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Sokka and Aang were worried. That wasn't particularly normal for either young man since the fall of Ozai four years ago, mostly because they simply wouldn't allow it. They'd saved the world, what did they have to worry about now? But now, they were experiencing a new threat. A threat far more dangerous than some guy with a balloon trying to set the world on fire. Both had managed to highly irritate Toph and Katara respectively. Admittedly, the prank had been a bit much.

Actually, the better term would be terrified. They were terrified. They'd seen what the girls had done to the rabbit-weasels. Those poor rabbit-weasels.

These emotions were two key reasons why Aang was flying his glider high above the gates of the Imperial Palace with Sokka hanging on, yelling at him to go faster. Aang glided above the roof of the palace, and Sokka dropped down, landing in a crouch and looking around nervously. Aang landed and was already sprinting off to find Zuko, hoping to receive sanctuary from the powerful benders that they'd pissed off who just happened to be their girlfriends. In the girls' minds, it only gave them the right to hurt them even more.

Aang jumped off the roof, using his airbending to soften the landing.

"Wait up, Aang! Not all of us can run like the wind."

Aang bended the air behind Sokka to blow him forward and off the roof, softening the landing as he'd done for himself.

"We don't have time to play around, Sokka! We have to Zuko before the girls get to us!"

He frantically ran up to the nearest guard.

"Where's the Fire Lord?"

"In his study, Avatar Aang."

"Thanks," was all the guard heard before he was bowled over by a gust of wind.

"Sorry," Sokka called to him over his shoulder as he followed in Aang's wake. He went around the corner and nearly rammed into Aang who was standing stock still.

"Where's his study?"


Much longer than either young man would have liked, they found the door to Zuko's study. Not bothering to knock (it was just Zuko), they pushed open the door and rushed up to his desk.

"Zuko, you have to help us!"

"She's going to kill me! For real this time!"

"It wasn't even my complete fault and she's totally overreacting!"

"I don't want to be pelted to death with pebbles!"

Aang drew back and looked at his (someday) brother-in-law if Katara didn't kill him.


"Yeah! I'd rather be crushed with a boulder than pelted endlessly for hours with hard, tiny, probably pointy rocks."

"Good point," Aang conceded.

Zuko had his head down the entire time they'd been talking. He slowly looked up and both boys winced. He had bags under his eye(s?) and it intensified the glare he was sending them.

"Go away."

"Zuko, have a heart, man!" Sokka pleaded. "You can't let them get me!"

"I thought they wanted Aang, too."

"No, Katara wants Aang, but if he manages to escape, she'll go for me since I'm fair game."

"Look," Zuko leaned back in his chair and pressed his fingers to the bridge of his nose as if to stave off a headache. "I'm not getting along with Mai too well right now, and I don't need Katara and Toph mad at me, too."

"Really?" Aang asked, sounding more interested than he should.

Sokka leaned forward. "Now that you mention, you do look like something a hippephant stepped on. What'd you do?"

"I…don't want to talk about it," he glanced away and rubbed at a spot on his shoulder

"Aw, come on. It's your duty to give us single guys an example of what living the married life is like. Plus, if we know what you did to get Mai mad, we can avoid doing it ourselves and gloat about how much better our relationships are compared to yours."

"Uh, Sokka, maybe we should leave him alone," Aang cautioned him when Zuko's eye started twitching. "We could probably get to Omashu and hide with Bumi for a while."

"No, wait, I want to know what he did. Come on, buddy, you can tell me. Don't you trust me?"

"At this moment, no, I really don't," Zuko sighed. "You guys can hide in the palace but if they break anything on your heads when they find you, you're paying for it. Also, stay out of Mai's gardens. I will not stop her from killing you."

"Gee, thanks. What a pal," Sokka rolled his eyes.

Zuko narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth to speak but Aang quickly cut him off.

"You're the best, Sifu Hotman! We really appreciate it," Aang grabbed Sokka, and sprinted out the door with him.

Zuko stared at the door absently for a moment before he let his head hit the desk with a thud.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the saviors of the world."

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