To recap, my week wasn't going so great. My best friend/crush/sort of boyfriend (crap, i have no idea what to refer to him as) suddenly got really sick on what was the one week we've gotten alone in years, and he's dying, now i have to go on a frantic quest to who knows where in hopes that we can save him, and now, the god of the sea is basically saying "Well, i know how to save him, but unfortunately thats unavailable because the goddess is missing, so you'll have to find her first, only we don't actually know where she is, so you'll have to act on guess alone while my only son lays on his death bed. Oh, and did I mention you'll have virtually no help from the gods whatsoever? Maybe "not so great" was a serious understatement. If Poseidon wasn't an all powerful god who could vaporize me without even lifting a finger, i would have been seriously tempted to punch him.

"There is one thing I can do to help you." Poseidon said, cutting my off from my inner angry rant, the third one I had had today, or was it the fourth? I honestly couldn't remember.

"Well?" I asked "What is it?"

"Hermes was the last one to speak to Artemis." Poseidon said. He hesitated

"Alright, I'm actually not supposed to share this next bit with you, but..." he sighed "I suppose that I owe you."

"No, you owe Percy." I said. Poseidon gave a short nod.

"Rumor on olympus says that Hermes knows the location of Artemis's pool. He delivers her mail after all."

"Okay." I said "So?"

"Try talking to him first." Poseidon turned and started walking back into the sea, right before his head went under the ocean, he turned and called

"Oh! By the way! You cant call Hermes! He's been backed up for weeks! Wont get through!" With that lovely piece of information, he disappeared. I slapped my palm into my forehead. If there is one thing I have figured out about the gods, its that they often think they're being extremely helpful, but their not. Its like those bad clerks at cheap department stores. But, unlike them, if you dare challenge them, instead of getting them fired, you'll be the one thats engulfed in fire.

"Oh great." I said to no one in particular. "Now what?" Grover shrugged.

"Don't just shrug! HELP ME THINK OF AN IDEA!" I yelled at him. He put both hands up in the air, looking scared...of me. Woah. What was happening to me? Was i losing it? I felt so lost. Was I really so dependent on Percy that I would go crazy without him? That wasn't who I wanted to be. I shut my eyes and took a deep breath. Percy wouldn't want me to lose my cool. I just needed to get my brain back. My mom is the goddess of wisdom for crying out loud! I should be able to get an idea.

"Athena.." I silently prayed " me. Send some idea. Please."

"Lets mail a letter!" Tyson suddenly exclaimed, shattering my concentration. Attempting to stay calm, I looked at him.

"Tyson," I said slowly "Now is not the time for letters. How about we do that later?" Tyson shook his head

"Lets mail a letter, meet the mailman, and save my big brother!" he then pointed behind us. Grover and I turned around. There, a little ways down the beach, was one of those big tacky tourist attraction billboards. This one said, in big flashy letters:


As small minded Tyson seemed, he really was a genius.

"Tyson.." I said "You're a genius." he didn't seem to hear me, he just started running down the beach, kicking up huge clouds of sand.

"Yay! I hope they have peanut butter snacks!" He yelled. Well, he's a genius when he wants to be.