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The Arcs

One Year Arc-Chunin Exams ends

The Fallen Arc-New arc of my own creation.

Naruto and Tayuya's relationship is same and different at the same time. And also if Tayuya gonna nail a woman. Naruto for you guys hadn't know or notice but in true canon Naruto is an idiot as many say, I was keep Naruto in character being himself who he is canon wise but since it fan fiction let's spike him up shall we? So Naruto will act of my version how he can handle having a Futa girlfriend and also the new issue with the village.

Tayuya didn't have much time to have her own character besides being Orochimaru bodyguard besides being a foul mouth tomboy girl who using a flute that goes for anime and manga. So Naruto will have one month to get to know Tayuya or at least to get to know all about her.

But anyway enough of that old stuff here are the new things.

1-Naruto doesn't meet Jiraiya during the exams.

2-Naruto will meet an Akatsuki but it isn't Kisame or Itachi.

3-Naruto will fight Gaara but not alone.

4-Also I might have in the free for all battle in Chunin exams finals.

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Now that let the new version begin…

Chapter I-Tayuya of the North Gate Part I

It has been half a week in the last of fire in the village hidden in the leaves, since the Chunin exams have started.

With one month in order to learn new jutsu and become even more powerful than they were before. The third Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen, one month he has given Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Gaara of the Desert, Temari of the Desert and Kankuro of the Desert, Neji Hyuga, Shikamaru Naru and Shino Aburame, Dosu Kinuta.

"One Month huh wow I can do a lot in one month." Naruto Uzumaki said to himself while walking the down the streets of Konoha. Naruto was thinking about the one month training for a long time more than about an hour. Already know who he wants to train him.

Naruto stop he was in front of the hospital of Konoha wanted to see how his team mate Sasuke Uchiha was doing. He also heard that Kakashi Hatake his sensei was there as well checking on Sasuke and right when Naruto enter through the front door the first person he sees was.

"Hey Kakashi-sensei!" Kakashi Hatake turn around to see his knucklehead and yet strong head student Naruto Uzumaki.

"Oh Hi there Naruto." Kakashi said as he waved his right hand at Naruto.

"Kakashi-sensei I wanted to ask you something."

However Kakashi shook his head while sighing "Look Naruto I'm kind of a bit busy at the moment. I have to trained Sasuke and." Naruto cut off Kakashi before he was even finished.

"Kakashi-sensei why do you have to train Sasuke, I made it to the finals as well you know." Naruto cross his arms over his chest while staring at Kakashi "I know Naruto but I can't train the both of you at the same time. And using my shadow clone isn't going to help either." Naruto sighed.

"But I believe I know someone who can help you." Kakashi's words brought hope to Naruto's ears as the young spiky blonde haired ninja chuckle with delight he grinned big in hope of getting trained "Really Kakashi-sensei who?" Naruto asked his teacher wondering who Kakashi had in store for the young ninja.

"Hello Kakashi Hatake my rival!" a familiar call out Kakashi's name as the copy sigh in despair "What are you doing here Guy?"

Both Naruto and Kakashi looked at the hospital entrance to see Might Guy Konoha fears green beast. While Kakashi wasn't really happy to see Guy however Naruto was a bit surprise to see Guy was at all "Hey super-bushy-brow what are you doing?" Naruto asked Guy as the green beast ninja smirk which was filled with youth.

"I am glad you me that question little one. I am here to check on Lee to see how he is doing. I heard he has just arrived at the hospital." Guy told the two leaf ninjas his business for being here.

Then suddenly a quick idea pop up inside Kakashi's mind as the copy ninja spoke to Guy "Hey Guy can you do me a small favor?" Guy could all ready could tell something was a foot but no matter Guy thought so the green said "Yes Kakashi what is this small favor you so wishes from me?"

"I'm a bit too on my too list and I want you to help trained Naruto. I am sure Neji Hyuga has a training partner of his own. And Lee's in Hospital and Tenten didn't make it to the finals. So can you help train Naruto?" Kakashi explain his small favor toward the green beast "What do I get in return?" Guy smiled.

"Well if Naruto and Sasuke fight in the finals we will see who the best Sensei of this year's Chunin exams. My training against yours how does that sound?" Kakashi stare at Guy hoping he would take his offer of his but knowing Guy would do it no matter what.

Guy laugh loudly as his laugh was filled with joy "Very well then Kakashi I shall take your kind offer. But I will tell you my training will be hard and maybe too brute for little Naruto to handle."Guy told Kakashi this only to see if Kakashi had a hint of worry for Naruto.

Naruto felt Kakashi's right hand pat his head "Don't worry Naruto he's a tough kid and has the best stamina anyone has ever seen. He will and should give you a good show just don't go overboard with him alright Guy he's my student he's not like Lee, Neji or Tenten."

"Worry not Kakashi my training will not bring any fatal harm to your second best student." Naruto looked at Kakashi funny when he heard the word second best from Might Guy. Kakashi smiled underneath his mask knowing Guy Naruto was in the right hands and he will become strong very strong within one month.

And so Naruto Uzumaki was now under the wing of the green beast Might Guy, however Naruto was hoping Guy wasn't going go all weird on him at all.


The Sound Four Orochimaru's top Sound ninja four males and one female with their leader Kimimaro out of the action due to being ill, Orochimaru order them to stay hidden for the next one month.

Tayuya of the North Gate grow tired of waiting for the plan to be set out. Tayuya left the hidden base of the sound ninjas.

"Tayuya are you going?" one of the members asked her.

Tayuya looked back with a mean glare "I'm getting real fucking sick of doing nothing I need some fucking air."

"A lady shouldn't be talking like that." said the big fat sound ninja.

"Jam it up your fat ass! I'll curse if I fucking want too." Tayuya stomp off leaving the hidden hide out "Must be the time of the month." said the six arm sound ninja as the rest only laugh at his comment.

Back with Naruto Uzumaki and Might Guy: the hidden leaf forest waterfalls

Alone together with at the waterfall of leaf, being his first time here at the water falls within the hidden leaf forest "Welcome Naruto. This shall be the perfect place for your training you shall become here every day and train for at least six hours." Guy told Naruto about his training he will be doing for one whole month.

"Every day for six hours you say huh not bad super-bushy-brow." Naruto smirk at Guy knowing this wouldn't be much of a big deal. But however Guy's chuckle worried Naruto for the moment "Oh your training will be tough I'll make you as strong as Lee maybe even stronger one can do so much in one month."

Naruto's first lesson of Might Guy begins now!

"So what's the first lesson of my training then super-bushy-brow?" Naruto asked Guy about his lesson of his one month training "Well first of call me Guy or Guy-sensei whatever you like seem to fit don't call me super-bushy-brow sounds strange." Naruto sweatdrop while thinking you're already strange to begin with.

"Um ok Guy-sensei." Naruto spoke Guy's name while Guy chuckle with joy he felt as if he had another student to train with all the way to point A.

"Tell me Naruto what are your exercise you do every day?" Guy asked Naruto so he can get familiar to know what kind of training to give Naruto.

"Well I do twenty sit-ups then I do forty push-ups." Naruto told Guy about his exercise he does every day "Hmm I see have you done laps?" Guy asked Naruto as the young Uzumaki nod his head "Yeah I do about ten long laps."

"Where do you do your laps?" Guy asked Naruto as Naruto gave out his answer to Guy "About at the training grounds."

"Those grounds are indeed large but not longer for a good body-fit lap. You need a long run my boy lap runs help burn off unnecessary energy. For now Naruto I want you to do five long from Konoha's gates all the way here." Guy told Naruto but he wasn't done there "Also I want you to bring these weights these were Lee's first weights they helped him very much. And I believe they can be a great help for you as well."

Guy hand over round circle black color weights, suddenly Naruto's arms went down quick "How these weigh?" Naruto asked Guy as Guy simply told Naruto "Each one is about fifty."

"That's one-hundred all together." Naruto yelled at his new sensei while Guy wasn't worry at with this "Relax Naruto if these weights are too much for I can remove them. But I believe you can work well these oh and also I almost forgot about the legs weights as well." Naruto moan in despair follow by a heavy sigh.

"But first remove your jacket this training will make you sweat. Sweating is good having a jacket on will bring out only false sweat. We want real man sweat got it!" Naruto sweatdrop at Might Guy as Guy was a different person now he didn't seem strange but serious now.

"Go and do your runs now! Naruto Uzumaki go!" Naruto turn and ran with the weights which were given to him. Naruto felt how heavy they were all together two-hundred were the weights that Naruto was carrying.

Naruto did as he was told he did his laps back and forward for about five laps from Konoha's gates all the way to the waterfalls of the hidden leaf forest.

With Tayuya:

Out of the hidden hideout bored out of her mind. She and the others must wait for one whole month which really sucks she thought. Tayuya decide to go somewhere and play her music in peace.

Tayuya was deep in the leaf hidden forest far away from anyone to bother her, the quite peacefully leaf forest the land of fire had. Tayuya sat down on a tree stump taking out her flute playing her melody.

Tayuya has been playing her melody for well over half an hour. Making sure she hasn't lost her touch in music. Tayuya stop playing her melody when she overheard the sound of someone panting, Tayuya looked to her right and saw Naruto Uzumaki our hero.

Naruto was sweating like bullets "Damn it why do these weights feel heavier every time I go back to Konoha's gates?" Naruto wonder to himself as he felt something was odd and strange about it. But nonetheless Naruto kept pushing him to his max.

Naruto continued his laps from Konoha to the waterfalls.

'What is leaf ninja doing here?' Tayuya wonder being a little curious with nothing to do but play music she decided to follow Naruto back to the hidden waterfalls.

At the waterfall:

"Well done Naruto very well done." Guy gave Naruto a good guy thump up for doing a well good job "Hey Guy-sensei there something I want to ask you." Naruto said while trying to caught his breath "Yes Naruto what is it?" Guy asked.

Naruto look up at Guy as the young Naruto took off the heavy weights as the weights on his arms fell down hard on the ground "What the hell are up with their weights every time I go to the gates of Konoha. I feel them becoming heavier what gives?" He asked Guy as Guy smiled at Naruto which kind of creep out Naruto.

"I am glad you ask and also I am glad you finally find out behind the arm weight little secret." Guy told Naruto while the Uzumaki listen to him "The secret of these weights are they increase weights by five every five minutes or five seconds. It took you about fifteen minutes to compete your five laps."

Naruto grab the arms weights and looked at there was a number of how much weights there were on. The number on the weights said zero but Naruto remember it being fifty the first time he wore them he was bit confuse and surprise at the same time.

"And bushy-brow did this training while wearing these?" Guy nodded his head while Naruto couldn't believe it he can get as strong as lee was or even stronger he can totally become top dog of his team…no the whole village's top dog Naruto thought.

"All right Guy-sensei teach me more. I wanna get really strong!" Naruto felt his blood pumped up he was ready to do more. Guy heard the sound of a bird he looked up at the clear blue "Hmm I see. Naruto for now today lesson is cut end early. I have business I must look through to the end. But feel free to use weights but be careful there is also another secret of these weights." Guy warned Naruto about the weights he was using early.

"What the second secret?" Naruto asked Guy while Guy was about to tell him about the secret Guy only words was "Words can do more harm than action." With that said and done Guy left the waterfall leaving Naruto alone by himself to train if he felt he needed the extra work.

Unknowing to Naruto, Tayuya was behind a brush watching Naruto and Guy but when Guy left Naruto, and Naruto was all by his self. Tayuya listen to Naruto talked to himself.

"Ok so Guy-sensei said the weight increase every five minute or five seconds how the hell I'm suppose to know when they change weights?" Naruto ran his right hand through his hair "Then there's that second secret he told me about words can do more harm than action what the hell that suppose to mean?"

"Aw man my shirt is wet with sweat." Naruto took off his dark green T-shirt off showing his naked chest while Tayuya watches from the bushes "I wonder what Guy-sensei was going to teach me if he didn't have to leave? Maybe it was that um eight gates trick it does looked painful when I first saw it."

'He has a nice chest there's no fat on him either.' Tayuya thought to herself 'He doesn't seem that annoying what Kabuto said.' Tayuya continued watching Naruto as the ninja remove his pants now in his green boxers.

Tayuya bit her bottom lip Naruto had a great body Tayuya could tell by looking at him from afar. He wasn't like the other leaf ninjas his body shown great result of training hard and none-stop. Tayuya licked her lips she swallow her spit she felt her getting hot.

"I think I deserve a nice cool off the waterfall should do it." Naruto chuckle with a nice big grin on his face "I better take my boxers off don't want to get them wet."

"Don't do it you shithead!" Tayuya yelled but she quickly covered her mouth. As Naruto looked back to make sure nobody was spying on him but there was nobody there.

'Don't take off your boxers shithead, don't take off your boxers your shithead.' Tayuya repeat in her mind as Tayuya felt her shorts get tighter. Feeling her penis yes her penis becoming hard in her tight black shorts embarrassing it was getting horny over a guy who was stripping himself down about to go nude just to cool off at the waterfall.

A big smile appeared on Tayuya's face she liked what she saw 'He's a big boy for his age. But then again it could be because he's the nine tailed host?' Tayuya was guessing because Naruto had removed his boxers and he was naked.

Naruto went over to the waterfall and touch the waterfall with his hands "Cold." He said feeling the icy water of the falls "Screw it too cold to cool off in." Naruto walked back to the area where he left his clothed.

Naruto got redressed he didn't have his orange jacket on though Naruto grab the weight of the right arm he lift it up and sighed "I can guess the second secret is I say the name of the weight number I wait…like fifty pounds."

The weight number went from zero to fifty in one second "Whoa." Naruto said as he felt the weight changed "Hey it works." He said as Naruto spoke of having the weight go back to zero in one second it did.

"Now I see why Guy-sensei and Lee use these weights there magical." Naruto laughed he thought it was funny but cool at the same time for such arm and leg weights to exist at all.

Naruto by mistake toss the right arm weight in the air the weight landed behind Naruto a few feet away "Fuck!" Naruto heard someone cursed knowing it hit someone on the head the weights were made of unknown stone.

Naruto walked toward the bushes and peek only to see a girl with long red haired. She was bleeding from the head, she wore an odd outfit to Naruto's eyes it was an odd outfit. Naruto check to see if she was alright she was just knocked out.

"Wonder who she is?" Naruto said to himself while he stared at the girl's face down to her feet. Naruto couldn't stop staring at her…beauty. She was different he could tell by her looks. Naruto looked down at her shorts when he notice a large big something pointing out as Naruto reach his left hand and touch he was curious of what it was when he touch it twitch Naruto took his right hand back quickly as the girl moan when Naruto touched her at that spot.

Naruto's face went blue his thoughts scream out NOT AGAIN! Mistaking a guy for a girl again but Naruto shook his head no, no, no it has to be a girl he was sure of it. Her face did looked tough but still had the liking of a female and plus he heard her moan in pain her voice was female.

Right now Naruto know one thing to do "Let's fix her up."

Naruto Apartment: Two Hours later

Tayuya woke up to find herself within someone's home. The place was small but large at the same time, Tayuya notices she had bandages around her head someone took care of her. Tayuya didn't feel all that great her head still hurts like hell.

"Where the hell am I?" Tayuya looked around as she heard the sound of someone humming it came from the entrance door. The door open and to Tayuya's eyes widen filled with surprise because it was him the boy who she was spying but Naruto wasn't surprise at all.

"Oh you're awake." He said to her as Naruto was holding a brown bag that had food and other items. Naruto just came back from shopping using some of his money to buy the foot and supplies.

"Hey how are you feeling?" He asked but Tayuya remain silence she didn't know why he took her to his place he was young boy and she was a young girl but they both were ninjas. Tayuya didn't let her guard down not one bit.

"Ramen?" His question came out from nowhere. While Naruto was everything out from the bag brown placing them on the table next to his small kitchen.

Tayuya still remain silence "Let me change see if you healed." Naruto reach out his right hand toward Tayuya's head but Tayuya slap Naruto's right hand away from her and finally spoke to the young ninja "What the hell are you doing!"

"I wanted to check to see if your fine." He told her while giving her a lazy stare.

"You see I'm awake does that answer your fucking question shithead?" Tayuya's foul mouth caught Naruto off guard "A girl shouldn't be talking like that." He told her while Tayuya just stare at the Uzumaki "Like I give a fuck."

"What's with you?" Naruto didn't understand "I never heard anyone curse like that only in movies."

"Why did you bring me here?" Tayuya asked Naruto waiting for him to give her his answer. Naruto took a seat at the kitchen table and said "You were hurt bleeding from the head. It was my fault that I knock you out by mistake so I'm sorry. The name's Naruto Uzumaki by the way." Naruto smiled at Tayuya hoping to get to know who she was.

"It's Tayuya." She spoke her name to the leaf ninja it was only fair she tell him her name.

With a whole one month until the Chunin exams what can one leaf ninja do within one month?

Next Time-Tayuya of the North Gate Part II-

There you have everyone the remake/redo and Original way how Naruto met Tayuya. More will come to be shown very soon.

Also Naruto doesn't meet Jiraiya he met Guy who's now his sensei and teaching and making him strong. Now Naruto thinks he might learn the Eight Gates or Eight Inner Gates he might or might not he might learn something new along the way.

Eight Inner Gates:

1-Gate of Opening-Located in the brain removes the restraints of the brain. Unlocking this gate allows the users to use the Primary Lotus.

2-Gate of Healing or Gate of Rest-Located in the brain forcibly increases one's physical strength and temporary re-energizes the body.

3-The Gate of Life-Located on the spinal cord allows the users to use the Reverse Lotus. The Increased blood flows turn the skin red.

4-Gate of Pain-Located on the spinal cord increases the user's speed and power may cause muscles tissue to tear on use.

5-Gate of Limit or Gate of Closing-Located in the abdomen boosts the extra of the Gate 4.

6-Gate of View or Gate of Joy-Located in the stomach allows the users to perform the morning peacock attack. Opening this gate releases such large amounts of chakra that it can cause nearby water bodies to form a vortex.

7-Gate of Wonder or Gate of Shock-Located below the stomach allows the users to perform the Eternal Chaotic Dance attack.

8-Gate of Death-Located at the heart Releasing this gate users up all of the body's energy it makes the heart pump at maximum power and exceeds the power of every other gate and it final result is death of user.

Those are the eight gates for those who don't know what the Eight Inner Gates are.

Tayuya can teach how to be very good at Genjutsu while Guy can teach Naruto more about fighting but Tayuya can do that the same.

Also in my poll I put who the paring of the remake of this story and so far.

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As for that one order woman it can be.

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