Rikudo vs The Avatar

Hey fans I'm back with another chapter for the NarutoxAvatar: The Last Airbender rewrite I've been working on. For those who like the newer version you have my thanks and it is your inspiration that keeps me going. Some wonder why I changed Azula's character in the fic and the main reason for that is I wanted to see how Azula would be like if Naruto's influence rubbed off on her. She will retain some of her cunning but not on a sadistic level like it's portrayed in the canon version.

Now regarding Aang I'm not bashing him nor do I hate his character. The reason I did ridicule Aang in the second chapter is because he doesn't understand how vicious war is or the cruelty humans are capable of even if they are allies. Naruto is a realist who understands human nature, both the positive and negative parts and understands that true peace is nothing but an illusion. Most peace treaties in the real world are a sign of neutrality where each party sign a pact to prevent the other from attacking and assist the other but war can still happen.

Naruto doesn't dislike Aang personally he just doesn't like how the boy thinks he can solve everyone's problems due to being the Avatar which would give him an ego and secondly the people who worship the avatar are no better due to relying on him to fight their battles or protect their homes since it is his 'duty' and I call BS on that.

What they should've done in the beginning is join forces to stop the fire nation's advancements and maybe then they would've stood a better chance, in my opinion anyway. Now here's the next chapter folks and if you're looking for a picture of an older Toph go to my profile and look for Older Toph ^^ and I will do some reconfiguring in the later chapters.

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Chapter 3: The Earth Queen and Bounty Hunter

Naruto and Ty Lee were getting close to finding the tower they entered through to get in the library only to stop and feel a slight shiver go up their spine. "Naruto I just got this weird vibe and it's not a good one because for some reason I'm afraid Mai and Azula will do something to us when we get back." She said with the blonde Sage nodding in agreement.

"Same here Ty-chan but I think I'm gonna get the worst of it." He replied back before continuing forward with the female acrobat following him. After a few minutes of searching, Naruto and Ty Lee have finally found the way out of the library.

"See? I found it Naruto." Ty Lee says, pointing towards the window where they had entered through and smiled brightly. Naruto smiled back in approval and at Ty Lee's bubbly enthusiasm.

"Yes I can see that, Good job Ty Lee."She blushed a little from the compliment he gave her and realized that the exit was very high. She may be an accomplished acrobat but to scale something that high would be difficult even for her.

"Hmmm, the only problem is how do we get up there? Any idea Naruto?" Ty Lee asked, unaware of the smile forming on his face until she found herself getting scooped up in his arms and held in bridal fashion. "Eek! Naruto what are you" she didn't get to finish her sentence due to Naruto leaping extremely high into the air and much to her surprise and shock, was clinging to the wall via his feet before hopping off and jumping even higher, continuing to hop left and right simultaneously.

To say Ty Lee was shocked was an understatement. She knew Naruto's athletic abilities were amazing but not to this level and couldn't help but inwardly admit that his moves made her feel like an amateur even though she's been working on improving her agility, flexibility, and reflexes since the day she could walk. The duo landed gently on the window sill, taking in the sight of the desert outside until Naruto sets her down beside him, knowing she could keep her balance without his assistance.

She was about to ask him something but paused as she heard arguing as did Naruto. They both looked down to see Aang arguing with Toph about Appa. "Just admit it Toph! You let those Sandbenders take Appa away on purpose!" The air bender accused. Toph however was put off by the accusation and sported a pissed off expression at being blamed for losing the flying bison.

"For the last time Aang, I didn't let them take Appa I was trying to keep that Naruto guy we fought in that abandoned village and some giant snake from burying us in the sand and then I passed out from exhaustion!" She exclaimed but this only made Aang scowl at her.

"Now I know you're lying Toph because I was fighting him in the library and there's no way he can be in more than one place!" Naruto snorted softly especially since the monk didn't know about his 'replication techniques' "Just admit it! You let them take Appa because you never liked him in the first place!"

He was inches apart from her face even though she was a few inches taller than him. Toph's brow twitched as she sensed him in her space and didn't like it. "First of all little boy," She brought her hands up and roughly shoved him back, making him stumble and fall on his butt mainly because she was physically stronger than him body wise "Get out of my face or I'll bury you neck deep in the sand and let the desert ants feast on that chrome dome you call a head. Secondly I was out here fighting Naruto and a giant snake so don't call me a liar and lastly I'M BLIND!" Toph waved her hand in front of her face, emphasizing her disability. "I can only 'see' people using my feet and the sand around us makes it difficult for me to pinpoint others unless I can recognize there voice!"

The angry nomad scowled and got back up.

"You know what Toph? Ever since you joined us, you've been nothing but trouble! You're always making rude comments, complaining, and being pushy! You may be the self-proclaimed Greatest Earthbender in the world, but what good are you if you couldn't even be a proper look out for us when we needed you the most huh?" Toph was stunned at the verbal attack as were Katara and Sokka until Aang said something he would regret. "Why don't you do us a favor and get lost or better yet go back to that prison you call a home?!"

Everyone remained silent when Aang said that but to Toph, those words hit harder than any other physical attack and hung her head. Katara snapped out of it and gave the 13 year old a look of disapproval. "Aang that was totally uncalled for! I know you're upset about losing Appa but that doesn't mean you can blame Toph." She chastised.

Aang glares at her and was about to speak up but then realized that the sand underneath them was shaking violently courtesy of Toph. She was squeezing her fist to the point where her knuckles were white and was biting her lower lip with her eyes clenched shut. She lets out a scream laced with fury and rage, bringing her arms back. She stomps the soft sand hard with her right foot and throws her arms forward, unleashing a blast of sand which bypassed Sokka and Momo and struck Aang directly in the chest, causing him to fly backwards and crash into the sand hard, leaving Katara and Sokka speechless.

Toph was sporting a furious expression on her face as she 'glared' in Aang's direction while the monk groans in pain. "Fine Jackass if that's the way you feel then we're done because I'm not gonna be a Sifu to some pathetic excuse of an Avatar! I QUIT!" She screamed before stomping off around the other side of the pillar and curls up against the edge, hugging her legs to her body and burying her face in between her knees.

Katara tries to approach the earth bender but Toph speaks up in a voice lace with anger and hurt."Just go." As she said this, Naruto and Ty Lee watched an angry Aang morph his staff into a glider and left his three comrades to fend for themselves while he went to find Appa's trail.

Naruto's blue eyes grew cold at Aang's behaivor toward his friends because it reminded him of how the citizens of Konoha use to blame him for the loss of their loved ones when he too lost his family during the day Tobi forced Kurama to attack the village before he finally changed their minds. At that moment, Naruto was tempted to go after Aang and then beat him within an inch of his life for abandoning his comrades and verbally attacking the other who also had a sensitive past.

When Ty Lee saw Naruto's expression, she reached out and put her hand in his. Naruto's gaze met hers and noticed the look of concern and worry she was expressing. Seeing he was worrying Ty Lee, Naruto managed to calm himself by releasing a sigh and gave her hand a gentle squeeze to assure the acrobatic warrior he was okay.

"It's alright Ty-chan… I'm fine" He told the acrobat and smiles when her expression brightened. He looked back down and saw the water sibling also leave to find out which direction Aang went and back at Toph who didn't move from her spot. "Ty-chan go on back to Azula-hime and Mai-chan, I'm gonna go talk to Toph." She blinks a few times but nods and hops back down the tower to meet up with Azula and Mai.

The blonde Sage hops off towards the dunes, using his skill in wind manipulation to lightly descend down the tower and gently lands besides Toph who is unaware of his presence while he placed his hands in his pockets. "Baldy really need to work on his temper." As soon as she heard his voice, Toph sprung up and leaps back in her fighting stance. Naruto didn't react and remained calm in his posture. "Relax Toph I didn't come here to fight." Naruto informed her but Toph ignored his statement and sent a small wave of sand at him but he vanishes and appears to her left.

"Yeah well too bad because I feel like fighting!" She yelled and stomps her foot into the ground. When this happens a large orb of sand appeared in front of her and with a motion of her hands, it morphed into a long pike which separated into many smaller ones, aimed it at Naruto's chest, and threw it.

Said blonde simply sidesteps to the right, infuriating Toph. The blind bender lets out a scream that contained a mixture of sadness and a little rage but mostly sadness. She whips her arm back and creates a whip made of sand. "Because of you and those fire chicks I lost the only friends I had in this world and now I have to go back to that prison that use to be my home!" She cried while a stream of tears fell from her face due to the memories she had of her life of solitude and lashes out at Naruto.

He was able to maneuver around her wild attacks mainly because of his speed and her current state of mind and frowned as he noticed that she was exerting herself, moving at a slower pace that she did earlier. "That's enough!" He suddenly vanished, surprising Toph before he reappeared binding both of her wrists over her head with his left hand and holding one of his Hiraishin Kunai against her throat. The blind bender froze on the spot as she felt the cold and sharp steel touch the surface of her skin and also due to Naruto lifting her off the sand and disabling her 'sight', leaving her completely at his mercy. "If I wanted to kill you Toph Bei Fong I would've done so when we fought earlier."

She shivered at the tone in his voice and knew then and there she was at his mercy. "Now are you gonna calm down and allow me to talk with you or do I have to keep you restrained?" He questioned. She glared a little in his direction for a while but sighs in defeat.

"Fine… let's talk." She mumbled. He sets her down, releasing her wrists, and moves the kunai away from her neck, allowing her to regain herself.

"Now to begin Toph… why are you so adamant in returning to your home? Don't you think your parents would be worried about you?" He questioned. Even though Naruto knew the reason from going through her memories he wanted to hear it from her personally, knowing that keeping something like that bottled up would just eat at her emotionally and was unhealthy if she didn't open up.

"Home? I have no home…" She started off saying "A home is a place where you can find solace in and feel safe and where I lived was no home, it was a prison. And as for my parents, they cared more about their reputation as a rich and noble family than they did me and shut me off from the outside world and I hated it." She said as she scowled at the memories of them keeping her in solitude believing that the world would not accept a person with her condition. Toph then talked about how she went under the alias Blind Bandit in an Underground Tournament for Earthbenders and becoming the champion before she met Aang, Katara, Sokka, Appa, and Momo.

She honestly didn't know why she was talking to a stranger about her past but deep down, she felt like she could trust him as she sensed him listening to her with no alternative methods of attacking her whatsoever. Naruto however was intrigued especially when she mentioned her nobility.

""So you're of noble blood? I never would've guessed with your tomboyish attitude and your attire, though my mother was the same when I learned about her and my father." A cheeky grin formed on Toph's face but then she did a double take.

"Wait, you're from a noble family too? But what nation are you from because I've never 'seen' anyone use more than one element and I always thought only the avatar could pull that off?" She wondered.

"Because I'm not from around these parts. I came from a world where there were five elemental nations where the people there could use more than a single element but we didn't 'bend' them in a manner you and the others do. Most of us are trained to be shinobi, which I guess are the equivalent to Benders and there are some who train to be Samurai, warriors who can use the same energy we shinobi use but to a lesser extent while the rest are like the warriors and ordinary citizens who try to live life as best they can." Naruto explained to the blind bender.

Toph paused and 'looked' at him for a while before raising an eyebrow. "You're not lying. I can tell when a person lies due to how irregular their heartbeat gets and when certain muscles tense up. I'm practically a living lie detector." She explained.

"That's and interesting ability to have," Naruto commented, getting a smile from Toph who appeared to be growing out of her depression "Though I have to ask you this Toph, what do you plan on doing after this war is over and peace comes? Go home to that prison you call a home?" His question made her flinch and shook her head defiantly.

"No way, I'll never go back to that place! Never! I will not be a prisoner in that hellhole ever again!" She declared with a fierce expression on her face.

"Well it is not like you can stay with your friends forever Toph." Naruto stated as he approached Toph, who looked a bit depressed knowing what he was saying was right. "Once your journey ends, where do you plan to go from there? What do you plan on doing in the future?"

"I…" She tried to say something but couldn't because she never thought that far ahead in what she wanted to do in her life.

"Nothing because someday, you and your friends will walk your separate paths in life." Naruto replied back, knowing she had no answer as he knew a few people who went down this path before. "You will be alone in this world with no one to guide you and once peace is insured and you all go your separate ways you will no longer have any friends. As you grow older, your skills as an Earthbender will leave your body and you'll have no one to carry on your legacy due to the era of peace. Your title as 'The Greatest Earthbender' will be nothing but memory to everyone until they eventually forget about you and your accomplishments."

Toph said and hung her head while fresh tear took form and fell down her cheeks, clenching her fists at the heartbreaking truth Naruto was telling her where she would once again be all alone in this world with no friends or family. Said blonde reaches out and gently brushes her tears away, surprising the blind bender at his action, wondering why he was trying to comfort her.

"Toph I want to make you an offer. One that will be a great benefit for you and even greater than the title you carry" When she heard this, Toph wipes her eyes with her sleeve and looks up at him with her light green eyes, giving off a strong but calm front.

"I'm listening." She said

"I can give you a life where you can prove yourself to others that you are truly the best at what you do. If you would like to join me I can show you different worlds out there and the adventures will never seem to end. You can go to places that you can only dream of going and as a bonus I can give you another gift in the process." He offered, getting a look of interest from her facial expression mainly because Naruto has been telling her nothing but the truth and had no reason to lie to her.

"What is this so called gift you're willing to give me?" She questioned with interest and excitement in her voice, only to feel Naruto caress her cheek in a way that made her face flush from such a gentle touch since no one has ever touched her in such an affectionate manner.

"My gift to you Toph is your eyesight." He answered.

When the word eyesight left his lips, her eyes widened greatly. An offer like this was astounding to her mainly because a long time ago, it was her dream to not only see the world but the different colors, people, animals, and other things that existed around her instead of feeling for it with her hands and feet. As she pondered on this, Toph realized something had to be up with what he was offering her and took a step back. "Let's say I believe you in what you are saying and that you could actually give me my eye sight. I want to know what you want in return for such an offer?" She questioned.

Naruto simply chuckles and shakes his head. "Honestly Toph I don't really want anything from you except maybe the pleasure of your company and even if you don't want to join me, I'll give you the ability to see the world around you." He answered.

Toph raised a brow and tilted her head a little which in Naruto's opinion made her look cute. "So you're willing to give me my eyesight with no strings attached whatsoever?"

"I give you my word Toph I will give you the ability to see whether you join me or not." Naruto promised the blind bender. "I'll let you think about this for a while since I know it is rather shocking that a stranger would offer you something not even the Avatar could give you." He leans forward and gently kisses her on the forehead, again getting a pretty blush from her. No one knew it but due to Toph's enhanced senses being higher than a normal person's, she possessed a very sensitive sense of touch which heightened the experiences of contact she was given especially from Naruto's affectionate gesture.

"Now the last thing I want you to do is hold your right arm out, I want to give you something else." Toph nods and holds her arm out while Naruto pulled out a small bottle of ink and an ink push. He dips the tip into the ink bottle and proceeds to draw the Hiraishin seal across her arm. Once it was completed it glows white for a few seconds and crawls up her shoulder so that it wouldn't be recognized.

"Hey what did you do to my arm?" Toph asked due to the tingling feeling she got from Naruto drawing the seal on her.

"Naruto chuckled since Toph looked rather cute when she was confused.

"I placed a seal on you that will allow me to teleport to its location instantly so if you ever get into any trouble or just want to talk then just focus a little or speak my name, though I would suggest you get away from your 'friends' when you do and if they ask about it just say it's a tattoo."

Toph grinned a little at the mention of the tattoo. She thought about getting one once to spite her parents but never went through with it. Naruto smiled as he sensed her mood and pulls out a pouch full of water, placing it in her hands. ""That'll keep you hydrated out in the desert. I'll see be seeing you again soon Toph and don't forget about my offer. Remember the name Uzumaki Naruto, but you can call me Naruto for short. Ja ne."

He vanished in a swirl of sand, leaving Toph to ponder on the offer he gave her sighs before popping the bottle open and takes a swig of water. "Wow that is good. Well I better go find twinkle toes and his posse before they keel over in this desert." She taps her foot on the ground releasing a series of vibrating ripples into the sand concentrating on any opposite vibrations her seismic sense touched and smiles. "There they are." With that she stomps her foot on the ground and brings her arms up, causing the sand to rise under her and thrusts her arms back, propelling herself forward while surfing on the soft substance, letting out a whoop of excitement.

(Timeskip: One Month Later)

Earth Kingdom Forest

It had been a month since Naruto and Team Azula's trip into the Shi Wong Desert. After they had returned to the Azula's entourage they spent a while to relax after chasing the Avatar, Zuko, and Iroh. Right now Ty Lee was currently arguing with Azula about taking a longer break with Mai standing to the sides watching her acrobatic friend complain to there leader/friend. Naruto however was resting on a tree branch with his hands behind his head, chuckling at the sight of Azula shooting blue fire out of her nostrils from Ty Lee's whining because it reminded him of how dragons behaved when they got upset.

"Come on Azula we've been tracking the avatar for the past month nonstop and Mai and I are tired. Can't we just take a week off hunting him and relax?" She begged at the irritated princess.

"For the 8th time Ty Lee no. We have to stay on his trail and also look for Zuzu and Uncle." She said, hearing Naruto snicker at the pet name she gave her brother.

"But Azula I'm dirty, I haven't eaten anything decent for awhile, and my braid is frizzling up." She showed her friend her braided ponytail that had a decent amount of curled hair sticking out and looked unruly. Azula's brow twitched dangerously and looked ready to zap Ty Lee with a lightning bolt until Mai approached them both.

"I don't see what's the big deal in taking a week off Azula? I mean Naruto can practically track the cue ball down anytime he wants and it would be great to relax for a while." She said while inspecting Ty Lee's ruined braid. "Not only that but as the leader of the team you need to be in top shape and doing a little downtime will put less stress on your mind and body." Azula frowned and was about to refute Mai's suggestion until Naruto appeared behind her.

"I agree." Azula jumped back in surprise but then scowls and turns around when she realized it was just Naruto and glares at him.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to do that?" Naruto gave her an innocent look and tilted his head to the side.

"Do what?" He asked innocently, causing a vein to throb from her head while her eye twitched in annoyance before huffing and folding her arms which made Mai and Ty Lee giggle. "I swear one of these days I'm gonna get you back for this." She swore while he chuckled.

"I Love you too Hime."

Azula blushed slightly at the comment before Naruto gave his opinion on the situation.

"Now Hime I think we all deserve a little break. Like Mai-chan said, I can find Arrowhead at anytime I want, so let's take this time to relax a little."

The Fire princess began to think about it since she valued Naruto's opinion highly, knowing that he was skilled in tracking down targets and performing difficult objectives due to his vast field experience. Knowing that she was on the fence, Naruto decided to go in for the kill. He walks up behind her and placed his arms around her shoulders. Mai and Ty Lee knew what he was doing and hid their smiles as he rubbed her shoulders. "Come on Azula-hime you need to learn to relax and take some time off. Plus your shoulders and neck muscles are stiff. When's the last time you had a massage or relaxed in a hot spring?" He asks.

Azula remained quiet and thought about it. She had to admit; she too was tired from the traveling and tracking and would like a break so she releases a sigh and reluctantly smiles. "Alright Naruto, you win. We'll take a break for a few days."

Naruto grinned toward the other girls, who smiled knowing that when Naruto got involved, Azula would rarely deny his requests. He placed a kiss on her cheek, causing her to blush and the others to become slightly peeved that they didn't get one. He lets go of her as he pointed toward something nearby.

"Great! I saw a large lake not far from here where we can relax for a couple of days."

Ty Lee raised her hand and waved her arm toward Azula's royal entourage.

"Um Naruto? What about the rest of the entourage? We can't just leave them in the middle of the forest." She questioned while Naruto smirked.

"Leave that to me. Azula, I need you to tell them were going to take a break for a few days and not to move until they receive further orders or are attacked by Earth Kingdom soldiers."

Azula nodded and told the Captain of the Guard to inform the rest of the camp of their new orders. The relief in his voice was evident, as they could tell he and the rest of Azula's entourage were as tired as Team Azula was. After the orders were fully circulated around the camp, Naruto and the girls walked away about 50 meters from the camp before he pulled out a scroll that had a blueprint of the camp and some of the surrounding forest. Naruto had made the map using the info from his Kage Bunshin's, who he usually sent ahead of them to scout out enemies and the Avatar.

Naruto smirked at the girls puzzled expressions. "You asked how we could protect Azula's entourage Ty Lee? Well I'm about to show you." Naruto's hands blurred as he performed over 30 hand seals in less than the same amount of seconds and claps his hands together. "Kekkaimon Gofūjutsu: Hachimon Heijō (Barrier Gate Five Seals Technique: Castle Closing Eight Gates)!"

The scroll glowed as the ground started to rumble. Suddenly, a few feet away a giant gate with a strange bird on top of it emerged from the ground. From there vantage point, they saw four more gates appear around the area. Then a massive green barrier formed a dome around the area within the gates, making the girls eyes to widen in shock.

"What in the name of Agni is that?" Azula was the first ask as they gaze at the dome. Naruto however chuckles as he loved seeing the astonished looks on their faces whenever he did something that was not of this world.

"This ladies is a barrier which I created that will protect the camp from any form of attack and is very durable and capable of burning anything it comes in contact with." He makes an example by picking up a withered up branch and tosses it at the dome's surface. When it makes contact, the object bursts into flames and is reduced to ashes, stunning the three girls. "You could say it's another version of bending I learned when I trained with my godfather for thee years."

Ty Lee was the first to snap out of her state and a wide grin forms on her face. "That is awesome. Can we try it out on Mai next?" she asked in a teasing tone. Mai pales and gives Ty Lee a death glare, slowly pulling one of her knives from her sleeve and brings it back. Just as she was about to chuck at the acrobat, she paused and looks at her hand to see the knife gone. She looks around for any sign of it and notices Naruto smiling and twirling her knife in his hand.

"How did you?" She wondered because she didn't see him move from his spot.

"Another one of my mysterious skills and also Mai-chan it's impolite to throw knives at your friends or attempting to fillet them just for teasing you it isn't right." He chastised, wagging his finger in a playful manner. Mai looked miffed and folds her arms, turning her head away from him while Ty Lee giggles. "And Ty-chan it's not polite to offer your friends as test subject over something so dangerous." He gave her a mocking glare that made her look bashful and pouted cutely.

"I'm sorry." She apologized. Azula however was covering her mouth with her hand, giggling at seeing Naruto scold Mai and Ty Lee like they were academy students but knew he was just teasing them but then realized something.

"As amusing as this is Naruto how do we get out things from the camp with this barrier in the way?" She questioned. "Umm Naruto? What are me and the girls suppose to wear when we're relaxing at the lake? Our spare clothes are at camp."

Naruto paused and looked at the girls. Silence filled the area for awhile until he rubbed the back of his head.

"Oops. I forgot about that. Sorry." Naruto apologized before pulling out a bunch of seal tags and handed each of them to Azula and her friends.

"These tags will allow you to pass through the barrier unharmed so don't lose them. I already gave some to the captain to give to the members of the camp and warned him of the dangers should anyone try to leave the camp boundaries without the tags."

Azula smirked as placed her arms on her hips.

"Looks like even the genius can make a simple mistake." She teased smugly. Naruto however glared playfully at her insult and decided to even the odds.

"You do realize I can take those tags back and force you and the others to you three would have to swim in your underwear right?" An evil smile appeared on his face when their faces glowed red. "And being from a family of nobility, you wouldn't want to have to do that in front of me now would you princess?"

Azula gave Naruto a glare that usually sent Admirals and Generals running away from her in fear of facing her wrath but Naruto just crossed his arms and smirked triumphantly at her. Azula, seeing that her infamous death glare wasn't working, turned around and stormed off to get her spare clothes from the camp.

"You may have won the battle Naruto, but the war is far from over!" She declared and swore to get him back if it was the last thing she did.

He looked at Mai and Ty Lee and gave them a victory sign as he grinned.

"She's going kill you one of these days, you know that right?" Mai questioned in an amused tone and a small smile on her lips while Naruto's grin grew.

"No she wouldn't do that to me. Azula loves me, but doesn't like to show it in front of others."

Mai rolled her eyes at him before heading after Azula with Ty Lee following behind her.

"Fine it's your funeral. When she starts shooting bolts of lightning at you don't come crying to me."

As Mai and Ty Lee left to get their things, Naruto's grin never faded until he felt a nudge in the back of his mind.

"Those women of yours are interesting young sage."

Naruto's eyes widened when he heard the voice of the mightest demon in Shinobi history, the Jūbi.

"So you're finally awake? How does it feel to be whole once more?" He asked the great beast who yawned and shook the drowsiness out of its head.

"It feels good. I haven't felt anything like this before. I'm finally free of hate that gave me life." Jubi answered while Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Don't worry young sage, everything will be explained in due time, but for now I must rest."

The beast then drifted back off to sleep, leaving Naruto to ponder what had just transpired.

The Lake

Mai, Ty Lee, and Azula were laying on red colored towels with beach umbrella's shading their bodies from the sun (they are wearing the bathing suits they wore in the episode the beach but Azula kept her hair down). Azula and Mai were lying on their back with their hands behind their heads while Ty Lee was lying on her stomach with her head resting on her arms.

What the acrobat didn't notice was that a large orb of water was making its way towards her. Azula heard water sloshing and opened an eye. She saw Naruto who was wearing a blue sleeveless shirt and shorts that had red spirals on them was making a swaying motion with his hand while the water orb got closer and closer until it hovered over Ty Lee's head. The fire princess smirks and nudges Mai's side. Said girl opened an eye and looked at Azula who pointed to Ty Lee.

Mai looked to see what Naruto was doing and giggles quietly. "This should be interesting." She said as she sat up while Azula closed her eye and let out a sigh.

Naruto was snickering and kept the water ball steady. "Rise and shine Ty-chan." He said as he released his hold on the orb.


It dropped and soaked Ty Lee's body and it caused her to jump up and cry out in surprise. "Ah! Cold!" She cried as she rubbed her body with her arms frantically in order to get the freezing water off. Mai was snickering while a small grin appeared on Azula's face.

The drenched acrobat looked around and saw Naruto laughing at her and she puffed up in anger, marches up to him and tried to give him her worse glare but to Naruto it made her look cute. "What did you do that for Naruto?" She demanded only to squeak when he thumps her on the nose with his index finger.

"Just for the fun of it Ty-Chan why?" He asks.

"The water was cold you jerk!" she replied.

"And your point? Your body seemed hot so I decided to cool it off." He said which caused Ty Lee to blush at what he was insinuating but then an innocent smile appeared on her face.

"You know Naruto-kun. Your body looks a little hot too." She said as she moved closer to him until her assets pressed against his chest which made a chill go up his spine.

Azula and Mai instantly sat up with wide eyes when they saw what Ty Lee was doing. "So why don't I help you by cooling you off." She said with an evil grin on her face and she used a foot to knock him off balance and pushes him backwards. Naruto stumbles back and then.


He falls right into the lake. Azula and Mai laughed when they saw Ty Lee push Naruto into the lake and said blonde rises from the surface with his hair covering his eyes but he brushes it back to get the water out and hops out of the lake with his body drenched.

"Okay I deserved that for pulling that stunt on you." Naruto said and pulls his shirt off, revealing his tan, lean, and athletic body that didn't hinder his speed or his power. The three girls eyes widen and a blush appeared on each of their faces when they saw his upper body. Naruto saw them staring and a grin appeared on his face.

"Like what you see ladies?" Naruto flexed his biceps, causing the blush on their faces to become darker. Azula and Mai turned their faces away from Naruto while Ty Lee kept staring at him with a hungry look in her eyes.

Whoa… so…hot." Ty Lee muttered while Naruto chuckled.

"Hey Ty-chan, you're drooling." He said. The acrobat snapped out of her stupor and covered her mouth. "Anyways are you three enjoying your relaxing day?" Naruto asks and the three nodded. "Good cause I want to let you three know that I'm gonna be gone for the next couple of days." He said.

"What? Why Naruto I thought you were gonna relax with us?" Azula asks with a look of disappointment on her face.

"If it's because I pushed you in the lake then I'm sorry. Please don't leave." Ty Lee begged pouting and making her brown eyes grow. Naruto cringed at the way she was looking at him but regained his composure and pats her on the shoulder.

"Relax Ty-chan I'm not gonna be gone that long. I'm just gonna check out some of the villages that are nearby." He said. "Besides you girls need this more than I do." He stated while they looked at him for a while Azula sighs.

"Very well then Naruto but be back by the end of the week." Naruto nods and shunshins away while the girls remained silent.

"Well then let's enjoy the next couple of day's ladies. Azula said lying on her back as did Mai while Ty Lee pouted and mumble about missing the crazy blonde making the two snicker and shake their heads in amusement.

"Oh stop crying Ty Lee he'll be back by the end of the week." Mai informed the energetic girl.

"Yeah but I won't get to see him shirtless when he gets back I mean did you not see the muscles that lined his body? It was like they were sculpted especially those abs and can you imagine what it would feel to be hugged by him?" She said cupping her hands together with hearts in her eyes. Mai couldn't help but flush at the thought of Naruto hugging her.

With Naruto

Naruto was currently leaping through the tall trees in the forest silently. As he landed on another tree branch he stopped and noticed that the sun was setting. He then turned his sights on a village not far from his location and headed straight for it. As he landed on the ground, he dusted off his black cloak and formed a hand sign, creating several Wood Clones.

All of you scatter and gather any info on the Avatar's location and search for Zuko and Iroh. You have one week to gather any info on where their next destination is now go."

The clones nodded before scattering in several different directions.

After sending out his clones, Naruto made his way toward the village. He pulled his hood up to cover his face, passing the villagers who were used to people like him wandering in considering the usual visitors. After wandering around the village for couple minutes he noticed there was a bar and grinned, knowing that they were a good source of information as well as good places to have a little fun while digging for said information.

Once inside, he looks around and saw all kinds of mercs, bounty hunters, thieves, and criminals that were on the run. "Well doesn't this place look lively?" He mutters to himself and takes a seat near the bar stand and snaps his fingers, getting the bartender's attention.

"What cha need buddy?" The bar tender asks in a calm voice.

"That depends. Do you serve anything light?" Naruto asks while the man raises an eyebrow.

"The lightest thing we have is cactus juice mixed with mangos and we also serve green tea why? Can't handle anything heavy?" He asks with a smirk on his face while Naruto chuckles.

"Oh no I can handle my liquor it's just that I'm trying to cut back and also..." Naruto pulls a Trench Knife (Like the ones Asuma uses) out and twirls it in between his fingers due to the fact that two thugs were sitting in between him with daggers hidden in their sleeves.

"If I drink too much I get this odd sensation to kill the first person that looks at me wrong." He says as he turns the blade in a reversed position and stabs it onto the table making the two thugs jump out of their seats and back away from him while Naruto smirked.

The bartenders eyes widen when he saw this and chuckles mainly due to those punks causing trouble around his club and starting fights for no reason. "Wow. I think I just saw those two piss their pants when you pulled that blade out. You must be the real deal." He states as he hands the drink over to Naruto who places six gold coins on the table and the man whistles.

"Yep definitely the real deal." He says as he took the money and put it in his pocket and left while Naruto took a sip of the liquid.

"Whoa. This isn't bad. Much better than that sake Jiraiya gave me." He muttered and continued to drink it until he heard a scream, leaped on the table, flipped backwards while a large muscular man was seen hitting the table hard and landed back on his feet with his drink still in his hand.

"Well that was rude." he said and turned his head in the direction where man came from. He saw five thugs surrounding a female that seem to be in her late teens to early 20's. She was 5'6 with waist length black hair that covered up her right eye and had a topknot that was kept up by a headband that was in the form of a skull.

She wore a dark brown sleeveless bounty hunting dress that hugged her figure and wore matching tight pants and boots with it and also wore a pair of fingerless gloves that stopped to her biceps and on both shoulders she had red coiling snake tattoos. Her eyes were grey colored and she wore grey eye shadow.

The thugs were grinning darkly and cracked their knuckles while she remained calm. Naruto narrowed his eyes and was about to interfere until he saw the smirk on her face and gleam in her eye so he decided to wait and see what will happen.

The first lets out a battle cry and charges at her with his fist reared back while she just stood there inspecting her nails. As he threw the punch she nonchalantly dodged it and stepped to the left making him stop and turn around growling. He charged again and tried to throw another punch but she once again dodged it with the grace and skill of a warrior. The others tried to join in and try to strike her in her blind spots but she would just evade them like they were nothing.

Naruto was watching and couldn't help but be impressed. "Man she's not even trying." He said as he saw her stop a man's fist with her palm and used it as a spring to flip over him and then used a leg sweep to knock him on his ass. She twisted her body when another thug tried to strike her from the side and she round house kicked him in the back of the head and sent him crashing into a table.

She ducks when another tries to clothes line her and she strikes him hard in the ribs making him cry out in pain and collapse. The third thug growls but smirks when he pulls a battle axe out of his belt and rears it back. Naruto's eyes widen when he sees this and saw that she didn't see this and vanished.

As soon as he was about to throw it at her back, his arm stopped which surprised him and he turns his head to see a black clad hooded male with piercing blue eyes have an iron grip on his wrist. The other thugs stopped their advance towards June who blinks in confusion and turns her head to see what they were looking at and her eyes widened when she saw Naruto stop the man who had an axe in his grip with just one hand.

"Hey you punk let go!" The thug growled out and tried to throw Naruto off but he suddenly winced in pain when the blonde slowly squeezed his wrist and the sound of bone popping can be heard. The man dropped the axe and found himself on one knee and trying to free his arm.

"There a few things that can really set me off. Ganging up on a female is one of those things, but attempting to cleave her in half with her back turned really pisses me off." He then twisted the man's wrist violently, snapping the bone and making him cry out in agony until Naruto grabbed him by the head and slammed him into the wooden floor knocking him out.

The bar remains silent while Naruto stands back up and cracks his knuckles and turns his attention on the four thugs. He then smirks and does a hand gesture telling them to come here which infuriated them because he was taunting them. "You're gonna pay for that!" Thug one says as he pulls out a dagger as did the others.

"Really? I don't know if I should feel offended or just laugh at you losers? It's gonna take more than mere pocket knives to make me take you seriously." He said in a bored tone which pissed them off even more. The first one charged and swung the weapon at Naruto chest but Naruto side steps the attack, grabs him by the back of his collar and head and slams him into the wall, knocking him out easily.

The second one yelled and charged at Naruto, swinging his dagger around wildly while he evades the moves without even trying. After the fifth swing he knees the man in the chest knocking the wind out of him and then performs an uppercut under his chin and sends him sprawling onto the ground.

Naruto performed a hand sign under his cloak's long sleeves. In a flash of speed and smoke, a massive, yet wicked looking broadsword shaped like giant butcher knife with a circle cut out of the top of the blade and the semicircle near the handle appeared in Naruto's left hand. The other one was about to charge but he suddenly stopped in his tracks due to the fact that the tip of the blade was touching his throat, and ready to decapitate hi at any second. Everyone's eyes widened when they saw him summon the blade but what surprised everyone in the bar was how he was able to wield a weapon of that size in only one hand. "You're really starting to piss me off so I suggest you trash beat it before I decide to test Kubikiribocho on your sorry asses." Naruto threatened as he slightly pressed the blade further against the thug's throat and the low life gulped in fear as he felt some of his blood trickle down his neck and backed away.

Naruto scoffs and shoulders the blade and approaches the table, pulling out a bag of coins. "Sorry about the mess." He says to the bartender and heads out of the bar.

The young sage had just turned a corner in an alley but then stops. "You know if you're gonna follow me at least make sure I can't hear your footsteps miss bounty hunter." Naruto says smirking under his hood while June steps out of the shadows.

"That was an interesting display you pulled at the bar." She said as she leaned against the wall keeping her gaze on him. Naruto turns around and smiles.

"Thanks but those guys were easy pickings. It'll take more than a bunch of street thugs to make me fight for real. You on the other hand practically manhandled them." He said while she smirked.

"Thanks and you are?" The female bounty hunter asks. Naruto pulls his hood down and reveals his face.

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze but just call me Naruto and may I know the name of the beautiful yet deadly bounty hunter?" Naruto asks.

June smirks and brushed her hair back. "The names June. So are you a bounty hunter?" She asks.

"I'm more of an assassin but I'm skilled enough to be a bounty hunter." He answered twirling a Hiraishin kunai around his index finger while she raised an eyebrow. "So what's a pretty and tough as nails girl like you doing hanging around a rundown bar full of low class thugs?" He asks as he eyed her awesome figure.

"Trying to get info on any bounties that are currently up. Sadly this town is bone dry on them and the prices for most of them won't even be enough for me to feed my companion. She said and snapped her fingers. Naruto blinked for a while until a giant furry creature that seemed to be a combination of a Giant Anteater, a German Shepherd, and a Star-Nosed Mole leapt over the building and landed beside June, making the blonde's eyes widen.

"Whoa. What in the world is that?" Naruto asks as he never seen a creature like this before. June gave him a questioning look and spoke up.

"This Naruto is my partner. She's a Shirshu named Nyla. My father gave her to me when I was a kid and she's been with me since. Isn't that right my little snuffly wuffly?" She cooed, scratching Nyla behind the ear who in returned purred and nuzzles her master.

'Whoa she's tough as nails gentle, and hot? Man if Ero-Kyofu was here he'd be having a field day.' Naruto thought while June pulled Nyla towards Naruto.

"Nyla this is Naruto." She said while the Shirshu lowered her head to Naruto's level and sniffed him a couple of times. Afterward she nudges his hand meaning she wanted to be rubbed so Naruto rubs the side of her muzzle making Nyla growl softly.

"Hey I think she likes me." He said with a grin on his face while June remained silent. Nyla was never this forward to anyone else besides her.

"You must have a way with animals. Normally Nyla wouldn't act like this towards a stranger." She said. Naruto chuckles and pats Nyla on the head.

"Really? How would she normally react?" Naruto asked.

"She'd strike you with her tongue which has barbs on the tip and paralyze you." She said with a grin on her face while he paled.

"Yikes. Well it's a good thing I'm great with animals huh Nyla?" Naruto said to the Shirshu who snorts in agreement. That was when June climbed up on the saddle and looked down at the blonde.

"Well as interesting as it is to see you and my partner get along I have to get going Naruto though I hope we meet again." She said getting a nod from him.

"Same here oh and before I forget." He reaches into his pouch and pulls out a Hiraishin Kunai. "Here." He tosses the kunai at June who catches it. She looks at it for a second and raises an eye brow.

"What do I do with this?" She asks.

That June is a special Kunai that allows me to appear in the location it is at meaning that if you throw it I will sense it and appear instantly." He said.

"You're kidding right?" She asks and he shakes his head.

"I kid you not. Go ahead and throw it at that roof top." Naruto said pointing to the house close to them. June shrugs and throws the tri pronged kunai at the roof and is embedded into it. She turns her head only to see Naruto gone and her eyes widen. And once again turned her attention to the roof and her eyes bugged out when she saw Naruto standing on the roof waving at her.

"How in the world did you do that?" She asked while he picked up the kunai, landed on the ground, and approached her once again.

"I'd tell you but it's a family secret." He said while she got out of her stupor.

"Oh in that case can I have it back?" She asks. Naruto tosses it back and she puts it into a pouch she carried.

"Well I have to get going but if you ever want to talk or have me join you in another bar fight feel free to throw the Kunai down and I'll be there in a flash. Until then, ja ne my beautiful bounty hunter." He said doing a mock bow and vanishing in s swirl of leaves. June stares at the location he was at and chuckles.

"I hope we meet again Naruto. You seem like an interesting person to be around and you're cute to boot don't you think so Nyla?" She asks and Nyla growls in agreement. "Well let's go." She said and Nyla roared and leapt through the roof tops and into the forest.

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