Gatekat and Femme4jack have decided to discontinue their collaboration in the Dathana de Gray fanverse.

We want to thank everyone else who contributed to the Dathana de Gray fanverse: Aniay (the original co-creator with Femme4jack for the POV verse that helped spawn this one), Chai16 , Wilderness, Fallentaiyoko, Prophetbot, Ace_of_the_arts, antepathy, laulun-siivet, sakon76, thepheonixqueen, baka_no_neko, Flybystardancer and Karl Wolfemann.

We also would like to thank Nessus for her amazing artwork that accompanied the series which can be found on in the archive at tf_socket_fics on livejournal under the tag Artist: Nessus and the artists who accepted commissions for various characters: Yamatonix11, SJWerst and Alteride.

And most of all, thanks to all of the readers who have left such encouraging feedback on the project.

From Femme4jack
The past year and a half of writing has been extremely creative and fulfilling; I have had the opportunity to delve into subject matter that has been intense, exciting, and very moving to me. I apologize to our readers that our collaboration is ending. Over the past year I have truly come to love the characters in these stories - the ones I wrote, Kat's characters, and the ones whom we shared. I am deeply grateful to Gatekat for the time, creativity, and energy she gave to this project in terms of writing, and also all she did behind the scenes in terms of keeping this monster organized.

I may, at some point in the future, continue do some solo writing or collaborations in this fanverse, including its existing storylines (DdG and Dark Nobility), but not until after some other projects are complete. Any such stories will be posted on the sockets account on fanfiction . net , and the archive on livejournal, tf_socket_fics. All of my other stories can be found on femme4jack on fanfiction . net, femmefics on dreamwidth, and anhrefn_hyfryd on livejournal.

From Gatekat
Confirming the above; and I are not going to continue our joint writing Dathana de Gray, or any Socketverse. I still have stories in the verse that may be finished with others, though no promises. Specifically Alpha Maestro and Kin of a Different Kind with ace_of_the_arts, No Regrets for Love with flybystardancer, and The Saboteur Kneels with Chai16, but I'm pulling out of human/TF xeno for the most part. There is more artwork that is being commissioned, so there will be occasional posts here of that on our archive on livejournal.

It's been an interesting first year in the fandom for me. Full of the good and bad that comes with any fandom. Full of learning. I'm still not entirely sure what to think of it all, but I'm still writing TF. So I'm not going far even if this is very different from my home fandoms.

Everything non-DdG is posted on anhrefn_hyfryd, at least for now.