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Rosalie POV

I could hear paws thudding along the ground. I followed. Then their heart-beats.

Tha-thump, Tha-thump, Tha-thump.

It was too much, I crouched and then I launched myself towards the bear. Oh my, it put up a fight. I tackled it to the ground; reached over to put my lips to its necks and drank. Life a knife to butter, it sliced through and the blood spurted out, my drink. Sustenance. As soon as I was finished, I dropped the carcass.

I followed Edward's scent back to him; he was looking for the lions. Pfft, course he would be. But then, another sound.

Tha-thump, Tha-thump, Tha-thump.

Another scent, followed it without a choice, it was… human. No. No, no, no! I had to get away!

But it was so close, no-one would know. I crouched closer to the scent, I could hear a bear too; its heartbeats and scent different. The human smelt so much better. And… it was bleeding. I could attack now; the bear could be thrown off.

I launched myself at the bear; and threw it in to the air, away from my prey. No it couldn't be prey, it was human. Carlisle said…

But as I turned to face the fragile human, I saw something, felt something stronger than thirst. Curly hair… Dimples… Blue eyes… Henry…?

I was reminded of a blurry winter's night almost two years ago; before the terror, before this life of thirst. Vera, my friend; almost a sister, her husband. And her… baby… Henry. He looked the same, the same hair, eyes dimples…

But this human was in pain! No! Henry couldn't be in pain, no, he couldn't… But he was. His arms clutched at his leg, the source of the blood. It was spurting everywhere; it took all of my strength not to kill him right there and then, but this was Henry. His face was contorted in pain as I lifted him so easily in to my arms.

I sped across the land, leaving our hunting grounds. Back home. I could only just about consider it a home, I mean; I didn't sleep there and it wasn't exactly filled with my possessions. Just where I was. I existed between those walls.

I filled my mind my useless thoughts to distract myself from the call of the bloody man in my arms. He was light to me; but I guessed his real weight would've been more than my former human self could handle. Running across the country also made me guess that the man in my arms had never even been out of his state. Before I became immortal, it had been the same for me; with or without the fact that my parents were middle-class. Carlisle was rich beyond compare to them and judging by the man's muddy clothing; I guessed the same comparison was correct for him too.

I wondered how Vera was doing. Was she well? Had she missed me after my 'death'? I had wanted to see her again after my transformation; but Carlisle and Edward had told me no, that it wasn't safe for her. I didn't want to endanger my best friend.

Edward had become my most hated person-after the disgusting men that had enjoyed my pain, of course he wasn't as bad as them-nowhere near as terrible; but still. He didn't want me! How could that be possible? I was beautiful beyond compare! I was sure that even the man in my arms would find me pretty at least; if not for my slightly orange eyes. They would terrify him for sure.

I realised my mistake of thinking about the man in my arms too late and the thirst enraged in my throat. To say it was agonisingly painful was a sure understatement! The immortal and marble-like body I now wore came with an awful price, the thirst. It felt like a thousand hot pokers had been thrust down my throat. I couldn't even cool it with water as that now smelt repulsive to me.

My thoughts carried on to other random paths that would distract me from the broken man in my arms, the one I would do anything for.

It didn't occur to me then that Henry would only be a toddler now, this human stranger looked so much like his that I needed to save him.

I had left Edward hunting; he could follow my scent and would probably assume that I had slipped up; like any other newborn. I was still like that in this family, a new born. I was still the youngest. A thought occurred to me; what if Carlisle couldn't save him? He would have to… Somehow… Would I let him? But Henry couldn't live my half-life. No.

But I wouldn't let him die.

Carlisle would change him. For me. He owed me that much after sentencing me to this frozen life.

And I carried on my journey.

By the time I'd reached Carlisle's house, the man in my arms was deathly cold and white; I could still hear his heart-beat, but it was faint. Please survive, Henry, I thought, please, Vera will never forgive me if you die, I need you to live. I had been silently praying for hours now; begging that this broken man would live; he couldn't die. I'd already gone through too much personal effort not to end his life myself. I wouldn't let God kill him now.

I hoped that Esme wasn't in the house when I reached it. As much as I loved her; I wouldn't be able to protect Henry from her if she smelt the blood. I remembered that she was grocery shopping and that she still should be at the moment; I was glad. Although the reason for her shopping wasn't the most practical; it was only to keep up appearances. The only good thing that came out of it was that many homeless shelters now had the Cullen name to thank for the reason that they didn't go hungry anymore.

I called one name: "Carlisle!"

But he had smelt the blood and was already at my side, I wished had Edward's gift as I saw the emotions in his face. One look from me told him nothing, except that I cared for the human that was currently dying in my arms and Carlisle went in to help mode.

At that point, I also wished that Carlisle had Edward's unusual gift. That way I wouldn't need to explain why he had to save Henry, in any way he could. Luckily enough; because of Carlisle's medical status, he decided to heal first and ask questions later. It was the least he could do.

He took Henry out of my arms and rushed him upstairs to his office, I had once laughed at Carlisle because he was absurd enough to keep medical supplies in a house full of people that had no use of them. Now I was simply grateful and I made a mental note to thank him later.

I followed Carlisle upstairs where he had already begun to stop the bleeding. If I didn't ask him now; I wouldn't be able to. If Carlisle somehow managed to save Henry; if he survived as a human, well; I wouldn't know how to let him go; how to say goodbye. He had been unconscious for most of the time that I had carried him; so he hadn't seen anything that would anger the Volturi, I couldn't use that as a reason.

It was just my plain selfish greed. My need to keep him mine. But I had lost too much in the last two years to care about my awful reasons to think about what I was about to ask. The terrible consequences of what I asked. So I did something that would condemn Henry along with me. I stopped Carlisle's busy hands from healing the man any further.

And he looked up in to my eyes, obviously about to ask why, but he must've seen the pain in my eyes. The pain it took to make this decision. He was silent and still as I spoke, my eyes unable to look at him, for fear of what he would say.

"Carlisle, I want you to change him."

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