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Imperfect love by lucyferina

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The Alpha, The Wall and The Imprinting

Chapter Five : Red Night.


"So when are you and papa going to have a baby?" For the second time today, my face heated up as Ephraim simply chuckled and wrapped an arm over my shoulder to pull me closer to his warm body.

"When my genitals go hard." All the men and most of the women laughed. Tala didn't look very impressed as she glared at her father. Apparently understanding that it was a joke and not an actual answer. She shuffled closer to whisper to me.

"Will you answer me, mama?" She asked quietly, even I had trouble hearing her, let alone anyone further away. I sighed and pulled back from her to see her pretty face as I sucked my lower lip in to my mouth and shrugged. Tala's little chest sighed sadly as I pulled her into my warmth once more, just to hug her as the others around the table continued talking and laughing at me trying to help Tala learn about sex.

"It depends. There are many factors involved when trying to make a baby." She perked up eagerly, happy that I was answering her honestly. "For one, the couple should be in love. Also, God likes us to be married before we have sex or make babies. I haven't had children before, so the thought does worry me about what to expect and if I'm personally ready to create a little baby. What if me and your dad have different idea's of how to bring up the baby, it could lead to fights and possibly me and your papa not loving each other any more."

"But imprinting means you mate for life!" She protested as I agreed.

"Honey, that's another thing. Your papa thinks I could turn into a protector, so I don't know how me having a baby could affect that or if my ability to change into a wolf could harm the baby. There are lots of things that grown ups need to discuss before having a baby."

"But if you do want a baby with papa, will you tell me first?" She asked with puppy dog eyes and pouting lips. I laughed and kissed her head as I accepted her request.

"Of course." She squealed happily as her papa pulled her over to his lap, with both our girls in his arms, me by his side and his family around him, he looked thoroughly contented. All the children had finished their meal and ran off to go play as the adults continued to talk. Ephraim had practically pulled me onto his lap as soon as Tala had left with the other kids. Angela was happily snoozing into Ephraim's bare chest whilst I played with her little fingers as she unconsciously gripped them into her tiny clutch.

A baby with Ephraim would be perfect. Sneakily looking up at said man, I bit my lip thinking of how our baby would look. Would they have a softer tone of his skin colour? My boring brown eyes or his endless black pools? His high cheek bones or my discreet ones? His inviting lips or my plump ones?

My curiosity spread to his own children. They were a handsome family. Levi was practically his fathers clone, say for his shorter hair and more narrow nose and lighter eyes, almost grey. His body was more leaner and his face was more gaunt and sharper, but not any less attractive. Joshua was more softer in his looks, his skin was slightly darker as was his eyes, compared to Levi. He was more fleshy than the others excessive muscular frames, but he still looked like he shouldn't be messed with.

Ephraim's first daughter, Kanti, looked wild, hard, rough, but very stunning. She looked nothing like Ephraim say for her eyes, I'd never seen a human with such dark eyes. Her body was toned, but not overly so like her male siblings. Her bone structure was sharp and very striking. Quil, Deson and Elsie were triplets. They had a different mother to the eldest three children and it was easy to see. Their skin was lighter, the boys were identical twins with lighter brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes, it seemed everything they did was identical, done at exactly the same time. The boys were both muscular, like American football players physique, but with extra height. They were the tallest after Levi and Ephraim. Elsie, however was the shortest child. Her hair was beautiful curled locks in the same colour as her brothers, but her facial features were softer, a more feminine Ephraim with soft eyes and a more curvy figure compared to her older sister.

Palo had a different mother again, his hair was buzz short and his face was a lot younger. Deep brown eyes and a happy go lucky smile, much like Jacob's. With high cheek bones and soft creamy russet skin, his shoulders were broad and his physique was the largest next to Ephraim. Jacy was the perfect man to be called a 'pretty boy' even though he was very much male, he looked rather feminine and soft. He was much like Joshua with his softer tonal body. Everything about him was soft, his eyes, his smile. He was shy and rather withdrawn from the rest of the group, his partner was male, but Ephraim had explained to me that shape shifters, if in male wolves who imprinted on other male wolves, they were capable of creating a womb to have children. Which is what happened to Jacy and his husband, they now had Coren and Kory and had one grand daughter, Abigail. And then there was Tala, my beautiful baby girl.

"What's got you thinking so hard." Hot breath ghosted over my ear, before soft lips kissed my cheek.

"How beautiful your family is." I smiled up at him as he smiled back and chuckled deeply. "And what our babies would look like. Then I was thinking about how it is possible for male shape shifters to create a womb for homosexual couples to bare children, but think it's amazing that it is possible."

"And what do you think our children will look like?"

"Hopefully, like you. Your perfect to me." Nuzzling into his neck and kissing up to his lips, a soft sigh escaped his rounded lips as we kissed sweetly.

"We may have a problem there." His forehead rested against my own as I stared into his beautiful eyes.

"How?" I smiled easily as he stroked my cheek lovingly.

"You just happen to be perfect to me too." Eskimo kissing me I giggled as I bumped my nose to his, my lips demanding his attention. Our kiss was slow and languid, carefully taking time to explore one another's mouths. My fingers skimmed his stubbly jaw, my other hand clutched his bicep. His free hand pulled at my waist to pull me closer. My body protested as he pulled back, breaking our kiss with my own whimper resounding as he looked smug watching my ghosted eyes cloud with lust and love for him.

"Mean." I pouted as he chuckled and kissed my forehead teasingly.

"I can just imagine how wanton she'll be when mating season comes around." Kanti laughed as the other wolves agreed with her. Seeing my confusion she continued. "When wolves go into mating season the Submissive wolf is usually the wolf to give off pheromones, attracting Dominants to mate with it and impregnate it. In cases where there is a wolf and human, the wolf gives off the pheromone and attracts his/her mate to them. In your case, we might have to call in the Cullen's." Ephraim growled and clutched me and Angela to him in a death grip.

"No!" He said menacingly, leaving no room for questioning.

"Your such a hypocrite!" She growled back and stood tall to look intimidating. "You want the strongest possible pups, yet you know she needs to phase for that. The only way she'll change is if she's in close contact with them! Their not the bad ones! Carlisle hasn't even drank human's blood in his afterlife." She was growling and shaking as she glared at her father. "It was ok when it was me and Elsie, or the other female wolves. Why not her too? Does she mean that much more to you than us?"

"No." I answered and then blushed for interrupting. I turned to Ephraim. "You let your own babies go to these people to help them change, but not me? I know you love your family more than anything, so treat me like you would them. If you want the strongest pups, then I have to do this for you and our tribe. If your daughter trusts them, then so do I." Pulling away from him and taking Angela with me, he looked at me sadly as I sighed with just the same amount of sorrow. "Would you treat Angela or our babies like you just spoke to your daughter? After you've apologised to Kanti, come find me and then we'll talk like adults." Kissing his forehead, I left.

"I like her." I heard once I was a fair distance away and smiled to myself. Angela was squirming to get down so I gently placed her on the cool grass. Squealing as she started crawling. I sat near her and watched as she waddled over to me and used me to help her stand up.

"Angel!" I said proudly at her first attempt to pull herself up to start walking. She looked up at me in confusion as I said her name. She babbled away in annoyance to herself as she leaned too far back and plopped on her bum. Muttering to herself, she tried again and giggled when she stayed standing. "Aw, your such a big girl, huh?" I smiled as she started wobbling, instinctively my hands went to support her back to keep her standing.

Looking up at me, she gave me a pretty smile as she flopped forward onto me as I laughed and picked her up whilst I laid back onto the grass and placed her on my chest, her little belly against mine as she rested her head on my boobs. I snorted and stroked through her short dark curls. Closing my eyes I kept a small smile on my face as Angel's breathing evened out. Soon after, a little body ran between my legs and gently placed themselves on me, next to Angela as I opened my eyes to see a warn out Tala already passed out on top of me. Using one hand to support Angel, the other softly stroked Tala's back which was covered with her long hair.

"Test two: Complete." I heard a soft voice murmur as I creaked open my eyes to see Jacy lying right next to me. I snorted and huffed.

"Bloody tests." I grumbled as he chuckled and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, so my head was pillowed on his solid arm, which was surprising since he looked so soft.

"Come on Tala, go sleep on your bed." Elsie came over and picked up Tala as she grumbled tiredly and latched onto her sister. Palo was with her and held his hands out for Angel, I easily manoeuvred her to place in Palo's practised hands. "Dad is just talking to Kanti, he'll come over soon enough." I shrugged and smiled at them in farewell as they both left, taking the girls with them.

"You're going to be good for him." Jacy stated, which made me turn to look at him as he smiled encouragingly. "No one stands up to him or questions his decisions. You do. He needs that, the rest of us are too chicken shit to go up against him, he's a bloody aggressive wolf if you get on his wrong side, but the imprint will ensure he never harms you, just wants to keep you safe and protected." I nodded slowly.

"Wont that be a problem when, or if, I turn into a shape shifter. I'll have to go outside of the fence and protect our tribe?"

"Ah, that's where my dad is protective over the girls. They only protect the wall and inside the wall."

"That's sexist!" I sat up as Jacy chuckled.

"No, that's my dad. He's a big softy really." I rolled my eyes. "You probably know that already though. He's always had a soft spot for children, but seeing him with your Angela it's really…heart warming."

"It is. I never thought I'd have to step into the shoes of our mum, but watching Ephraim step into dad's?"

"He was the best dad when we were little, always played with us and taught us about the nature around us, how to live off of the land. When I told him I wasn't attracted to girls, he simply kissed my head and hugged me, telling me everyone is different and he loved me just the same. When I got pregnant with my babies, the look he gave me, he was so proud." His eyes were swimming with tears as he smiled down at me. "And when my babies, Coren and Kory, were born I finally understood why he looked and felt as proud as he was."

"Now who's a softy?" I nudged him with my shoulder as he chuckled and pulled me to lie down on his warm chest. "And you have a grandchild, don't you?"

"My Coren has a daughter called Abigail. She's the sweetest little thing. I finally saw how my dad could love everyone around him so easily. After holding her for the first time, it felt so easy, life just seemed effortless." I felt his fingers thread through my tresses as I sighed and let the warm sun heat up my skin.

"Careful Jacy, I may get jealous." A voice as warm as the sun opened my eyes as I smiled. Watching Ephraim look down at his son and me relaxing together and talking. "What are you talking about?" He asked carefully.

"My boys and Abigail." And there it was, the pride, the absolute devotion and adoration in his voice. Ephraim's own eyes seemed to glow with just as much pride as his son. Jacy stood up, helping me as he went. "Well, I'll let you two talk. It was nice talking Isabella." Kissing my head he hugged his dad with one arm before walking back to the house.

"I'm sorry." He said straight away as I bit my lip and nodded. "Kanti understands why I want to protect you from The Cullen family. You see, the Cullen's are vampires, but their diet is off of animals instead of humans. They are good people, but that prejudice is hard to let go of. It was their kind that put the world into the state it is in now. All of them, say for their leader, Carlisle, has tasted human blood and fed off of them till the death. They could so easily be dangerous to you and I can't loose you. None of my girls know how hard it was to let them go to the Cullen's, it burned my heart to take them there."

"It's okay, I understand."

"No, not really. They are mine." He was shaking slightly, not sure if it was anger or sadness, but I kept quiet. "Their blood is my blood. I gave them their lives and watching them go into something so dangerous, it was hard. I can't even let my own children any further than the wall!" He laughed as I smiled softly. "Sure the boys go further out than the girls, but their my little girls, no matter how old they are." I laughed as he pulled me into his chest and wrapped himself around me.

"Your such a chick." I teased as he rolled his eyes.

"Well, get used to it, I'll be just the same with ours."

"I can't wait."


Volterra, Italy.

"Trice, lost the girl. He managed to salvage some of his vulgar behaviour. Her father survived, barely. He's just finished his change now." The male draped in thick red robes, bowed deeply, his chin skimming the marble flooring. Long silver strands of blonde hair pooled over his shoulders and hid his face from his masters. Red irises burned the hard stone as his glare intensified, full of anger for the pathetic attempt of his servant that could easily lead to his ultimate death. Kneeling over himself with his palms against the cold surface, he was completely vulnerable.

"This displeases me." The burning of ice invaded the bowing mans' insides as it spread through his body and wrapped around every muscle and dead organ of his body. His body snapped up, like a puppets strings, he was manipulated to move closer to the five thrones before him. His neck exposed, his cloak limply fell to the floor he had currently been pressed upon.

"Such a worthless life." A deep, throaty, husky voice hissed as black silk blindfolded the now terrified server. "Tell your man to go back and find my mate!"

"I can't sire! He's dead." The man pleaded for forgiveness, for life.

"Then you better know where he lost them and where she went next. If she is not here within the month, you wont have a family to come back to. If you think after that, that you need to return, don't count on staying with us for long. Hell has been calling for a very long time now."

"Brother, patience." A soothing, patronising voice cooed with a firm hand on his shoulder. "Rudi, knows the consequence for his failure." The vampire nodded pleadingly. "But… perhaps, a reminder of what he faces to lose, will encourage his success?" An evil grin spread on the pasty skin of the ancient leader. "Jane, dear?" Screams echoed in the dome room as a beautiful blonde child walked effortlessly whilst dragging a scared woman behind her.

The vampire, Rudi, tensed. His chest growled and his throat hissed in protest. His young niece, Caroline, was sobbing, tears stained on her soft, human cheeks. "I feel rather thirsty now." The leader laughed mockingly at the man he was tormenting.

Sleek, elegant fingers wrapped firmly around the human's throat as she begged and cried for her life. "Be grateful I'm not. She, along with your family, vampires or humans, will be killed if you don't bring my mate back with you in one month's time."

"Rudi!" The girl begged confusedly.

"You better leave, time is running out." His body was thrown heavily to the floor. He stood up and without further ado, left.

The hunt had begun.