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Legends Never Die

It has been two days since Taki and Link admitted they loved each other, Taki had recovered fully to convince Link he no longer needed to carry her. She trudged ahead of him, this being her home country, she knew it best.

They were still tracking Nightmare, and judging by the remains of a caravan they had past by the day before, they were right on his tail.

Link looked up to Taki who seemed to be in deep thought at the moment. Link frowned, wondering what she was thinking.

"What is it?" he asked her, voice above a whisper. She glanced at him before sighing.

"...Nothing. I was just thinking..." she responded. Link raised his eyebrow at that but dropped the subject.

Link narrowed his eyes as he suddenly felt that they were being watched. His ears perked up at the sound of something in the wind, a warnng from the Spirits.

*Beware...Hero...A servant of Evil...approaches...* The sound of a thousand souls spoke.

Link's eyes widened at the sound of a blade cutting through the wind. He immediatly pushed Taki away and moved to draw his shield. As he spun around, he narily avoided being run through by Soul Edge.

"Impressive, elf. Good reflexes, I'll give you that." Nightmare's voice sounded.

The armored Knight pushed Link back with the demon sword and swung vertically at the Hero. Link sidestepped the swing and swirl-kicked Nightmare's feet then as Nightmare was still in the air, Link jumped up and kicked him again in the chest. As Link landed, Nightmare managed to stand back up as if he just didn't recieve the kicks, Link glared at this and growled. Nightmare returned the gesture.

Taki got up and drew her katanas then got into her position. Link did likewise, Master Sword and Hylian Shield in hand. Nightmare hefted Soul Edge at his side, the eye of the blade focused on Link.

Link charged forward, hate and malice burning in his eyes. He swung hard, catching the Azure Knight off-guard by the sudden assault. Nightmare managed to block the swing with his blade and backhand Link in the face, knocking the Hylian Guardian 6 feet away (A/N: hey that demonic arm of his has got to be strong! XD).

"Ugh!" Link landed on his sheath, which isn't very soft. Taki glanced at him worridly before attacking Nightmare head on. As Taki and Nightmare both parried and thrusted, blocked and side-stepped, Link managed to get back up and pull out his bow.

Taki was hit hard by Nightmare's sword, the blow knocked her blades from her arms, and she lost balance. The Azure Knight grabbed her by the neck and hefted her high up, before suddenly dropping her with a yelp of pain and an explosion of Light.

An arrow stuck out from Nightmare's demon hand, which he ripped out with a grunt and turned around to see Link with his bow in hand.

"Damn you Link! You'll pay for that!" he roared as he charged ahead at the Hylian. Link smirked and drew his sword again after throwing his bow off to the side and met Nightmare's charge with a charge of his own.

"Not before I kill you, Nightmare! You'll rot in hell before you kill me!" Link roared back as he and Nightmare struggled to push each other back with their blades. The Master Sword was shooting sparks of blue electric energy in all directions, while Soul Edge released its own red evil energy. Nightmare's glowing red eyes scanned Link for any signs of an opening. He suddenly got an idea that would promise his victory over the Hero.

Nightmare side-stepped and Link stumbled forward, his face held immense surprise by the sudden loss of force. Before he could contemplate what had happened, Nightmare grabbed him by his shoulder from behind, and lifted Link up. He swung but Link's sword saved him, the flat of the blade was pressed against his back. Nightmare growled and unleashed a draining spell on Link, the Hero roared painfully as he felt himself being scorched by Soul Edge's evil.

Nightmare flung Link to the side, he was sizziling and smoke rose up from him as he landed. Nightmare moved to end it but Taki came up and slashed at Soul Edge. The evil blade sreeched and Nightmare kicked her away. He charged forward as she recovered and glanced briefly at Link's injured form. She jumped back as Soul Edge cut the air she was standing a moment ago and Rounhouse kicked Nightmare in his visor, the Knight stumbled back and growled before throwing a punch at her which she effectivly evaded gracefully.

But she hadn't of counted on the rock behind her.

Taki fell to the ground and Nightmare laughed madly as he crushed her neck in his demon hand, she gasped as his palm hindered her breathing alot. She called out weakly to Link who was slowly rising, very painfully.

Nightmare chuckled darkly as he swung her against a tree and turned around just in time to be on the recieving end of the Hylian's fist. Nightmare stumbled back, feeling lightheaded as Link held his hand.

'Gah! Bad idea, you idiot! He's wearing a helmet, stupid!' Link scolded his self mentally.

"Damn..." he muttered exasperated (A/N: Like Hellboy :p). He looked over and saw Nightmare summoning two lizardmen and a Berserker to his side. Link growled with rage as the Knight sent the creatures his way.

Link swung weakly at the first, it easily blocked it and grabbed his arm, thrusting a raptilian fist into his gut and then throwing him to the other two. He was punched in the head with a shield, then a powerful kick from the Berserker busted his left side jaw. He stumbled back into Nightmare's reach who back handed him then shot him in the chest with a powerful beam from Soul Edge. Link flew back and landed next to Taki, right on his left side holding himself up with his left elbow. He spat out blood and looked at her. She stared wide-eyed at him, but she could not go near him, Nightmare tied her down to the tree as the minions attacked Link.

"I'll enjoy making you watch as we kill your friend, ninja." Nightmare declared with an evil laugh. Link took one last look at her before getting onto his left knee and glared weakly as he panted hard and oozed blood from his gashes and cuts. Nightmare looked at the injured Hero and smirked from underneath his visor in amusement.

"Did you really think you could defeat the wielder of Soul Edge? When I am done with you, how about I kill your ninja girl before you?" He asked. Link spat out more blood before taking his Master Sword in his right hand and pulling out a much longer Sword and holding it in his left.

"I'll never fail to protect her..." Link said, a look in his eye that told them he was offering no mercy and he asked for none in return.

He grunts as the Swords flare up in blue power and his irises disappear. His eyes begin to glow white.

"I'LL TAKE YOU ALL ON!" he roared as he suddenly shot up and attacked the four.

He grabbed the first lizardmen and tore it's arm off before driving his swords through it's neck, beheading it, then he dodged a thrust from the second rolling on it's back and slicing it wide-open, cracking the helm of the Berserker as he broke the arm of the second lizardmen, he grabbed at Nightmare and struck him hard in the head and kicking him in his back then flipping him to the ground. He moved over to the remaining lizard and grabbed it's shoulders, Knee kicked it then drove it to the ground, and placed his foot on it's back and ripped it's arms off.

He jumped back in time to avoid the axe of the Berserker. Link slashed the warrior in it's chest with the Biggoron Sword and pierced it's right shoulder with the Master Sword, forcing it to drop it's weapon. Link rolled on his side and jumped up, his foot on the Berserker's right shoulder, his left on it's back side. He reached down and grabbed it's head, and pulled hard. After a second he tore the skull off and threw it aside. He jumped off and grabbed the Berserker's shoulder, bringing it down with him.

"Piece of tin..." Link muttered and fell down on his knee, he looked to where Taki was bound but she wasn't there.

"Taki, where are you!" Link called out, he was suddenly lifted up, causing him to drop his swords in surprise.

Taki was rescued by the one person she never expected to see here. A woman in a revealing red suit, carrying a bewitched whip/sword that answered her commands, silver white hair, and icy baby-blue eyes.

Isabella 'Ivy' Valentine. Her old nemisis.

"What do you want, Ivy?" Taki asked venomously. Ivy raised her eyebrow and smirked.

"Whe share a common goal. You should be thanking me. Had it not been for you, those demons would have killed you." she said as if it was the most obvious thing. Taki's jaw dropped.

"Link isn't a Demon! He was trying to rescue me! He's probably dead now, damn it, and I wasn't able to save him..." Taki started to break down, Link was pretty battered up the last time she saw him fighting.

Ivy paled.

"...Did you say...Link?" she asked. Taki glared at her but nodded. Ivy looked as if she had seen a ghost. Then, oddly enough, she started blushing. Taki looked confused.

"Blast!" was all that Ivy said before dashing out. Taki blinked but followed.

'Does she know Link?' she questioned mentally. She would get to the bottom of this.

Just as the two got in they were standing at the opposite side of the area that Link was fighting in. They watched as he brought down the behemoth Berserker and dropped to his knee. His eyes returned to normal, he called out to Taki, she was about to answer when Link was suddenly being held up high into the air, a demonic arm on his shoulder holding him firmly.

"Your pathetic." Nightmare's voice said from behind the Hylian, Link looked around trying to sight him when suddenly Soul Edge was thrusted into his back, Link's eyes widened in pain and fear, fear that he was about to let Taki down. Link grabbed at the sword with both hands as he was lifted higher.

"NO!" he yelled before a sword beam blew through him, his arms dropped to his sides, and he became limp. Nightmare set Link down and pulled Soul Edge free from him. Link slowly toppled to his side.

All through this, the two females were competely stunned, frozen in horror and shock. Link had been defeated. Rage burned through them like an explosion and with a mad cry the two charged forward and attacked Nightmare who was aware of their presence, thanks to their battle cry.

They tried hard to destroy him, swinging madly, using every techique they knew of. But Nightmare was able to block most.

Occasionally, they would land a blow, he would grunt painfully but he could not retaliate. Nightmare was forced onto the defensive. If he risked slashing out at the two blinded-by-rage warriors, he could be killed.

They seem to be tiring after each attack they threw at him, he grinned maliciously. He swung Soul Edge's flat side and knocked both of them onto the ground.

Nightmare roared in triumph and approached the two fallen females slowly, he raised Soul edge and they awaited the feeling of steel cutting flesh...

But it never came.

Nightmare roared painfully and they looked up. Sticking out of the Azure Knight's chest was a blade glowing a blue aura. Soul Edge fell from Nightmare's grasp and the Knight toppled to the side. Standing where he was seconds ago was Link, bleeding heavily with a dead look in his eyes.

He turned around and to destroy Soul Edge but it was in Nightmare's grasp again, and the azure Knight was dragging it away into the woods. Link roared mightily before spinning around in a full 360 degree and throwing the Master Sword as hard as he could at Nightmare.

The blade hit it's mark, right in Nightmare's head. The Azure Knight fell forward and died.

The two females got up, Link avoided Ivy and focused on Taki. Ivy used Valentine to destroy Soul Edge, shattering it to pieces as Taki held Link's head in her arms. He had fallen down again and was quickly fading.

"L-Link...please...Don't leave me..." Taki managed to get out. Link looked at her with difficulty, his vision was fading rapidly. His temperature was dropping dangerously low. He smiled at her.

"Legends never die, Taki...Reach into my pouch...grab the fairy spirit and let it go." he instructed. Taki fumbled with his pouch, desperate to save him. She reached in, practically sticking her head into the pouch looking for the bottled fairy. By this time Ivy had returned to the two.

"Hello Link. I knew we would see each other again." Ivy said. Link stared wide-eyed at her.

"...Ivy? Is that...You?" he asked. She nodded, caresing his hair. Taki found the bottle and pulled out, she frowned at seeing Ivy with her hands on her lover. Deciding to yell later, she opened the bottle and watched as the pixie sized fairy swirled around Link, his wounds closed and his blood returned.

His strength restored, the Hylian Hero of Time stood up. Taki embraced him tightly, which he returned rubbing her back with his fingers soothingly. Ivy smirked at this scene.

"So, I take it things went well." Ivy spoke up. Link looked at her and nodded.

Ivy then stepped up and embraced Link tightly, who wiggled in her gasp as Taki growled angrily.

*Later that day*

Ivy had already departed from the couple, and left Link to deal with Taki. She was far off, probably still busting a gut at the sight of Taki's angry face and Link's confused expression.

Link was explaining his past with Ivy, something he said he never wanted to remeber, saying Ivy has a sick and twisted definition of humor.

"Well, now that Nightmare's dead, and Soul Edge destroyed, again, what do we do now?" Taki asked. Link thought for a moment before getting an idea.

"How about the cave? Lets revisit it, then we can go to Athens for a vaccation." Link suggested. Taki smiled mischeviously. She had a surprise for him back at their cave, and maybe a little surprise for him at Athens.

She already was liking the idea.

"Yes, that sounds...wonderful." she said, her tone suggestive. Link blushed madly, causing Taki to giggle.

This was going to be her first, and best vaccation ever.


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