Sometimes I wondered if Duncan even possessed that little voice in your head that would tell you not to say, or do something. Because frankly, my boyfriend had no shame, and seemingly no conscience whatsoever.

Take last week, for example, our fifth month anniversary.

It had followed on a Monday, and I'd been chosen to give a speech at assembly that morning. So, with the whole student body, teachers, and principal starring at me, Duncan waltzes right into the Gymnasium, -late, of course- throws me a pair of my panties and shouts, "You left these at my house last night, Babe!" then walks off to sit beside Geoff, like everyone wasn't snickering.

I'd never wanted some holy being to just shoot me down more, then I did at that instant.

However, there was the rare instances, like the week after we first started dating, where his thoughtless actions had me smiling to myself.

Classes were out for the day, and I told him I'd see him later, while he was hanging around his with his two best friends. Then as I walked away, he exclaims loudly, "Yep," I see him throw an arm over each boy's shoulders. "That's my girl. Isn't she beautiful?"

Just when it seemed like the bad was outweighing the good, and I'd almost feel like we were fighting a losing battle with this whole relationship; he'd pull me back in.

"Duncan, this must of cost you hundreds of dollars." I breathed in awe, staring at the little diamond covered crown, hung on a thin silver chain.

He snorted, like I'd just told him the sky was blue, and air was breathable.

He pulled me to his chest and held me there. "I figured I was in hot water after what happened in the Gym this morning. But that's not the only reason for this. You're my Princess; I don't want you to forget that. Happy Anniversary, Babe."

So with him, it was always bitter-sweet. There were moments I wanted to beat him with the closest blunt object I could find, and moments where I wanted hug him tight and never let go. Love/Hate relationship, alright.

But I was willing to live with it.

...As long as he never pulled that underwear crap ever again.

AN: Short, sweet, and to the point. Hope you liked it. :)