Hey there, everybody! It's been a while, no? I was experiencing horrible writer's block in A Fine Line and decided to try a oneshot to get the creative juices flowing. I think it turned out pretty well and I figured, hey, why not post it? It might keep some angry readers from flaming from lack of updates... sorry about that... Anyway, I think it worked, too, so you should see some updates in A Fine Line soon! Thanks!

I am a wizard.

What good is that? A small race growing ever smaller as those few who still cling to their heritage begin to weaken and are spread thin.

I am a Weasley.

What good is that? A clan of poor redheads clambering over one another for scraps in the kitchen, disgustingly pleased to receive any sort of gift, even a rough homemade sweater.

I am the second youngest.

What good is that? Six brothers before me, all claiming their slice of glory, leaving none left for me, and I can't even say I'm the youngest.

I am best friends with the Boy Who Lived.

What good is that? He lives in fame and honor, the world worshiping his very name, but no one even knows mine.

I am Ronald Weasley.

What good is that? If life is a painting, then I am not a part of it.

I am that single drop of paint which somehow falls short of the canvas and drops onto the cold stone floor. A forgotten drop, forever stained upon the ground, destined only to watch the painting come to life far above.

I am no one.