Eleanor Lamb, sitting in her 'prison cell' as she liked to call it, awoke. She looked around her, out of the glass, towards the lumbering shape of an Alpha Series Big Daddy. He was weeping, openly and uncontrollably.

A little sister wandered up to her side, and tugged on her robes.

"Eleanor? Eleanor?" She asked, tugging harder. She looked down at the girl, and smiled tiredly.

"What is it?"

"Why is Daddy crying, Eleanor?"

"…He… misses someone. Someone he loves very very much. She's not here right now."

"Will she come back?"

"Don't worry… I know she will. Soon, the Maiden of Steel shall come back to Rapture."

"Maiden of Steel?"

"Yes, that's right. Now, let's just try and help my father, we… must revive him."

She got up,, still holding the younger girl's hand, and walked into the shadows.

That's right. Sequel! I'll be writing the Maiden of Steel, a sequel story set along the Bioshock 2 Storyline. So, I'm not going to let Gwendoline and Gamma fade from your minds just yet…