check out the holo-training room.
-Shekat is pointed at Miles and Jazz and eagerly begins to learn about all the new mechs to share with and the new critters to have fun with.
-Caurver most likely ends up ambushed by Wheeljack while he finishes spreading his wings and goes to swim.

Shades of Grey 45: Nature and Nurture 2/Frontliners 4: Intake Chaos
Ratchet/Jolt/First Aid and the Zerstörerz' intake exams.

Shades of Grey 46: Sunny Side Up 12: Time with Humans
Ma-le and Alicia gets their first serious socialization time with the local humans.

Shades of Grey 47: The Naturalists 11: Protoform Passion
Finally allowed to recover in his quarters, Mirage is welcomed home.

Shades of Grey 48: Frontliners 5: Lennox's, meet Chromia
Ironhide introduces Chromia to his sockets.

Shades of Grey 49: The Naturalists 12: Claiming Alicia
Mirage gets his armor back, Hound gets yelled at, and over weakening objections from her mechs about how quickly this is moving, Alicia is claimed by Mirage and Hound.

Shades of Grey 50: Hunting Pleasure 20: Lingering Questions
With things settling down, Miles gets some time alone with Jazz.

Shades of Grey 51: Frontliners 6: A Mech Watching Party
A party celebrating the first year where Jazz is there on the anniversary of Mission City and the sparklings that are coming is attended by all and gives Sarah a good night of bonded pair watching.

Shades of Grey 52: Frontliners 7:

Shades of Grey 53: The Naturalists 13: Lost Sparkling
A week after claiming Alicia, despite everyone's best efforts, something goes very wrong with Hound's new spark.

Shades of Grey 54: The Naturalists 14: The Socket Club
True to his word, Major Lennox has invited as many sockets as he can for drinks.