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Rosalie POV

Emmett's heart was slowing down and his temperature was dropping. Esme, Edward and Carlisle had all spent a fair deal of time sitting with me; I think Esme was there the longest though. However her broad knowing grin had started to annoy me after a while. Every time I had asked her why she was grinning; she had smiled even wider and answered "Nothing." Yes, it was getting on my nerves.

But I didn't have time to be annoyed at the moment, because as I said; his temperature was dropping; therefore, he was waking up. His eyes would be red like mine were; no longer the baby blue that they had been. I decided that although I hated the red; the blue wasn't much better, as every time I thought of them, they were in pain. I hoped that he would decide the same as me and stay with Carlisle, stay with me. He would be a strong vampire; I could tell. And if he wasn't a vegetarian; then it would be a panicked world for all humans that crossed his path.

I idly wondered if he would take revenge like I had, although he could only really attack the bear. I mentally laughed at this thought; he could attack all the bears he wanted if he stayed with me. I wouldn't laugh out loud now; I didn't want to miss any one of his heart beats. Each one, slower than the last.

Carlisle, Esme and Edward all wanted to be there when Emmett woke up. I tried to explain that it would be better that we didn't startle them, but they wouldn't be discouraged, they all wanted to meet the new addition to our family. Carlisle and Esme's new son and Edward's new brother and hopeful friend. I hadn't given much thought to what he would be to me. We could decide that when he awoke.

He was stirring even more now and I called my family back in to the room, just as the last person closed the door (I didn't look up to see who it was) Emmett's hand gripped tighter at mine.

Tha-thump, Tha-thump, Tha-

Nothing now. His heart had spluttered to a stop and his temperature was the same as mine, I started to whisper in his ear, I hoped he could remember what I had told him before, that we didn't want to hurt him.

He blinked once and I saw his deep burgundy eyes. He opened his eyes once more and smiled. He actually smiled! I could hear Edward smirk from the corner of the room; I could only guess what Emmett was thinking. I stopped that thought as Emmett opened his mouth to speak.

"Am I in heaven?" he asked.

What an absurd thing to say! He had just been condemned to our half-life and he was asking if he was in heaven! I answered as calmly and kindly as I could, "No, sweetie."

My voice seemed to register in his mind; maybe he remembered what I had told him? But then he grinned widely and asked, "Then why is an angel with me? I mean, I've never seen one before, but you're beautiful enough to be one."

I smiled at him, I could still hear Edward smirking somewhere behind me and I thought, at least he thinks I'm beautiful. The smirking abruptly stopped and I answered Emmett's question, "I'm not an angel, Emmett."

He mumbled something about, "You sure look like one," and then he looked over my shoulder to see Carlisle and Esme, both smiling at him. Esme was obviously ecstatic to have another son.

Emmett slowly sat up and then timidly waved at Esme and Carlisle. Esme beamed with joy and Carlisle mirrored Esme's expression. He whispered to me, "Who're they? Are they angels too?"

Carlisle obviously heard Emmett's whisper and answered for me, "No, Emmett, I think that Rosalie has told you this. We aren't angels, we are vampires."

Something else registered with Emmett as he answered, "I thought I was dreaming, but it was too painful to be a dream."

"Yes, sorry about that. I didn't want you to die," I said.

Emmett looked at me before remembering something, "The bear…"

"Yes," I said.

Emmett grinned at me once more before turning to face Edward, who was leaning against the wall behind Esme and Carlisle.

Edward answered an unspoken question, "I'm Edward, this is Esme and Carlisle, and of course you already know Rosalie."

Emmett looked at me to check he wasn't going mad, I said, "Don't worry, you aren't losing your sanity, Edward can read minds."

Emmet was obviously convinced he was mad and Edward tried his best to stifle his laugh. Emmett suddenly looked very uncomfortable as he tried at nonchalance and scratched his throat. I remembered the thirst straight after my change, it was terrible.

"Don't worry; I'll take you hunting now." I said and Emmett immediately looked better. He stood up and started to follow me out the door. Just then Esme stopped him and hugged Emmett around the waist; she looked tiny compared to Emmett. He looked at me and Carlisle for conformation, we both nodded; Emmett grinned and hugged Esme back, showing no discomfort. I guessed that Emmett was a hugging-person. Edward was still laughing and he didn't notice that Emmett was now giving hugs to everyone in the room. He embraced Carlisle carefully, worrying me might break him; and then he ran to Edward and almost crushed him in his hug. It reminded me of a bear.

Edward wasn't pleased and as Emmett turned to me, I ran downstairs, laughing all the way. Emmett followed. It was so easy to be with Emmett. He didn't reach me until we were at our hunting grounds. It had taken so long to travel from here three days ago, but this time it only took a matter of minutes. Maybe time moves slower for those who are battling with their thirst.

He followed me into the woods and the second he smelt the bear; he attacked. I didn't even need to show him how, he did it by instinct. I thought it kind of ironic that his last act in his human life and his first act in his vampire one was to wrestle a bear. First time: losing. The second time: winning, by a great margin too. When he had had his fill, Emmett had noticed me watching him and used his new found speed to run towards me. It obviously surprised him how at fast he was.

"I know, the speed really is something. Don't race with Edward though; he always wins."

Emmett thought before he asked his question, "Was Edward always like that?"

"I think he became like that when he was changed. I think we all brought something with us though, Edward his mind reading, Esme brought her ability to love, Carlisle his compassion, me-"

"Your beauty?" He asked.

I grinned, "I guess you could say that."

Emmett sat on the log next to me, "I wonder what I brought, and I hope it's my strength." He leaned on his arm and started to deliberate. His lips slightly pouting and his elbow resting on his knee, I would say he looked almost child-like. I thought it funny that we were now chatting like old friends.

"I'm sure it is, Emmett." I laughed once, out loud this time, I idly thought it sounded lovely to him, he hadn't heard any one of our kind laugh. When I heard Esme; I almost fainted at the sound of bells.

And then I was also sure he was about to run away in fright, so I backed up slowly; I didn't notice that the sun had since risen and was shining brightly in the sky. When I backed up, I went straight in to the path of the sun's rays, my skin throwing rainbows everywhere in the light. I struggled to find the words to explain the way my skin was now glittering, but Emmett spoke before I could.

"I guess we don't melt and die in the sunlight, huh?"

I chuckled at his casual response, "Nope, this is the reason vampires don't go out in the sunlight."

Emmett cautiously stepped out in to the sunlight, his skin doubling the prisms of light that were surrounding us, I was glad that we were off the trail and that no human would see us now; I missed the sun and it's warmth.

"It's so pretty though, why would anyone be afraid of us?" Emmett had obviously heard what I had told him in his coma-like state. And whether he liked it or not, humans were afraid. They had good reason to be.

"You know, not all of our kind hunts the animals, some hunt the humans…"

"That explains it then, well… I don't want them to be afraid of me. I'll stick to grizzlies any day."

I almost felt my heart soar and start beating again; his words had confirmed that he was staying with us, with me. I laughed loudly at the overjoyed feelings I now felt.

Emmett paused to stare at me as though I was mad, and maybe I was; I wanted this man to stay with me though I had just met him. He then grinned widely and gave me one more incredulous look and said to me, "Are you sure you're not an angel?"

I laughed once more and answered, "Yes, I'm sure."

"Okay. Just to make sure, I wouldn't want God smiting me for what I am about to do."

I was about to ask what he meant by that when he leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine, in that moment; I understood what had changed, why I couldn't kill him, why Esme had gotten so excited, why it was so easy to be with him. His kiss told me that I loved Emmett; I just didn't know that yet. But I knew it now. And I was glad that I hadn't killed him. Royce was nothing, I now knew what love was and Royce was nothing compared to what I had now.

He cupped his hand to my face and could very easily have kept me there with his newborn strength and I wouldn't mind at all. But all too soon, he pulled back, he took a breath (probably forgetting that we didn't need to breath) and I was instantly craving more.

Emmett spoke before I could my breaths too ragged and my thoughts too jumbled to form a coherent word, let alone a full sentence, "I never thought that an angel would let me kiss her."

I answered then without a thread of doubt in my words, "but of course; I would do anything for you."

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