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It's been twenty years since they left, and I haven't aged a day. I don't understand it, but I now it has something to do with them. Looking at it the worst possible way, they might have done something to me and left. Just like that. But I do trust them, and I don't hate them. I can't bring myself to think like that.

I didn't know what's different about me, but I've come up with a few, very few, possibilities. Jut to put my mind at ease, though I know these probably aren't the reason. What are the chances I would come up with it?

We were close, I would have even gone with them if I weren't human. They might have changed me to remember them, not that I would need it.

Maybe they plan on returning one day, and hope I'm still alive to greet them. Maybe they insured that. They knew me as well as I knew them, so they would know I would be perfectly fine with whatever it is, when I found out, as long as they did come back.

There are other reasons, more likely reasons simply because they haven't entered my mind. I knew there was also my seeming immortality has nothing to do with my alien friends, but there is nothing on earth that could do this. It only happened when they left. Whatever it was, I didn't care. I didn't have enough in me to care. I dearly missed them all.

No one knows any of this. Everyone I used to know I've cut my ties. I'm no good at faking stuff, so I simply disappeared.

The government forced the Autobots off earth, they had had enough. So if they heard of their return, they wouldn't take it lightly. But they thing Earth has been cleansed of Cybertron, if they found out I had been affected directly, there's no telling what they would do. The time I trusted my own government above the aliens has long gone.

So most people either never knew about them, and I therefore can't stick around them without having to lie about why I have yet to age these past twenty years, or I don't trust the others enough to thoroughly keep me away from the government. At least, I don't trust my parents, Mikayla, and Leo to do this.

But there is one person who probably understands this necessity best, though he is just as human as the others. Will Lennox.

"Where are you kid?" I heard the ex-NEST member shout. I only visited him when his daughter and wife were out. They didn't know me, and wouldn't grasp the need to keep me hidden. My parents are very persistent, they're still badgering the police forces to be on the lookout for me at all times. There isn't a civilian for miles that doesn't know my face. They think the Decepticons had come back to earth for one last mission; kill the one responsible for all their defeats, me.

"Here" I said, loudest I ever get. I walked out of the forest surrounding his house. They still lived in a secluded house in the same forest the base had been. It was still there, only abandoned. That's where I lived. His family doesn't understand why they live so far from civilization, but I knew he didn't want to leave the house. It would fell like leaving behind their memory had it been me.

He waved me down to the lawn chair next to his, we never went inside. He offered regularly, but I refuse. I don't need to eat, so there is no need. I sat down in the chair, looking at my hands.

"It always strikes me to see how you haven't changed a bit. I keep expecting you to at least have longer hair." he said. "And it doesn't help that I still expect to see that guardian of yours about to lift you. You really need to change your hair or something, you're just the same as when that could have happened."

I slouched and avoided his eyes.

"I don't want to get a haircut. It will stay like that for eternity." I said quietly. My voice never got louder than normal talking any more. The ach I had felt the day they left hadn't lessened with time. Just like everything else about me, it won't change.

"I know. Sam, how're you doing? You didn't come last time they went out." he said.

"Of course not. I wasn't going to leave his room, it was the twelfth." I said, Will did supply me with small things like calendars and note books. He sighed.

"The twelfth." he mused. "The anniversary of their departure. The sixth of November, anniversary of Mission City. August sixteenth, Egypt. Fifth of November, the day you met them. Sam, how many dates do you have circled?"

"Not many." I answered, there weren't too many I remembered the exact date of. "How is Annabelle?" Asked, changing the subject.

"She's doing fine, hasn't moved out yet. Sometimes I wish she didn't age either, stayed at two." He smiled, trying to joke.

"You wouldn't want that." I said quietly.

"Come on Sam, lighten up. They're gone. I miss them too. I know I'm not the one getting ready to go through eternity, always remembering them. Think of it this way. Maybe mankind will eventually build some space ship and you can rent one and go find 'em." he said.

"Didn't she graduate collage recently?" I asked. he sighed.

"Yeah, got a major in astronomy. What are the odds?"

"High?" I asked. He cracked a smile, realizing it was a joke. The odds she would get into astronomy when her dad was in the army, but worked with alien robots wasn't all that big. Maybe visiting the base when she was one impacted her in some way. She defiantly wouldn't remember it, and Sarah never knew her husband worked with aliens. She just thought he worked with some top secret military defense mechanism.

"Right. I wanted to ask you something." he hedged, scratching his head. I looked up at him, inviting him to continue. "I can't stand you living in that old base anymore. Why don't you move out?"

"Everyone will recognize me here." I said. Everyone in the nearby towns here, and in Tranquility, where my Parents still live, know my face.

"Move to a new town. One you haven't marked for some relation to the Autobots." I flinched but he ignored it. I shook my head, as I said, it would feel like leaving behind their memories. The government made it although they never existed, I had to stay somewhere of importance to keep those fond memories form disappearing.

"I knew that wouldn't work." he said to himself. "Ok then. Move in with us. I can say you're some kid I knew that had been kicked out. Sarah wont object, I don't see Annie either."

"But, wont they know my face?"He obviously hadn't thought of that.

"Well, they'll need to find out eventually, when they realize you aren't aging."

"No, Will. What if they accidentally leak?"

"Trust me. I trusted you when all I got were coordinates and directions to take Optimus there." I flinched, my heart gave a painful stab, he continued to ignore me. "And when all I knew was the bad guys were after something Sector Seven had, and your car, that was confiscated, could get it out of there. Sam, see where I'm going with this?"

"But then people's lives depended on it." I muttered.

"Exactly, and there was a fifty-fifty chance none of it would work. And this is your life here. You may not die if you don't stay with us, but what kind of life is it if you stay cooped up in that old base with no social interaction?"

I stayed silent, he took that as an Ok.

"Alright, they should be coming home soon," I didn't object. "We'll just work it out as we go." just as he finished, the Black GMC Topkick Will bought, so he didn't have to explain the disappearance of the truck he had before, pulled into the drive. Ironhide, flinch, had always brought him home to his family and stayed with him. Will was one of the few humans the Decepticons recognized out of a crowd, apart from Mikayla and I.

As an automatic reaction, I stood up quickly to dash out. Will caught the back of my tattered shirt.

"You're staying." He ordered and I stopped struggling. He let go as the doors shut and Annabelle raced inside, she had just come back from work and probably had something to get finished. Sarah was locking up and spotted us.

"Will, who's your friend?" She asked, approaching us. She stared at my face, probably trying to find where she's seen it before.

I looked down, tracing the pattern on my wrist, the Autobot symbol. She gasped, recognizing me.

"Will, where did you find the Witwicky boy?" and I groaned, this wasn't going to be the easiest thing to do. But this moment will change my life, hopefully it won't banish the Autobots from my mind, they haven't left it since they left. I wanted to keep it that way.

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