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OKAY! So, I got this idea after reading a House of Night novel, and I started to think of my own type of Vampires. And then I thought of Bakura as one and…yeah… the birth of this story was born!

It is a thiefshipping fic, but that happens in the later chapters… and I tried to keep some aspects of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! In here, so sorry if I get some of the facts wrong… I'm only on the second season of Yu-Gi-Oh! Because…well actually, I probably would have never watched Yu-Gi-Oh! If my brother hadn't shown me the abridged series…so yeah…I'm not that far in the actual thing…

Anyway! This is a story about Bakura, a vampire, who meets a stranger with a proposition, and he agrees out of sheer boredom.(BTW: these vampires BURN in sunlight, not SPARKLE. No offense to any Twilight fans, but I find the whole 'sparkly vampire' thing kinda stupid and mocking to vampires. The actual story is pretty good, but I'm startin to see some faults…)

Prologue (A fancy way for saying: setting up for the actual story)

Imagine yourself on a cold, dark, street corner, late at night, the wind blowing against you softly, the dim lights from the lamp posts being the only thing to light your way. If you can imagine that, then you have the setting for this prologue. Now imagine that you hear happy whistling throughout the air, hitting strong and then fading into the black night. You turn towards the sound, and you see a boy, around twenty, with waist-length, white, uncontrollable hair and wearing a horizontally striped blue and white shirt along with baggy pants. He's walking down the street, the whistling now stopped and replaced with a huge smile. You notice a piece of paper in his hands, small enough to be a check.

Do you have all of that? Good, then enough about what you see and experience, let's get down to the real stuff.

This white-haired boy, Ryou Bakura, is walking home after working late from his part-time job, and he was extremely happy because today he got his paycheck. With this income, he could now get that new laptop he'd had his eye on. Though, not only did he want it, he needed it for his job, for he was a novel writer - and a good one at that! He was only working this part-time job for more money, as all writers are under-paid unless their books become a movie franchise. Like J. K. Rowling, or Stephenie Meyer.

He mainly wrote romance and fantasy with a touch of humor, light-hearted stories that were sure to put a smile on your face, but that didn't mean that he couldn't write sad, depressing, or angst scenes now and again. After all, "Happiness cannot live without sadness and vice versa" he always said. Ryou just didn't like to make the main story be sad, or horrifying, or anything unhappy and scary because he did believe in happy endings, but there are always hardships in the way aren't there? Of course there were, as he was just about to find out.

He was still walking home, but now there was more bounce in his step because of how happy he was. He took the necklace that he wore out from under his shirt and kissed it, for he believed this to be his lucky charm.

Of course, he soon wouldn't think that anymore.

It was an interesting necklace; a golden, spherical ring with a weird-looking Egyptian eye in the middle with five pointy pieces dangling from it. His father had found it when he was in Egypt, and he had decided to give it to his son. Ryou loved this necklace very much, although sometimes he didn't know exactly why, he assumed it was just because his father had given it to him.

Bakura put the necklace back under his shirt and focused on getting home, but as the light from the lamp post hit him, he began to hear a low, painful moan from inside the little forest near where he lives. It sounded like the person needed help, and Ryou wanted to help (it was the right thing to do after all) but he also wanted to get home and sleep, he was tired you know.

Eventually, he decided to do the right thing and walked into the forest, following the man's moaning. He soon came across a red-haired man dressed in black, he was covering his shoulder with his hand. Ryou walked over to him and knelt down, asking, "What's wrong? Do you need help?" When the only answer he got was more moaning, he pried the man's hand off of his shoulder and gasped. The man appeared to have sever burns all over the top of his shoulder! "Wait here! I'll go get help!" Ryou exclaimed as he stood up. But before he could leave, the red-haired man grabbed his ankle and held him back. Ryou stopped and looked at him, wondering why the man didn't want help. He watched the red-head stand up, and it was at that moment that Ryou had an undying urge to run, run far away and don't look back, but he found himself being frozen as the man caught his eyes - holding him in place. The stranger crept forward, opening his mouth wide, and it was then that Ryou saw that the man had fangs. Ryou willed his body to move, his sense of danger and need to run away getting more pronounced, more demanding, but he was still frozen as the man looked deep into his eyes right before biting down on his neck, hard.

Ryou cried out in pain, and now that the man's eyes were no longer holding him in place he tried to fight and get away, but the man was too strong and it was all in vain. It was as if he was a rock, never moving. He could feel his blood leaving his body fast, and going up and up into the man's fangs. His body desperately tried to make more to replace it, but it was no use - he felt lightheaded, he felt his body going weak and limp, and he felt scared - horribly, undeniably scared. Was this how he was going to die? By some creature that's supposed to be mythological?

Apparently not, the vampire took his mouth away from Ryou's neck, his cravings and shoulder-burn now gone and replaced with satisfaction and health. He rubbed his mouth to get rid of the blood there and walked away - eager to get away from this mess so that no one could blame him for it. He had no idea that he had left Ryou with more than just a loss of blood, he had no idea that he had just injected him with Vampire Venom.

At first, Ryou didn't feel anything except weak and lightheaded, but soon he felt a burning sensation begin at his neck - right where the vampire had bit him. He put a hand up to cover up his wound, but just then colors swam at the corners of his eyes and threatened to cover up his entire vision. He blinked as the trees turned sideways, the only indication he felt that he had fallen over and was now lying on the ground. The burning sensation began to travel, down his arm, through his neck and through his body. It reached every part of him, from the tips of his fingers down to his toes and as it spread and spread the pain increased, making his entire body ache and writhe in pain. He let out a glass-shattering scream, but to him it sounded far away - not from him, not from the boy who's body was jerking painfully trying to get rid of the unwanted material that had found it's way inside his body. However, Vampire Venom is persistent, and would not leave that easily.

Vampire Venom usually only comes out when a vampire wants it to, but sometimes (especially with an inexperienced vampire) it slips out. The Venom seeps out of a vampire's fangs while they suck blood, the victim being totally unaware that he's being infected. The poisonous and deadly substance waits at the opening the fangs had created, patiently waiting for the fangs to exit so it could do its job. Once the vampire gets all the blood it needs, the Venom travels down the veins, coating them with the poison painfully until it gets to the heart where the real work begins.

Once the Venom gets to the heart, it releases the real poison - the real solution that turns you into a vampire. Once it releases the solution in the heart, the venom that coats the now slightly-dry veins releases the solution it holds as well - making the victim feel a sharp burst of pain all across his body that continues until the Change is finished.

This was happening to Ryou now - the Venom had traveled all the way down to his heart and released the toxic solution, causing his body to fee like it was trying to tear itself apart. He could feel his heart working frantically to expel the new material, but that just made his body hurt more. With each thump of the heart it sent more pain across, causing him to scream in anguish, but again his voice sounded far away, as if he was dreaming, but the pain came through loud and clear, making his body jerk and writhe in pure agony. It felt like his body was killing him, slowly yet surely and painfully trying to kill him.

Which was exactly the case.

Vampire Venom may have the power to transform you into a different creature, but it can also kill you - if your body rejects the Change, which was exactly what Ryou's body was doing right now. His body wasn't strong enough for this poison, this lethal solution, and because he couldn't handle it - he was going to die.

He opened his eyes in vain, desperately trying to see something - anything just to make sure that he could, but instead of the multiple colors that had been only at the edges of his eyes before, there was now black - pure and endless black. The only reason he knew he had opened his eyes was because his eyelids were pounding painfully along with his frantic heartbeat - letting their position be known. He closed his eyes again, accepting defeat, waiting for death to come and the pain to stop.

Just then, he heard a voice come to him - as if it was inside him. "You're going to die Master…" it said. The voice was just a little high-pitched like his own, but this one sounded just a bit more mischievous, evil even, though it was just an undertone. "Let me take over, I'm stronger than you and can handle the Change."

"Who," Ryou managed to croak through the pain, but his voice still sounded far, far away, much farther than where this voice was coming from. "Who are you? Where are you?" he asked.

"I am also called Bakura, I'm inside the pretty golden Item you're wearing around your neck."

A picture of his good-luck charm entered his mind. "What?" he managed to say again, his voice barely coming to him now.

"I've been there ever since you got it, before that even. Don't worry, I'll take over… and I'll make good use of your life too." The voice started to laugh, a high, crackling, crazy-sounding laugh that chilled Ryou, even through all the pain in his body. He opened his eyes again out of instinct to try and locate the source of the sound, but there was only the blackness from before - but what's this? He saw a faint, golden glow cast over the darkness, and Ryou had a flash of his necklace again, only this time it was glowing, and it seemed a dark-blue light was coming out of it. He saw the blue light come out of the ring and take place in his body, but once it did the glowing stopped and he could only see black again. The pain increased, making his body feel as if it was breaking, crumbling down like a painful avalanche and crushing anything that was still in tact, but just as he felt as if he was about to leave this world, the pain subsided. He had a faint image of a light-blue light coming out of his body and entering his necklace, the pain now completely gone. In fact, everything was gone - pain, sadness, worry, anxiety, everything that had caused him any sort of pain was gone. He felt better than he had ever felt, and he loved it. He felt as if there was nothing to do, nothing at all… and as he felt that, and overwhelming exhaustion come over him. He closed his eyes gladly and went into a deep sleep - not knowing when he would wake up, but finding he didn't care as long as he felt like this.

But there was still a pale, white-haired boy writhing on the ground in painful agony, there was still a boy shutting his eyes tight and grinding his teeth to cope with the pain, there was still a boy going through the Vampire Change. It just wasn't Ryou - it was the spirit that had been inside his good-luck charm, the Millennium Ring as it was called.

Their souls had been switched.

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