This was new.

Pepper was sitting on a cushioned stool, surrounded by half a dozen pairs of shoes, with a look on her face that was a mix of smug and orgasmic.

Tony didn't really shop, even on holiday, clothes came to him. If he needed clothes, or wanted clothes, he asked for them, they arrived and he wore them. Pepper had all his measurements stored away in her mind, as his mother had when he was younger (a worrying comparison he realised). He wanted for nothing, there was very little trying on. He couldn't remember the last time an item of clothing didn't fit, though his clothes were a little looser when he came back from Afghanistan.

Pepper had said she didn't shop either, that she didn't have the time for it, but right now, surrounded by two dozen pairs of pink shoes, he wasn't sure she'd told him the truth.


"What do you think?" she asked, beaming at him, then looking down at the pink heels on her feet.

That they look like the other fifty pairs, he thought, but he kept that to himself and smiled back.

"I think they will look great digging into the backs of my thighs," he said with a smirk.

She blushed pinker than the shoes.


"Over my shoulders?" he tried and she shook her head.

"People can hear you Tony."

"I hope so," he said.

"I need a serious answer."

"Fine," he said, with a pout. "They look great, amazing even, but if you're not sure, we can buy all of these other shoes as well."

He was being serious, but she frowned at him, still not liking the answer.

"These are for the charity ball tomorrow, and I need to look perfect," she said. "It's our first event together as an official couple."


A few other things fell into place in his mind, like the small panic attack she'd had over the dress. The dress that she'd be delighted to find but so concerned she didn't look any good in. Pepper never panicked, unless there was mortal danger, but the dress, her appearance, had caused her some serious anxiety and that just wasn't his Pepper.

He still didn't quite understand why, but he was getting closer to it.

He joined her on the little stool, shifting across, and pushing her off before pulling her into his lap. She smiled when he kissed her and held her tight in his arms.

"Pepper, you always look perfect," he said, putting a finger on her lips when she went to protest. "Even when you were wearing my pyjamas last week, and you hadn't brushed your hair. Still perfect."

"I looked awful."

"Happy was checking you out."

"He was not!"

"He was!" he said, "I can tell when someone is checking out my woman."

"Your woman?" Pepper said, pulling away from him and raising an eyebrow. "I know you're not a misogynist Tony."

He grinned.

"My girlfriend," he said. "Better?"

"Moderately," she told him, and he kissed her on the cheek. They'd only been dating for a few months, she was still getting used to being his girlfriend.

"You're perfect," he told her again.

She shrugged.


Back at the mansion, Pepper went straight to the bedroom to put her shoes away. When she didn't return after a few minutes he went after her, finding her in the walk-in wardrobe, starting at the dress and shoes.

"You're going to look amazing."

"I'm not sure I should wear pink."

"Pepper, you practically squealed when you saw this dress," he said.


"I'm not exaggerating."

She didn't reply, and he frowned. He didn't really know how to convince Pepper that she was perfect. Or that tomorrow's event wasn't as important as she was making out, that only they mattered, not what people thought of them. Thought of her.

He needed to take her mind off things.

He could do that.

He took her hand, pulling her over to a little armchair, shifting it slightly so that it faced the full length mirror. He sat down, pulling Pepper down in between his legs, so that they were both facing the mirror, looking at themselves. He rested his chin on her shoulder and smiled at her in the mirror. She smiled back at him, humming happily when he started to kiss her neck.

"I love you," he murmured.

"Love you too," she replied softly, leaning her head to one side so he could nip at the skin of her neck and collarbone.

"And tomorrow, everyone is going to love you as much as they usually do. More so when they see you in that dress."

She frowned, not believing him, and he didn't mention the charity ball again. Instead he started to unbutton her blouse. She moved to stand but he wrapped one arm around her waist to hold her to him, and continued to remove her top.

"Tony, the bedroom is just there."

"Right here," he said, smiling at her in the mirror, cupping her breast. She groaned and leaned into the touch, deciding moving was too much of an effort after all. She relaxed and he pulled off her blouse completely, flicking open her bra so he could pinch her nipples, watching them in the mirror. Watching her in the mirror. Pepper had her eyes closed though.

"Pepper," he said. "Look," he told her.

She did as he asked, looking up at herself in the mirror, face and chest flushed red, one of Tony's large hands cupping her breasts, his other hand flat on her abdomen. He heard and felt her gasp, his chest was against her back, his chin on her shoulder again, nipping the skin there, and he continued to play with her body. Playing with both nipples, his fingertips dancing over he top of her chest, stroking her abdomen gently, both of them looking in the mirror.

"See how perfect you are?" he whispered, as she shifted on the chair, between his legs, brushing against his own growing erection. He groaned and she moaned in reply, eyes fluttering shut.

"Ah-a," he muttered, "eyes open."

She obeyed, looking at herself in the mirror again, and at Tony's own strained expression. She shifted back against him once more, and smiled when he groaned her name.

"Stay still," he grumbled, popping open the button at her waistband, and pushing his hand down into her trousers, cupping her heated centre. She made the little 'uh' noise he adored and thrust gently into his hand.

"Pepper," he whispered, "Pepper I'm going to make you come and you will see just how perfect you are."

"Tony," she protested, a little moan at the end of his name as he slipped his hand beneath the soft material of her underwear.

She was hot and wet, his fingers slipping through her folds easily, and he couldn't hold back his own groan, his own reaction, to the feel of her, causing him to cant his hips forward and she chuckled softly.

In reply he skimmed a finger over her clit, making her cry out, and this time he chuckled.

Sometimes, having sex with Pepper was like having an argument, and making up, all at once.

He slowly teased her centre, two fingers dipping into her body, shallowly at first, and she moaned, moving her hips to try and pull him in deeper. He played with her breasts, fingers pulling at her nipples, making her gasp and groan and she grasped his thigh, holding on as he pushed his fingers in a little deeper. He watched her reactions in the mirror, the effort needed to keep her eyes open mixed with pure pleasure, twisting her face beautifully. Perfectly. The blush and flush of embarrassment and arousal spread down to her chest, her mouth remained open, little noises falling out, nipples hard to his touch, she was so beautiful.

So perfect.

"Tony, please," she whimpered, eyes on his in the mirror, dark and dangerous, hand tightening around his thigh.

"Please what?"

"Stop teasing," she snapped and he grinned, pressing down on her clit.

"Tell me what you want Pepper."

"Tony, you know what I want," she groaned. "Please."

He chuckled, kissing her neck and pressing down on her clit with his palm. He pushed his fingers deep into her body and she cried out.

"Yes, yes, yes," she hissed.

He smiled and started to thrust his fingers in and out of her body, moving his other hand down her body in a quick caress and into her panties so he could play with her clit.

"Eyes open Pepper," he whispered, "do you see?"

"See what?" she asked, voice high and tight.

"How perfect you are," he told her, pinching her clit hard, fingers stroking deep inside her and she cried out, eyes barely open, shaking and god damn she was perfect when she came.

She slumped back against him, finally closing her eyes, little whimpers escaping her. He was still smiling, watching her in the mirror, pulling his hands from her centre to wipe them on his jeans.

"Tony," she sighed.

"Did you see?" he asked gently, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close to him. "How perfect you are?"

"No," she admitted, "but I feel better."

He smirked.

"It's a start."