Just a quick poem that came while I wanted to nap...dedicated to the Gibbs lovers in our midst...


Starlight, starbright,

The first star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight

A shooting star

It's tail so bright

I made a wish

That starlit night

And so they came

Two choices to make

It's mine to decide

Which path do I take?

One path is certain

One is serene

One path a curtain

The other unseen

Draw back the curtain

Follow the light

Or stay on the path

This starlit night

These were my choices

Which one should I choose?

A life more carefree

Or one where I lose?

And so I choose

And it comes to pass

One night in his arms

One night that will last

The rest of my life

Now matters not,

One night in Gibbs arms

Yes, that's what I sought

Two ships in the night

That's what we were

Two souls burning bright

Powerful and pure

Then I open my eyes

It's not just a dream

My wish has been granted

Gibbs says to me

We both made a wish

On a shooting star

To find our hearts desire

No matter how far

Now we are together

Our world set to rights

Thank you, dear Shannon

Our star that night.