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"Oh come on, baby. It'll be fun! When's the last time you just let loose?" he says.

I roll my eyes at him, sighing.

His arms tighten around me, his eyes alight with mischief.

"Edward, we're not kids anymo-"

He jostles me, pouting. "That's the point! Come on...please? For me?"

I groan, relenting as he knew I would.

Soon, we're running pell-mell down the hill, holding hands as we go.

I feel something release, and I'm soaring along with him, our spirits high - free.

Feet from the bottom, I stumble.

Pulling him with me, we roll to a stop.


Edward lands on top of me. I wrap my arms around him.

We're both breathless, but neither of us can stop laughing long enough to catch our breath.

I look at him, really look at him, and smile.

He's got crinkles around his eyes and the corners of his mouth. His hair's dulled a little with age, streaks of gray visible if you get close enough. His green eyes, though, are as bright and alive as ever, belying his age.

That crooked grin of his - the one that still makes me melt after seventeen years together - plays on his lips.


The way he's looking down at me - affection clear in his eyes as he places a soft kiss on my lips - warms me more than the sun at high noon.

I bask in his love, returning it in equal measure as my hands roam his back.

"Jasper?" he whispers.


The tip of his nose brushes against mine, making me smile.

"Thank you for this - for everything."

Cupping his jaw, my thumb runs along his cheekbone.

"Edward, I love you. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you, sweetheart."

He smiles. "I know. I love you, too."

His lips find mine.


His hands find their way under my shirt, skimming along my ribs with teasing, feather-light strokes that he knows drive me insane.

I squirm, biting my lip to stop myself from letting out an unseemly giggle.

Edward just smirks and continues.


My voice is strained, and it's getting harder and harder not to start laughing again. When he hits a particularly ticklish spot, I buck my hips in an attempt to unseat him.

He groans. He's relentless, though.

Right as I try to push him off, he lets go, only to grab both my hands by the wrist.


I quirk a brow at him, half-challenging, half-questioning.

He answers both with a sly grin, placing my hands over my head as he leans forward and kisses me hard.

Closing my eyes, I surrender to him. I always do, because he's everything to me. I kiss him back, and his response is instant.

Open mouthed, passionate - tongue brushing against tongue.

He incites fire, need, and I crave more.

I buck my hips again, moaning as I silently beg him. When his hips begin to thrust into mine, I know I've won.

I've won, because he is mine.

Today, forever.