By: Karen B.

Summary: E/O 100 word challenge. Word - Leak. Hey, what can I say? They're guys!

Rated: Hm? Naughty with a little dirt on top.

Disclaimer: 'Eh...not the owner.


"You done choking the chicken yet, Sam?"

"Dean!" Sam yelled in disgust from behind the locked bathroom door.

"Man, you been in there forever, Sammy, need some magazines or something?"


"A little tech support, maybe?" Dean laughed.

Sam opened the door, one hand on his hip. "Can't a guy have some privacy?"

"Not when that guy has been in the john for thirty minutes straight, Mr. 'I'm a princess and I need my space'."

Dean brushed past Sam. "My turn."

"You already took a leak."

"Dude." Dean raised a hand, waggling a magazine in his brother's face.

"Awe, gah."