Chapter 1: Transform and Roll Out

Many millions of years ago, war raged between the forces of the heroic Autobots and the brutal Decepticons for control of the planet Cybertron.

The Autobots battled valiantly in the name of honor. Their courageous exploits bringing hope and glory to a beleaguered war torn planet and inspiring countless generations of robots yet to come online.

"What a load of scrap metal." A red and white robot grunted as he walked onto the bridge of the spaceship. "Why do you waste your time with those old history-vids?"

"Isn't it obvious?" responded the smaller yellow robot who was seated before the monitor, feet propped up on the console. "If I want to pull my weight and kick some major skidplate in the future then it's crucial that I learn from how you bots did it in the old days!"

The red and white robot snorted.

"Look around Bumblebee. The Great War ended centuries ago. Besides, those vids are nothing but sugarcoated propaganda at its finest. The real thing was far different."

"Then tell me, Ratchet." The yellow robot, Bumblebee, exclaimed as he turned around with his chair. "You were there, right? What were the Decepticons really like? And oh, oh! Did you ever meet one? Like, in person? Were they really as bad as everyone says they were?"

"Sheesh, turbo down, will you? You're making my processor hurt." Ratchet groaned, rubbing his head.

"Oh, come on, Ratchet." A pink and white, female robot smiled as she walked onto the bridge. "Humor the young-bot when he's actually interested in listening to you for once."

"Arcee! You're the one who's been acquiring all these vids for the kid, aren't you?" Ratchet accused, pointing at the femme.

"I don't see what the harm is." Arcee replied casually, taking Ratchet's accusations with a smile. "If he's that interested in the Great War then by all means, allow him to study it."


"Besides…" the femme continued, cutting him off. "I enjoy them too since I'm curious about the war myself." Arcee said, smiling sadly to herself.

"Arcee…" Ratchet trailed off subdued.

He then shook his head and brought his grumpy expression back in full force.

"Well, while your sentiments are understandable, this brat's just interested in it for the excitement."

"He-hee. Well that's part of being young, isn't it?" Arce giggled, not helping Ratchet's frown in the least.

"You should just forget about it." He finally said, turning back to Bumblebee. "The Decepticons are not something anyone should want to bring up."

"Yeah, right." Bumblebee snorted. "If you ask me, you old bots are probably blowing the whole thing out of proportion-ergh?" he went on but halted as Ratched suddenly got into his personal space, staring at him hard.

"Trust me kid, the Decepticon were every bit as bad as you've been told and more. They were far, far worse than you could ever imagine."

"…Seriously?" he gulped.

"Do I look like I'm joking?" Ratched scoffed. He then finally got out of Bumblebee's face and began walking out of the bridge.

As he made it to the doorway, he casually gestured to the windows beside Bumblebee. "Now get off your lazy can and get to work. You're needed outside."


Turning to look at the rocky landscape outside the spaceship, Bumblebee could see a large, bulky silhouette dangling back and forth above ground, suspended by a wire extending from the figure's arm.

"Bumblebee!" the figure grunted. "My wreaking ball's stuck again!"

"Sheesh." Bumblebee sighed and shrugged resignedly. "Can't that guy go five nano-cycles without making a mess of things?"

"YOU're one to talk." Ratched could be heard snorting as he left the bridge and walked down the hall.

"Hey!" Bumblebee exclaimed indignant and followed Ratchet as Arcee's soft laughter trailed after them.

Outside on the asteroid the Autobots' ship was docked at, two large figures were mulling about in front of a large hill of debris.

"I don't like heights, guys!" the large, green bulky robot groaned as he dangled in mid-air.

"Keep your calm, Bulkhead. I'll have you down in two nano-clicks." called another robot calmly.

This one was white with green and red markings and a muscular physique. Most notably, he sported what looked like a metallic beard as well as a blue square on each side of his head that lit up whenever he talked.

Said robot was tinkering with what seemed to look like a high-tech rifle.

"Um, Wheeljack?" Bulkhead groaned from above. "If it's ok, I'd rather just wait for Bumblebee to get here."

"Nonsense." Wheeljack said as he cocked the weapon. "My new pulse-rifle should be perfect to jar loose the rocks your wreaking ball's stuck to."

"But you made that thing yourself, right?"

"Yeeeah. And?" Wheeljack inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"No offense man… But nine out of ten times your contraptions backfire. Badly. And I don't want to be on the wrong end of it."

"I'll have you know, this "contraption" is perfectly safe." Wheeljack grumbled and mounted the rifle onto his shoulder. "Now, stay still. I wouldn't want to jar loose any of your limbs if I can help it."

"Bumblebee! Heelp!"

"Aaand, click." Wheeljack aimed and pressed the trigger.

A birds eye view of the asteroid showed a small localized explosion taking place.

In the middle of a small crater Wheeljack sat frizzled, more hurt in his dignity than anything else.

"… See? Told you." Bulkhead stated from above.


"Ok, what the heck just happened?" Ratched groaned as he and Bumblebee approached in vehicle mode.

"Nothing. Nothing." Wheeljack muttered as he rubbed his head. "Just looks like I need to go over some of my schematics again."

Ratchet and Bumblebee drove up to them and transformed back to robot-mode.

"Tch. Another backfire, huh?" Ratched said and shook his head. "Most bots would've gotten a clue by now."

"And what's THAT supposed to mean?" Wheeljack demanded, glaring.

"I'm saying that maybe – just MAYBE – you're simply not cut out to be a science-bot." Ratchet's tone made it clear that he thought no two ways about it.

"I'll have you know my genius took part in creating the weapon-project that helped the Autobots win the Great War!" he snarled, getting into Ratchet's face.

"I know! I was dragged into that project myself, remember? And you "took part" in it! If you hadn't had Perceptor ironing out the messes in your wake, the projected would probably have been doomed from day one!" Ratched snarled right back.

"Oh yeah?"


"Sheesh. Those two never let up, do they?" Bumblebee deadpanned at the sidelines as the two older bots stood growling at each other, literally butting heads.

"Um, guys? I'm still up here." Bulkhead half-whined from above.

"Yeah, yeah, I hear you, buddy. Just hang on a nano-click."

Leaping up, Bumblebee literally bounced up the hill of rocks and made his way to where Bulkhead's wreaking-ball was lodged next to a large orange pillar.

Reaching the top of the hill, Bumblebee turned and transformed his left hand into one of his stingers. He then started blasting at the rocks surrounding the wreaking-ball.

"Gh. Hurry, little buddy. I think I'm gonna blow a gasket." Bulkhead moaned, starting to look sick.

"Try to hold it in a little bit longer." Bumblebee smiled as he transformed his hand back and then proceeded to kick at the rocks he'd been blasting, jarring the pieces loose.

The reaction was bigger than he had expected though as the rocks he was standing on also started to fall apart, sending both him and Bulkhead falling down among the gravel.

In less than seconds Bulkhead crash-landed on his back, followed shortly by Bumblebee landing on top of him. This was in turn followed by Bulkhead's wreaking-ball landing on top of him again.

"Well…" Bumblebee wheezed as Bulkhead reached up to lift the wreaking-ball off of him "THAT could've gone better."

"You didn't damage anything, did you?" Ratched asked as he and Wheeljack came walking up, their ire at each other gone if only for the moment.

"Yup. As you can see, were fine and fully functional." Bumblebee replied in a chipper tone as he bounced off of Bulkhead and got to his feet.

"That's cute, kid, but I was referring to the Space Bridge." Ratched smirked.

"Oh. That." Bumblebee grumbled, his energy visually deflating. Turning to look up at the two orange pillars sticking out of the mountain of rocks behind them, Bumblebee summed it up. "I believe the technical term is: Hunk of giant rocks blocking Space Bridge."

Bulkhead got to his feet and retracted the cable running from his arm to the wrecking-ball, transforming it into a hand as it retracted fully.

"You know what I can't figure out; why would anyone want to transwarp to this spark-forsaken sector?" he said.

"I have a better question." A new voice cut in, and suddenly the bots were forced to dodge a ninja-star, or a "shuriken" whooshing towards them. The bladed weapon sailed between the robots and imbedded itself into the rocks, causing them to crumble as it retracted and whizzed back the way it came straight into the waiting hand of its owner.

Said owner was a sleek, black robot with yellow markings and optics that looked like fancy sunglasses.

"If you two played such a big role in the war as you say you did," here the black robot gestured at Ratched and Wheeljack, "why are you stuck out here in nowhere on such a degrading mission like this?"

"Prowl…" Ratchet voiced as the black robot came walking up to them.

"Of course, I have no question to why these other two are here." Prowl commented casually.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean, Prowl?" Bumblebee ranted comically from the sideline.

"Yeah, that's harsh, man." Bulkhead added.

"Things happen…" Ratched muttered, shaking his head. "Sometimes standing up for what's right isn't taken kindly to."

"…" Wheeljack silently nodded, agreeing.

The three other bots blinked as silent depression seemed to hover over the two older bots. They were broken out of their reverie as a tedious beeping made itself heard.

"Huh? What's that noise?" Bumblebee asked, looking around for the source.

"Hm? Oh. That would be this." Wheeljack said as he realized the noise came from him. He then raised his arm as a computer-panel popped open on his forearm. "I rigged it to measure the energy levels my rifle would emit."

"You mean that smoldering pile of debris over there?" Bulkhead said as he pointed to where the destroyed rifle lay.





"Soo," Prowl began, "If it isn't your invention that's spiking in energy, then that would leave…"

"EVERYONE HIT THE DECK!" Ratched shouted in alarm.

Not a split-second later, the space bridge they were all standing in front of activated on its own accord and released a shockwave that sent everything surrounding it flying, be it boulders or Autobots.

"I'm hitting it! Ow! I'm hitting it!" Bumblebee yelled as he tumbled across the asteroids surface.

"Prowl!" Wheeljack called as he got his bearings just in time to sidestep an incoming boulder. "Shut it down!"

Still airborne from the shockwave, Prowl twisted in midair and landed gracefully in a crouch before instantly leaping back the way he'd come like a spring. Twisting and turning, he wormed his way past the flying boulders and, as he got close enough, sent a single shuriken flying towards the control panel of the space bridge.

The star hit dead-center and the space bridge powered down successfully.

"Is everyone alright? Any injuries?" Ratched called as the chaos settled and the bots gingerly got to their feet.

"Nope. We're a-ok." Wheeljack said as he brushed pebbles off his shoulders. "Well done, Prowl"

"Hn." Prowl nodded, seemingly not thinking it was such a big deal.

"Unhh. I think I hit my head." Bumblebee groaned as he was helped to his feet by Bulkhead.

"I see. Nothing important then." Ratchet mused.


"Ratchet! Boys! Come in! What happened out there?" Arcee could be heard over the bots' com-link.

"Everything's fine, Arcee." Ratched responded grumbling as he touched the side of his helmet to activate his own com-link. "Just a minor hiccup with the space bridge controls… Probably due to you-know-who's track record."

"Hm? Who's?" Wheeljack asked confused.

"YOURS!" the other bots called in unison, annoyed.


"Don't act innocent! Your pulse-weapon backfiring earlier got to be the thing that set off the space bridge!"

"Whoa-whoa, hold on there, Ratchet. Ok, I admit my device may not have worked completely as it should have –"

"That's putting it mildly."

"Quiet, Bulkhead – But there's NO way it could have set off any outside-reactions like that. I should know. I BUILT the darn thing."

"…" The bots were NOT reassured.


"Well then… Just WHAT do you suggest it could have been instead?" Ratchet droned sarcastically whilst crossing his arms.

Wheeljack assumed a thoughtful pose as he rubbed his chin.

"Hmm. From a professional standpoint, I would guess… That thing."


The bots turned the way Wheeljack casually pointed and started as they noticed a bright glow shine from beneath a pile of debris and rocks.

Walking cautiously to the source, Bulkhead began to carefully clear away the rocks as the bots crowded around in a semi-circle.

"Whoa…" Bulkhead breathed as he finally uncovered the object.

"I can't believe it." Wheeljack whispered astonished.

"What? What IS that thing?" Bumblebee exclaimed as he peaked around Bulkhead to get a good look.

Before them a large orange container peaked out of the gravel shining radiantly with a blue electrical light. The Autobots gazed at it in awestruck silence until Bumblebee leaned forward to touch it.

"Maybe we should…"

"Leave it!" Ratched barked, causing Bumblebee's hand to jerk back. "Or better still; throw it back through the space bridge. This thing isn't meant to be found."

"What's gotten you so spooked all of a sudden?" Prowl asked.

Before anyone could say another word, the Autobot-symbols on their bodies started to blink as their comlink once again activated.

"Guys! Get back to the ship this nano-sec!"

"Whoa-whoa, Arcee, calm down! What is it?"

"Teletran-1 has detected an unidentified spacecraft entering this sector! The energy-signature is – you're not going to believe this – the energy-signature is consistent with a Decepticon warship!"

"What?" Ratchet exclaimed. "And now of all times! Khh! Bulkhead! Hurry and dig this thing out! We've can't leave it lying here! Arcee! We have precious cargo so you need to bring the ship to us!"

"Roger. I'll be there immediately."

"Whoa, Doc-bot!" Bumblebee exclaimed as Bulkhead got to work at uncovering the container completely. "Decepticons? Seriously? Weren't they defeated centuries ago?"

"Defeated does not necessarily equal destroyed, kid." Wheeljack decided to answer. "But this is the first time they entered our territory in stellar cycles! What do you think is going on, Ratchet?"

"I don't know, but I'm not staying to find out!" Ratchet said as he watched their ship hover close. "Now hurry and get that thing aboard the ship! Bulkhead! What's taking you?"

Bulkhead was currently hunched over the glowing container, seemingly at loss at what to do.

"Umm, Doc-bot? You might wanna look at this."

"What?" Ratchet snapped as he and the others came to look. His next shout died in his throat as he saw that while Bulkhead might have digged the container out, it still wouldn't budge.

The reason for that was because out of the gravel underneath the container, two mechanical arms stuck out keeping a death grip on its handles.

"…Huh." Wheeljack mused. "Would you look at that."

Minutes later, too many for Ratchet's taste, the Autobot ship's cargo hatch retracted and closed leaving the ship free to fly off.

"What on Cybertron took you so long?" Arcee snapped as Wheeljack came running onto the bridge and sat down at the controls. "This isn't exactly the best time, you know!"

"Sorry 'bout that, little lady. We kinda ran into complications."

"Complications? Like what?"


Back in the storage bay, the other Autobots grunted as they carefully propped their cargo against the wall.

"Sheesh, what's WITH this guy?" Bumblebee said as they stood back to look at their findings.

In front of them sat a large cybertronian – or rather, the remains of one – the glowing container on its lap as the robot's hands refused to let go of its handles.

The container glowed with a soft blue light, creating a stark contrast with the cybertronian whose outer shell looked like it had been charcoaled and its features, its face in particular, were mangled and damaged beyond recognition.

"He's…. he's offline, right?" Bulkhead asked unsurely.

"Looking at the state he's in, anything else would be cruel." Prowl commented, crossing his arms thoughtfully.

"But – But his grip on that thing wouldn't BUDGE at all. Can a dead guy really hang on like that?" Bumblebee said.

"Oh, sure. Haven't you ever heard of post-deactivation rigidness?"

"Ugh, I don't feel too good, guys." Bulkhead groaned, put out by the morbid conversation.

"He's alive." Ratchet cut in.

"What?" the three bots exclaimed, looking at the doctor examining the "body".

"It's faint, but his spark still pulses." Ratchet explained as he got to his feet. "He's in stasis-lock though… and probably has been for a veeery long time. Just about every circuit he has is fried so I imagine that even if he were to wake up, the pain would instantly render him unconscious again."

"Poor bot, man..." Bulkhead muttered.

"And the container?" Prowl said, shifting the subject. "Judging by your earlier reaction – not to mention this guy's unwillingness to give up on it – I take it that it's something really important."

"Oh, you don't know the half of it." A female voice joined in. The bots turned to see Arcee walking into the cargo bay, her optics glued to the comatose robot and the glowing container.

"What? YOU know what it is, Arcee?" Bumblebee asked.

"To put it this way…" Arcee began as she came up to them. "With all the war-journals you watch you surely must've heard of the AllSpark, right?"

"Well, of course! It's the most powerful energy-source in the whole slagging universe!"

"Not only that, but it's what gave the spark of life to all cybertronians." Prowl joined in, now personally interested.

"Every bot knows that story." Bulkhead added.

"Well, here's another one for you." Ratchet took over. "The only way we were able to win the Great War all those centuries ago was by keeping the AllSpark out of the Decepticons' hands.

"So the Autobot council decided to send it through a space bridge in order to hide it in some far-flung corner of the galaxy. ..or that was the OFFICIAL story at least. Looking at our friend here I'm no longer sure that's exactly the way it went down."

"S-so you're saying that we found the AllSpark? The real AllSpark?" Bumblebee said.

"No. I'm saying; it found us!" Ratchet finished in a strict, ominous tone.

"People! You might want to get to the bridge." Wheeljack's voice sounded over the ship's intercom. "The other craft is approaching and shows no signs of slowing down!"

"..It appears it's not the only one who found us." Prowl said.

The spaceship raced forward as the Autobots made it to their stations with Ratchet manning the largest consol in the middle of the bridge. Wheeljack and Arcee were seated on either side of him at smaller consoles, while Bumblebee, Prowl and Bulkhead's sat up front.

Looking at the screens, the Decepticon ship's signature kept growing.

"It's following us." Prowl reported.

"You wanted to see some action didn't you, kid? Be careful what you wish for." Ratchet said grimly, causing a cold shiver to run down Bumblebee's body.

"H-Hello, we're a repair-crew. Please tell me you're not actually thinking of taking on Decepticons!"

"Not so attracting when it's staring you in the face, is it?" Prowl stated flatly, causing Bumblebee to glare lamely at him.

"Quiet! At the very least we'll make sure to have back-up." Ratchet barked before turning to Wheeljack. "Patch me trough to Cyberton Command Headquarters!"

"On the double." Wheeljack responded, somehow managing to give a thumbs-up between his furious typing on the console.

"Wow." Bulkhead exclaimed as he turned to look back at Ratchet. "When you want back-up you go straight to the top."

Ratchet managed a weak smile at the younger bot's amazement. That smile was wiped away in an instant however as he saw the face greeting him on the monitor.

"Well, well, if it isn't old Ratchet and his band of rejects." A blue, buff robot with a gigantic chin stated, his attitude stuck-up and condescending. "Who would've thought you'd still be online after all these cycles, old bot."

"Sentinel Prime," Ratchet began, intent on not dignifying the mocking with a response. "Put me through to Ultra Magnus. Immediately."

"Now how could a lowly repair-crew warrant the Autobot Supreme Commander's attention?"

"Why you stuck-up, ignorant little-" Arcee stood up angrily from her console, but halted as Ratchet's held his arm in front of her.

"Wheeljack. Display cargo hold visual." Ratchet ordered grimly.

Not a second later an image of the glowing Allspark container appeared on the screen as well, causing Sentinel Prime to simply balk at the sight.

"I… I'll put you through right away." He said nervously and his image disappeared from the screen.

Ratchet gave a reassuring nod to Arcee, and the fembot sat down, placated.

A new image appeared on the main-screen, this time of a more regal looking dark blue robot. At the sight of him, Ratchet and his crew all stood up and saluted respectfully.

"Ultra Magnus here, field medic Ratchet." The commander began, speaking in a calm no-nonsense tone. "We're tracking your Decepticon signal. Probably just a lost scout ship.

"Ever since we drove them off Cybertron, the 'Cons have been wandering the periphery. They'd never be so foolish as to invade Autobot-space. Still, I'm sending out a strike force to intercept if necessary. Meantime, you and your bots just sit tight."

"Sir." The crew responded, affirmative.

"And make sure you don't take unneeded risks." Ultra Magnus added as an after-thought, his optics lingering at Ratchet and Wheeljack as he said this. "That is all. Ultra Magnus out."

With that, the Supreme Commander's image disappeared from the screen and the Autobots sat back down.

They had no time to rest however.

"Decepticons still on our tail and closing in fast." Prowl reported from his monitor.

"Sooo, why don't we see them?" Bumblebee asked nervously as he looked back and forth between his monitor and the bridge window.

"Wheeljack, Arcee, set course for the nearest functional space bridge." Ratchet barked.

"Roger." The two replied without missing a beat and began typing away.

"Say what?" Bulkhead swivelled around in his chair. "But Ultra Magnus said to sit tight."

"Well yeah, but Ultra Magnus is not carrying the AllSpark." Ratchet stated grimly and joined the other two in their typing.

The younger bots stared up at their seniors in silent bewilderment before Prowl finally broke the silence.

"… Unneeded risks, was it?" he said, exchanging looks with his peers.

"We'll make a bee-line for the nearest space bridge and blast through whatever debris that's in our way." Ratchet said as the spaceship changed course and increased its velocity.

Manoeuvring easily through a mild asteroid-belt, the Autobots seemed to be in the clear until a gigantic shadow suddenly rose up ahead of them.

"Um… Doc-bot? I don't think we can blast through THAT." Bulkhead stated nervously as the Decepticon spaceship was now right in front of the Autobots, dwarfing their ship spectacularly.

The Decepticon spaceship had a sleek, intimidating design with a large cannon mounted underneath it. Just the cannon alone was bigger than the entirety of the Autobots' ship which spoke volumes of the Decepticon ship itself.

"I… I've never seen a Decepticon ship up close." Bulkhead breathed.

"It-It's slagging HUGE!" Bumblebee exclaimed, slack-jawed.

Prowl turned in his seat to face the seniors.

"Is that a Warship?"

"Worse." Arcee hissed as she examined the footage of the ship on her console. "It's a Command ship! I recognise the markings. It's…"

"Megatron." Ratchet breathed in solemn realization.

"Megatron?" Bumblebee repeated loudly. "As in the cruel and vicious Decepticon leader – who eats Autobot protoforms for breakfast?"

Aboard the bridge of the Decepticon ship, the Nemesis, a group of shadowed figures stood gazing down on the Autobots' ship through the bridge window.

"Megatron is a fool who's been chasing a ghost for centuries!" One of the shadows haughtily spouted, causing the other shadows to turn towards him. "I highly doubt we will find this…"AllSpark" aboard such an insignificant vessel."

"STARSCREAM!" A larger, bulkier shadow roared as he marched up to the first speaker. "HOW DARE YOU SPEAK SUCH TREACHEROUS WORDS ABOUT OUR ESTEEMED LEADER?"

"Indoor-voize please, Lugnut." A Decepticon with a German accent stated nonchalantly from the sidelines.


"Oh please." Starscream spat into Lugnut's cycloptic face . "Instead of destroying the Autobots for good, all our "glorious" leader has done for stellar cycles is scavenging the universe in search of a long-lost pipedream. If I'D been in charge however, the Decepticons would actually see some RESULTS."

"Negative." A synthetic and monotone voice butted in. "If Megatron prioritize retrieval of the AllSpark then it is 97 point 93 percent the best course of action. Your failure to see that speaks only of your inability."

"What did you say?" Starscream exclaimed, glaring at the taller robot.

"Summary – Megatron: superior. Starscream: inferior."

"WHAT? You blasted heap of-!"



"WAH!" Starscream screamed as he stepped back from the two animal-like Decepticon snarling at him. "Soundwave! Keep those filthy pets of yours on a leash, you hear?"

"Ravage. Laserbeak. Come."



Grunting in affirmation, the two returned to their master's side, Laserbeak nesting on Soundwave's shoulder while Ravage heeled at his side.

"Heh-hehe. Freaking out like that just because of the darling little ones. You're truly the cut of a true leader, Starscream." A female Decepticon gestured snidely as she crouched down and began petting Ravage on the head. The feline-like robot leaned into her touch affectionately.

"Grr." Starscream glowered.

"But if you don't mind…" the female went on as she continued to pet Ravage, "I think I'd rather place my bet with Megatron for now."


"And WIPE our homeland clean of the STENCH of Autobot-tyranny, etcetera, etcetera…" The femme groaned as she stood up to face the large Decepticon. "Primus! Did you memorize that speech, Lugnut? Or is it just HARDWIRED into that THICK one-track processor of yours?" she accused while gesturing to her temple.

The next second a beam shot past her, covering her raised arm in a block of ice.

"Az usual, Blackarachnia, your demeanour is unpleazant az that accurzed organic mode of yourz." Blitzwing, the bot with a German accent and a left eye resembling a monocle said as he stepped forward. Small shards of ice fell off the nozzles of his shoulder-cannons as they returned from vertical to an upright position.

"Oh, blow it out your actuator, three-face." Blackarachnia deadpanned, and with a hiss flexed the ice off her arm.

"The name is Blitzwing, inzect!" Blitzwing barked as his face literally changed into a different, angrier one with an eyeshield. "Remember it! Cause it's the lazt thing you're going to hear before I—" The face changed yet again, " my feelings in SONG."

This third, jack-o-lantern-looking persona of Blitzwing then proceeded to sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider while he danced in front of his gobsmacked fellow officers.

Their silence didn't last long though as they all proceeded to rant at each other simultaneously, filling the bridge with an incomprehensible noise. The only odd-man-out, Soundwave, was left to shake his head in annoyance.

The shouting-match screeched to a sudden stop however as the door to the bridge slid open and another Decepticon walked in. As the newcomer walked by the now utterly quiet and saluting officers, one could see he towered over almost all of them.

"Soundwave, report." He ordered calmly, his eyes fixed on the Autobot-ship outside.

"Yes, Lord Megatron." Soundwave answered respectfully. "Energy-readings are off-scale. Do we open fire?"

"Cripple their ship, but do not destroy it. Yet."

"As you command."

"Yes, yes, yes! Brilliant strategy, oh wise and great leader." Starscream came up, brownnosing like a true professional.

Megatron didn't even dignify him with a look.

"Teletran-1, evasive manoeuvres!" Arcee shouted as the Decepticon ship opened fire.

"Awknowledged." The female voice of the ship's computer replied. The Autobots' ship narrowly avoided the first blast, but more were obviously coming.

"Activate emergency defence systems, codename Omega!" Ratchet ordered.

"Um, no can do, Ratchet." Wheeljack replied, scratching his cheek awkwardly. "That function has been, well, disabled."


Ratchet immediately reached over and shook Wheeljack by the shoulders.

"What in Primus name do you mean "disabled"?"

"Disabled, as in deactivated. Non-available. A.."

"I KNOW what the word means!" Ratchet snarled and began shaking him harder. "What I want to know is WHY it's deactivated, you slagging idiot!"

"It was in compliance with Cybertron's ongoing efforts to conserve energon. It was a direct order, I couldn't help it." Wheeljack responded normally despite being shaken like a ragdoll.

"What? Then why didn't you tell me?"

"I thought I did!"

"Ratchet! Wheeljack! Please get back to your consoles!" Arcee cut in, trying to break the two up.

Staring blankly at the display, Bumblebee exchanged looks with Prowl and Bulkhead.

"…We're all gonna die, aren't we?" he stated flatly.

The Autobots' ship made its way along the length of the Nemesis, avoiding the lasers by a fraction each time. As it passed clear, its jets revved and it shot forward into space. The next obstacle came immediately however.

"Warning. Asteroid field." Teletran-1 reported. "Initiating alternate route."

"No! Override!" Arcee ordered as she sprang back to her seat.

The ship continued forward into the asteroid field, narrowly avoiding the next laser shot from the Nemesis by using one of the larger asteroids for a shield.

The large ship would not be deterred however and ploughed its way after them, disregarding the rocks entirely.

On the bridge of the Nemesis, Megatron sat on a throne overlooking his officers manning their consoles.

"I've got a match on the energy-reading." Blackarachnia stated as she looked up from her monitor. "If it's not the AllSpark, it's something just as powerful."

"I volunteer me and my troops to deploy and breach the Autobot ship." Starscream offered greasily as he bowed in front of the Decepticon overlord.

Megatron's fist clenched in annoyance.

"I didn't spend the last four million stellar cycles searching the galaxy just so you could lay your greasy wings on the AllSpark." he sneered and reached out to grab the wing protruding from Starscream's back.

"Ow-ow!" Starscream groaned pathetically as he was pulled in to face Megatron up-close.

"I will harness its energy into the ultimate weapon, and crush the Autobots for good."

"Y-Yes, sir! Brilliant, sir!"

"Hnfh. Soundwave, open the gate. I will head out personally."

"Acknowledged." The synthetic voice responded as the bot kept typing on his console.


"… When I want YOUR assistance, Lugnut, I will ask for it."

"WHU-WHY YES, OF COURSE! FORGIVE MY INSOLENCE, OH GREAT AND FEARLESS LEADER." Lugnut clamoured and tossed himself on his knees, bowing in shame.


With that, Megatron released Starscream from his grip and rose from his throne, marching off the bridge.

"…Well, I'll just get this fixed then." Starscream muttered as he looked at the dents his wing had received from Megatron's harsh grip.

Ploughing its way through the asteroid field, the Nemesis had caught up with the Autobots' ship and began to position itself above it.

Meanwhile, Megatron stood waiting while one of the ship's outer ports opened before him.

At the sound of footsteps behind him, Megatron addressed his company without turning.

"What do you want now, Starscream."

"Only to wish you luck, my liege." Starscream said as he patted him on the back and then bowed.

"I do not believe in luck." Megatron sneered and transformed into an alien spacecraft as he exited the Nemesis and flew into space.

Unbeknownst to him, a small blinking device had been attached to Megatron when Starscream had "encouragingly" patted him on the back.

Starscream grinned sinisterly as he watched his leader fly off.

"What a coincidence. Neither do I."


Author's notes:

First half of the first "episode". I decided to cut it in half in order to not make too long chapters. The second half will be out when I've proof-read it.

TFA Kaleidoscope will be a story loosely based on TFA's original series. While the first two chapters are basically direct quotations of the original episode, things will take on a more original turn as soon as the Autobots reach the earth.