Ephraim and Bella story.

Rated M : Expect strong language, sexual innuendos and sexual scenes of graphic nature.

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The Alpha, The Wall and The Imprinting.

Chapter One : The Protectors


Times had changed. People had changed. Monsters lived amongst us and ruled humanity. When did horror movies start coming to life? When did vampires and werewolves jump out from the pages and breath real air? No one knew just how long monsters lived amongst us, but just like every fairy tale there were the knights on white horses to save the day, they came in the form of shape shifters. When the monsters first 'came out' life was hectic, suicide ratings were up as well as other crimes that not even the army could handle. What use were human men in an army when there was an army of immortal supernatural beings who could easily kill them all?

Safe houses were made, supposedly capable of keeping out the monsters. The monsters just laughed at the feeble attempt. But then communities started to go missing, not even the vampires or werewolves understood just what was happening, no one could find any trace of the large masses that went missing. And for the supernatural, that was just weird. The monsters weren't too intimidated by this information. They collected humans and placed them into farms, where they were living through machines whilst their blood continued to pump out for vampires delight. Blood wasn't just what werewolves craved though, it was the flesh, the bone of man that they fed from, so birthing farms were created, were humans were forced to have daily intercourse to create more and more human beings until the woman ended up pregnant.

And then there was the lucky humans. The humans who were waiting. Waiting to be found and captured for what ever farm was closest. Families had been separated, presidents and prime ministers meant nothing compared to the rule that the monsters claimed on the world. Stories travelled though, stories of men who change into large creatures to save humans from the demons that walked amongst us. Creatures who could kill them and protect humans.

My parents died today. Grief burns in my chest as my heart swelled with emotion and pain closed my throat up. We were the ones hiding, running everyday just to get further away from one beast and closer to another, it was an impossible task of trying to reach a safe haven that simply didn't exist, but we ran because life was meant to be our own, not someone else's.

My father and mother were in love, it never faltered through the hardships of these days. My mother held onto my younger sister Angela deathly close to her as if she expected her to go missing, but little babies didn't stay alive for very long in this day and age. Angela was only one year old and still had her whole life to look forward to, but that had all been taken from her now. The day had been rare, it was sunny and it was warm, a small river allowed it's sanctuary to be bathed in and refresh ourselves from our long walk. Who knew how long we had been walking, running, escaping, but it never seemed to be leading us anywhere. This small offer of cleanliness put smiles on our faces.

I was holding my sister as I attempted to bathe her, but she made it hard with her splashing, my parents had gone off for some alone time, that they never got anymore. I saw something in the corner of my eye, it was big and black, Angela had been quiet for some time, but I place a hand over her mouth just in case. Hiding behind the rocks, moving very slowly as my eyes stayed trained on the back of the beasts form. My mothers moans, even I could hear as she climaxed, sent the beast hurtling towards them. I cried silently as I heard their scream, so different from the ones of their love making just moments ago, as the beast fed from their bodies. But with the water diluting our scent and hiding behind the loose branches of fallen trees and sinking lower into the water, the beast didn't seek me and my sister out. But my breath had been held just in case. Our heart beats easily mistaken as the water rushing and crashing against the river bank, the beast left, filled with it's latest prey as my tears just ran down my face in silent whimpers.

I eased out of the water, not trusting the area to be safe, but needing to move and not wait like a sitting duck. Angela was held so tightly to me, I doubt she could breath easily with the force, but never fussed. Even as a child I could assume even she felt the horrid atmosphere that we were swimming in. I sprinted, faster than my body had ever moved before. Until we had reached a cliff. My eyes scanned the area, trying to decipher my next move.

It was easily made when growling and snarling was heard behind us. My eyes shot back to see something that seemed invisible, but the noise simply got louder. "Your not getting us." I whispered determinedly under my breath as I ripped my shirt off, leaving me in my lacy bra, using my top as a sling, I placed Angela in it and scaled down the cliff top, praying to find something at the bottom. My prayers had been answered half way up the cliff, my limbs tiring and my lungs burning from effort as the little cave's mouth opened in greeting for us. I was shivering as night set in, but refused to let Angela be cold for my sake. I heard the growls and snarls get increasingly louder, almost too close as if it too were scaling the cliff edge. My eyes stayed wide awake as I slowly moved further back into the cave. Angela had fallen asleep, luckily.

The animalistic noises halted, but my body didn't rest. It stayed alert, ready. The cave had bits of drift wood that had scattered it's floor. Making a little wood pile and finding the lighter we had taken from an abandoned town we had come across. Making a fire to keep some warmth back into our skin, but far enough into the cave so it didn't alert anyone to our presence. Curling around Angela like a dog would do with her puppy, I protected her as my eyes slowly drifted to sleep.

I awoke feeling uneasy. My stomach twisting uncomfortably as it groaned in protest, needing something to fill it. I was sure Angela would be hungry too. Stomping out the fire and using my top to keep Angela from hurting herself on the rocks in case she woke up. I peered outside the mouth of the cave and listened to nothing but the sea, noting the tide was out., the seagulls squawked and the air rustled the trees, but nothing else, nothing animalistic made any noise. Looking back at my sister, she was fast asleep, I doubted she would wake up, she normally didn't until the sun was higher up in the sky.

Quickly assessing the climb and scaling down the jagged edge of rocks I walked to the rocks to find crab or something else edible. I quickened my pace as the sun slowly rose higher in the sky, not wanting Angela to wake up with out me and fall out of the cave on the middle of the cliff, that would be disastrous. I took my shoe off and my sock and used my sock to hold the crabs I caught. I stiffened when I heard some howls. I looked up and sure enough my eyes caught sight of wolves, five of them. My heart was pounding in my chest as they started to run down the cliff where it dipped to meet the sand of the beach. I didn't think twice about Running right to Angela.

I kept my eyes on them as they watched me whilst sprinting towards me. I bit my lip hard as I pushed my body faster. I literally threw my body onto the cliff, four feet off of the ground, my body scrambled into climbing faster than I had ever done before. The wolves had skidded to a stop and watched me curiously, which was something I hadn't expected, but didn't stop to think about it as soon as Angela started to cry. My body froze and my eyes widened as I stared at the wolves in pure fear as my heart beat even faster at the thought of them getting to my defenceless sister. I must have climbed up in half the time it took me to climb down this morning as I threw my body into the mouth of the cave. Angela's screams and tears fell down fast as I ran to her and cooed to her.

"Shh, baby girl. I'm here. Don't cry Angela, my sweet Angel." I kissed her wet cheeks and wiped the tears away with my fingers as she started to suck on the skin of my collar bone. My eyes were glued on the mouth of the cave, waiting for the wolves to crawl through it. Tears fell as I felt little Angel's heart beating swiftly in her chest, but calming down. Minutes passed us and no wolves.

With Angela pressed tightly to me I peered out of the cave and gasped silently as three half naked men and two wolves seemed to be discussing something. One of the men got seemingly angry and started to shake, shake so badly he turned into a wolf. A werewolf, but not the monsters who needed a full moon to phase. What were they? My terror filled, loud gasp caught all five of their attention. I scrambled backwards, quickly. Were they a new breed of werewolf that could change their bodies when they so pleased?

"Ma'am?" A husky voice called up to me. Not happening. Not happening. Not happening. "We wont hurt you, can you come to the front of the cave so we can talk?" Not happening. Not happening. Not happening. "We aren't werewolves, well, we are, but we don't hurt humans. We're protectors. Shape shifters." I bit my lip. They could be lying. "Just come to the front of the cave and talk to us."

I crawled slowly. My body tense as I hid Angela behind my feet. "Ma'am? You there?" Another voice asked.

"You dumb ass, of course she's there. We saw her go in and there's no way out of that cave. She's terrified of us, which is completely understandable since the bloodsuckers and human eating werewolves want nothing more than to kill her and whoever else she may have up there." An older, more mature voice growled out.

"Guys." Another man looked up at me pointedly and I tensed even harder as they all looked up at me. They were now all human, all in denim cut offs with no shirts. "What's your name?" The man looked young, but still older than me, he had a kind smile and soft eyes with dark choppy hair and thick bands of muscle covering his body, just like the other four.

"Isabella." I whispered, too soft for them to hear, but they did. Damn supernatural.

"Hello Isabella, my name is Seth. Are you hurt? Is the baby okay?" I didn't respond. "Okay. Well, let us tell you about us then, maybe make you feel more comfortable?" I nodded sharply once.

"My name is Jared." The man next to him stated, he was the one with the mature, older voice. He was handsome, they all were. "This is Paul, Embry and Brady. We are shape shifters, we are humans who turn into our wolf forms to protect humans from vampires and werewolves. We don't eat humans, or drink from them. We have a gene in our blood that triggers our change. The closer we are to vampires or werewolves, the trigger is released and we phase for the first time." I stared, not taking my eyes off of them. "We have a safe community two miles along the coast. Humans and shape shifters live together as we protect you under our watch. There are roughly fifty shape shifters amongst us and over two thousand humans."

"We have an Alpha called Ephraim, he's the main man in our tribe, he's the Chief as well, which means he gets a lot of power and high rank over us. In the tribe, or community as Jared said, we have a school and shops, library and post office. It's like a town but surrounded by a wall which we protect. There is a small beach which is a short walk away, but humans have to be accompanied by a protector if they want to go down to it. Where we are we don't get many outsiders, but we do find the odd vampire or wolf that has strayed away, or in even more unlikelier circumstances we find a human, like you."

"We only want to protect you. We can get you a warm bath, food, clothes and home to stay in." Paul trailed off as he shifted on his feet uncomfortably.

"Your protectors?" I asked. They all nodded as I looked at all of them, until they all beamed a smile towards me, but not at me. One of the boys gave a small wave, I looked down to find Angela crawling between my legs as I scoffed a laugh and picked her up. "Silly little danger mouse, should have stayed hidden." I berated her lightly as I cuddled her to my chest as she squealed and giggled in my arms.

"How did she even get the baby up there?" One of the guys asked. I looked back at them.

"When your being chased, you don't think about how, you just do." I shrugged as they all stared at me. "What?" I asked carefully."

"You were being chased." I nodded slowly. "The werewolf scent we picked up at the top of the cliff, you were running from a werewolf? How did you out run it? It was at the top of the cliff, not the bottom?" He seemed confused as I perched my ass on the edge of the cave mouth, leaving my legs dangle over the edge.

"I climbed down the cliff."

"With the baby?" They asked incredulously. Again I nodded. "How?"

"I took my top off and used it as a sling and climbed down. I wasn't really thinking, I just had to save Angela." I looked down at Angela, looking up at me with a confused expression. "Talking about you, not to you. Nosey." She giggled when I cooed to her as I smiled back at her.

"Is she yours?" I thought about it. Should I lie? Would they take her off of me if they knew she wasn't mine? If we went to this safe tribe, would she be made to live with other parents?

"She's mine." I agreed strongly, leaving now room for doubt.

"Where's her dad?"

"He died by the same werewolf who was chasing us." I said unemotionally and not lying either.

"We're sorry. Do you want to come down so we can take you to the community?" They asked hopefully as I looked down at Angela.

"You wont take her from me?" I asked scared. They shook their heads, so I nodded. "I need her to be safe, if going with you means her safety, then we'll come." I went back into the cave and used the make shift sling again to secure Angela to me as I climbed out of the cave and down towards the sand. It took a little longer this time with a squirming baby on my back, but got down eventually. I shifter from foot to foot uncomfortably as the boys all watched me. Pulling Angela to my front I unwrapped the sling and put her in the sand as she crawled around by my feet, only to promptly fall on her bum and pat the sand around her.

Carefully they approached us as if I would run away again, but I believed them, they didn't look like the monsters. I would trust them, or at least learn to trust them. "I have no money, I can't pay for a house or food." I said ashamed of my lack of fortune as they all nodded sympathetically.

"We will arrange everything for you once we arrive at the community. We need to talk to the Elders and Sam, but their wont be any problem. Your safe now Isabella, we'll look after you." Paul said comfortingly as I bit my lip, at the same time Angela threw a handful of sand into my shin. They all chuckled at us. "She looks like she'll fit in just fine." Paul agreed as I gently pushed her down so she lay on her back and tickled her belly.

"Who do you think you are? Hey bud?" She giggled as I picked her up and wiped her down. She'd need to change her panties from the smell of things. "Um, I need to change her? Can I just wash her in the sea before we take off?" They all looked at one another and nodded. Once I had wiped her off in the sea and washed her nappy clean, just until we could change it. The boys phased and instructed me to hope onto one of their backs, so quickly sliding on and using my top as a sling again so Angela didn't fall off, we were running through the forest at unbelievable speeds.

Thick steal wall came upon us as we slowed down. With huge metal gates that was being patrolled by wolves and men all muscled up and tall like the five men I had met, circled the outside of the wall and the top of the wall. They all looked at our arrival as four of the boys went back to human and instructed me to get off, then Paul phased back and winked at me as I blushed and lowered my head.

"Who is this." One man who was a lot more muscled and taller than the others came striding through the gates. His walk and stance showed power and stance as he stopped in front of us with a wary expression.

"Jacob, this is Isabella and her daughter Angela. We found them at the Cliffs on third beach." Seth said with a smile and a hug to the man in front of him. Jacob, couldn't not smile at Seth as he lowered his lips to Seth and kissed him sweetly on the mouth as I bit my lip, Jacob looked up at me watching them with a smile on my face, his own lips curved into a smirk. My eyes instantly fell to the ground and blushed crimson in embarrassment for looking at their intimate moment. "Be nice." Seth warned as Jacob whined a little.

"Welcome Isabella and little one." He greeted. "How on earth did you get out here though?" I looked around me and watched as everyone around me, even some people inside watched me as I stuttered and blushed.

"We were just running, trying to find this place, the place we heard about on our travels as we tried not to get captured or eaten along the way. The others didn't make it, they were killed yesterday. The werewolf followed me and Angela, but I scaled down the cliff and hid in the cave before it could get to us." I ended up murmuring to Angela as tears fell from my face. A hot hand placed under my chin and tilted my face up so I was looking into dark pools of chocolate.

"I'm sorry for your loss." I nodded and looked away from his intimidating gaze. "Lets get you inside and comfortable." Jacob smiled softly at us as he put an arm around my shoulder and led me inside. "The beast who was at the cliff top was killed, at least that is one monster we don't have to worry about any more." Jacob said kindly as I cried and held Angela even tighter to me. Jacob's arms encircled me and let me cry into his bare chest.

"Thank you so much." I cried. "I couldn't have kept her safe. I couldn't have saved her." Jacob just patted my back and soothed my hair down as his warmth engulfed me.

"You are both safe now." I nodded and apologised for my outburst which he shrugged off. "You will be staying with my mother in law, Sue. Seth's mom and his dad Harry until we build your home for you and little one. Leah, Seth's older sister lives with her imprint Embry, who you met today, so she will be grateful for the young company." I nodded gratefully. "Ephraim will want to speak to you once your settled. So have a bath, change your clothes and eat a nice meal and then Sue will ring Sam to let him know you are ready for visitors." I blushed and bit my lip as I nodded.

"What is an Imprint?" I asked as he chuckled.

"It is when a shape shifter finds their soul mate." I blushed again and nodded. "Seth is my soul mate, and I am his. It's called a double imprint when two shape shifters find one another." I smiled and envied the beautiful smile that lit up his face when talking about his soul mate. I wish I could find my other half and live happily, but I doubted it. "Here we are."

A beautiful little home opened it's doors to us as a pretty native woman barrelled out and embraced me into a tight hug. "Seth has just told me I have a new daughter and grand daughter. I'm Sue, I'm so very pleased to see you made it here safely. And with a baby, not many of these beautiful creatures live these days out there, thank God this little miracle did." She gave my Angel an Eskimo kiss and kissed my cheek. "Come in, come in. Harry, my husband, has run your bath for you, you just need to get yourself inside it." I was ushered in, leaving Jacob and Seth's chuckles behind me with out a backwards glance as I bumped into a large man, I assumed was Harry.

"Hello dear, my name is Harry. Welcome to our home, your bath is run and I'll find some clothes for you from my daughter Leah. I'll be back soon, but take your time." He kissed my forehead and pinched Angel's cheek lightly as she smiled at him. And suddenly I was alone in a strangers house with a steaming bath ready for me. Taking my clothes off carefully, I shed Angels clothes off too and eased my way in the bath and placed Angela on the side, until the water cooled slightly for her sensitive skin.

With Angela safely on the side I quickly washed my hair and body, washing the grime and the blood that was on my fingers from the rough climbing of the cliff. Once I was done, the water was perfect for Angela so I quickly bathed and washed her and dried us off. Wrapping towels around us, there was a knock at the door as Sue peeped in and handed us some clothes. Once changed we curiously walked through the house to were some appetising smells were coming from.

I felt stupid, but held my sock out and offered it to Sue. "Um, when the boys found me I had gone crab fishing, I don't know if you want them or not?" I trailed off stupidly as Sue squealed.

"We haven't had crab in months. This is going to be lovely for supper tonight. Thank you dear." She kissed me again as I blushed and sat timidly at the table with Angela in my arms. "Her name is Angela, right?" Sue asked.

"Yes, I call her Angel, though." Sue nodded.

"What about her father?" I winced. I couldn't lie, not when they had bee so nice to me.

"If Angel wasn't my daughter, would she be made to leave me?" Sue's eyes got big, but understanding as she cuddled me.

"No dear, she wouldn't. She is comfortable and familiar with you. And if you wanted her with you, she would stay with you." I nodded.

"She's my sister." Her eyes got big, not expecting that either. "I know. My mom and dad had her when I was nineteen, she wasn't planned, but loved all the same. Our mom and dad got killed yesterday by a werewolf." I said as she sighed sadly.

"We should tell the boys that she is your sister not your daughter." I nodded ashamed of lying, but too scared to regret that I did, because I hadn't known. "They will understand."

"Thank you for being so welcoming, so loving and you don't even know us yet."

"In times like these, you find even the worst of human will be the nicest man when something else is worse out there." I nodded in understanding as she left me to eat the soup and feed Angela her rice pudding. Once finished, I started to do the dishes, but Sue stopped me.

"I have called Ephraim, he will be over shortly with his son, grandson and great grandson." I opened my mouth side and gawked.

"How old is he?" I asked amazed as she chuckled.

"He looks to be Thirty three, that was when he phased for the first time and has not aged since then, but he should have been in his grave long ago. One hundred and eighty nine, I think his true age is."

"Shit, that's old." I choked.

"But I don't look a day over twenty." A warm voice chuckled as I spun around to find God impersonated. I think my heart stopped completely as I came face to chest with this giant of a man. His pecks and washboard sculpted torso seemed to be carved by angels as a thin layer of perspiration covered his beautiful russet skin. I looked down and saw bare feet and strong calves with thick thighs covered in dark wash denim, frayed at the knee. I avoided his crotch area and craned my neck up to see thick bulging muscle of his neck and shoulders merging together and even higher up to see his square jaw with light stubble and sideburns connecting to a mess of thick black inky locks. He had thick lips and a broad nose, but not too broad. His almond shaped eyes with soul baring black orbs, the intensity was breath taking as I openly gaped at this Adonis of a man before me. I had this animalistic need to take him, claim him as my own. My world seemed to centre around him, I could see myself spinning around his little finger to complete every task he wished me to do to make him happy and I'd oblige.

I had to chant; he has kids, grand kids, great grandkids, he probably has a wife. He was nice enough to let me find refuge in his tribe and here I was checking him out, but what's not to check? Mm, he was beautiful, for a man. Angela giggled and reached out to him whilst struggling against me, that got me out of my trance as he too shook his head and smiled heart breaking as he lifted my Angela from me and gave her an Eskimo kiss as she sloppily kissed his nose, making him laugh as he tucked her into his arm like a pro, well with kids, grandkids and great grandkids I'm not surprised he can handle babies.

"Hello little one." He smiled down at her as she yawned wide and nuzzled her nose into his heat that I could feel radiate from him. "Sleep." And with that her eyes lids flickered closed and she was out like a light. He didn't try to hand her back to me or set her down, he held her as Sue offered them all a seat.

"Isabella?" I looked up and nodded as Sue escorted me to a free chair and kissed my head kindly before leaving the room, I almost screamed at her to come back, but my heart was in my throat and all I could do was open and close my mouth like a goldfish. My eyes instantly stared holes through the table as my frigid body tensed, waiting to be spoken to, but nothing came. I didn't change my posture though, I couldn't. I was terrified of being left alone in the room with this God and his family, who I hadn't even acknowledged yet, whilst he held my sister, who he had been told was my daughter. Fuck my life.

"Come now Isabella." A familiar voice laughed as I peeped up through my lashes to find Jacob smiling kindly at me. Fuck! Was he the grandkid or great grandkid of the man I was heating up over? Oh no. This wasn't happening to me. How can I like someone who wasn't even human and had great grandkids!

"Jacob." Ephraim's voice warned in a gentle manner as I internally swooned.

"Sorry great grandfather." I almost blanched right there on Sue's dining table. "Isabella, you know we wont hurt you. Harry has told us that Angela is your sister and not your daughter, but you lied to keep her with you. We understand. Please relax, we wont harm you." I wanted to scoff, but I couldn't. I was scared the only words I'd come out with would be; I want to fuck your great granddaddy. Exactly my point, best not to speak.

I was brought out of my internal ramblings by a seriously hot hand on my shoulder, I looked up to see Ephraim looking down at my with concern, Angela still tucked in under his arm as he frowned at me. "Do not be afraid of your feelings." He said softly as I cringed, he would kick me out of his tribe if he knew my feelings. "Embrace the love that our Gods have bestowed upon us." I bit my lip in confusion.

"What do you speak of father?" A man who seemed close to the same age as Ephraim asked.

"Levi, son, I wish your mother no ill feelings. My love for her was as true as the sun setting and the moon rise. But she knew, as well as I, that she was not my soul's completion. Why do you think I continued to live and she did not?" Everyone, not just me, seemed confused. "Your women stay young with you, do they not? Because of the imprint that bonds you together, Seth and Jacob too. We don't spit in our Gods faces for the gifts they grace us with, so I wont. I embrace mine. Isabella is my completion."

"This makes no sense." The last male who I do no know spoke.

"Billy, I imprinted on Isabella, she is my soul mate." And that's when I passed out.