I'm a jerk. I know. I said I would update on MONDAY. But this week was horrible. It's only the second week of school, but
I've been bombed with homework and projects. I've been so tired that all I can do after I get home at 5:30 ,after 8 hours of school, then 2+ of golf, is sruggle through three hours of homework then pass out. But today I had a lovely nap in history. I wanted to back hand the jerk that sneezed and woke me up. SO anyway, here's the chapter!

It wasn't until almost three hours later when Dr. Rebecca came in again, this time with three other doctors and a stainless steel cart to put my crate on to take me to the testing room. They all grouped around my crate, two on either side.

" Be careful, she's dangerous", said Rebecca.

The other doctors nodded then quickly hooked their fingers into the top bars, squeezing them flat so I couldn't bite them. I was a notorious biter. I had really sharp teeth. And fangs. Seriously. I had legitimate fangs on either side of the top of my mouth. They were wicked awesome. And quite useful for causing intense bleeding when used properly.

After quickly swinging me up onto the cart and dropping me with a bang, they wheeled my quickly out the door and down the hall. I carefully mapped the way in my head. Second hallway on the right, third on the left, fifth door on the left. I even wached them enter the code and repeated it in my head till I was sure it was memorized. 1495 1495 1495. I wasn't quite sure why I should memorize it, but hey, you never know.

They pulled me out of the crate once more and tugged me over to the treadmill in the far corner. Then they started taping things they called "electrodes" to my skin. Ew. Then Rebecca picked up a plain black note book from the small table and opened it. Across the front, written in small, black letter on white backing, it read 'subject 5'.

They even gave me my own notebook.

How sweet.

I managed a glimpse at the first page. After just a quick glance, I had the picture in my head. I stood quietly and analyzed it. It was an information paper. It had my current weight, height, hair color, skin color, eye color, etc. (The eye color space said: changes constantly. All colors imaginable) I blinked in surprise. Did they really? I'd never seen my reflection before. All I knew is what I saw. I new I had light tan skin, goldenish-blonde hair that reached to about the edge of my rib cage, and purple wings with gold flecks. I didn't really know what color my eyes were. I'd have to look into that next time I saw something reflective.

We go to the endurance testing room, which contained nothing but teh ever-present stainless steel counters, a few expensive-looking computers, and a treadmill. They opened my crate and I scrambled out, my hands automatically balling into fists, tensed to fight. Over the years, it had become a habit. i was often times face with unexperienced interns with lousy impulse control. They wouild always wait till we were alone before they would beat the crap out of me. I currently had an twwo matching, enormous bruises. One on the entire right side of my face, from my neck to my black eye, the other on the right side of my rib cage. on of the scienists had carelessly dropped my cage back into place, with me landing hard on my side.

One of the doctors turned to me.

"What are you staring at?" He snarled at me. "Get on the treadmill. Now."

I stood completely still, giving him a glare that could burn him alive. I wish.

"Get on the treadmill!" he snapped, louder this time. "Now or you'll really regret it."

What was he gonna do? Tell the director? Now I was real scared. Haha. But I still didn't even blink. Just glared. He started to look a little uncomfortable. And a just a wee bit scared. He should be.

Rebecca turned. "Subject five, get on the treadmill already. I don't want to make you do it."

Then don't.

"Does it speak? At all" asked one doctor, a really skinny nerdy-looking guy with big plastic glasses.

"Tests and samples show that its vocal cords are in perfect working order, but we believe it chooses not to speak." Said Dr. Rebecca. "It has never made more of a sound than breathing, even when moving. It's almost silent"

Haha. I only refused to speak because I would rather them think I'm a failure than to help them along anymore than just gracing them with my presence. Yeah, I'm full of myself. Whatcha gonna do about it?

They then tried to nudge me up onto the treadmill. On the outside I was impassive with a completely blank face. Inside, I had a grin the devil would've flinched away from. Time for some fun.

With no more than a second for them to register what I was about to do. I swung my right arm back and up, knocking the nerdy guy off his feet with a blow to the nose hard enough to kill him if I had the right angle. But because I'm so darn nice, I left him unconscious on the floor. It took a minute for the other three doctors to register what happened, but not me. I grabbed my cage from the cart, swing it hard towards the other two unknown doctors, knocking them both down and distracting them long enough to get a nice right hook under Dr. Rebecca's chin, almost causing her to bite her tongue off. She slumped to the floor in shock, giving me time to turn my attention to the two doctors still on the floor, trying to untangle themselves and move the cage. I grabbed one and kicked him in the kneecap, probably breaking it. And then giving the other one two black eyes and a broken nose. Fabulous.

I turned back to Rebecca and punched her in the head and grabbing a bobby pin in the process. I slipped into the underside of my own hair when no one was paying attention.

Then I ran.

Like it? Hate it? Lemme know! this was something new for me, because I have never wrote out a fight scene before, and it was probably extreemly lame, but hey, cut me some slack. I'm still new to this! Please reveiw!