This is more of a preface than the story itself so let me know if ya like it:) Hope you enjoy this!

I watched closely, just as always, as the doctor entered the code into the little pad that unlocked the door. 14596. I had memorized those 5 numbers. I had seen it entered into that small silver keypad every day for the past four years that I had spent in this room. Just recently, though, I had really made an effort to watch closely to confirm that the code had not yet changed.

Today had finally come, though. I had waited for almost two months for this day to come. Today was the day I took the last step to collecting the items I need to bust out of here. I looked over at the 1-foot-square piece of linoleum next to my cage. As usual, it was perfectly smoothed down, not a scrap of paper visible around the edges. That was my hiding place. It was where I stashed the few things that I needed to get out of here. under that linoleum square were four little things. My few meager possessions that meant everything to me. A piece of paper that pictured a guide through the institution (as I called the building I have lived in since birth), a scrap of paper that read: locker # 25, combination: 26-36-14, a piece of thread about a foot long, and the small butterfly charm I snapped off of Dr. Pauls's charm bracelet.

Today was my lucky day. Today I'm finally going to get the final piece to my escape kit. And that final piece is the bobby pin in Dr. Rebecca's hair.

This is just a test chapter that I'm going to keep up for a little while. If I get some good reveiws or any feedback at all, then I'm gonna go on with this story. So please reveiw! i'm really new at this so some constructive critisism would be SO helpfull! Thanks! -Laxgrl2222