Inspired by a pic by lama_mama on LJ, lulz

Hope you enjoy it! Sadly, none of these characters belong to me XD

I stared around my bridge with a mix of horror and, no matter how hard I tried to banish it, amusement. I mean… It was virtually impossible to not be amused by the fact that my entire bridge crew was attempting to their jobs as cats! Uhura kept turning in her chair to meow at me. Sulu was standing on the control, ignoring the pilot I'd replaced him with, and was batting at the knobs and… whatever the hell else he used to steer the ship. Chekov, with his stubby little legs, couldn't quite reach, so was sitting in the lap of my back-up navigator. It was hilarious to watch him try and stretch from the seat to the console, but now wasn't the time for laughing. I looked up when the turbolift opened, sighed when I saw who it was. Scotty and Bones kept being carried up by Nurse Chapel. Apparently, Bones had been spending the entire afternoon hissing at nurses. And poor Scotty was currently standing on the arm of my captain's chair mewing at me. And his breath smelled like scotch…

When something sleek and smooth landed on the other arm of my chair, I looked down. The short-haired black cat peered up at me silently, the curled up and laid down. "Gee, Spock, thanks." The look he gave me was plainly unamused.

I looked at the Scottish fold still meowing loudly at me. "Look, Scotty, just calm down! The other engineers can handle it. You're not the only one on board. And, damn it, Bones, stop giving Chapel and everyone else a hard time!"

The big fatass cat – boy, would I give him hell for that later – hissed at me, as angry as ever. Another cat leapt primly onto my lap and then went up my chest to perch on my shoulder. Just to meow loudly and directly into my ear.

"I don't speak cat!" I snapped. "You're the communications officer, not me." There was another meow and then her claws dug into my shoulder. "Ow, fuck!"

I heard a squeak and looked up at Chapel, frowning. "Sorry. I'm a little frustrated that my crew are felines. It's to be expected." And more and more of them had been turning into cats, which was just aggravating as hell. MedBay was full of them, which was the only reason why I'd been letting Bones go down in the first place. But he'd been nothing but trouble, so no way.

I felt something travel over my feet, looked down. It was Chekov, pacing. He looked up at me, meowed, and continued to pace. Sulu was there now, I noted, licking his paw as if such a thing happened every day.

I sighed. Okay, so it wasn't the weirdest thing to have ever happened aboard the Enterprise, but it was up there. "Nurse, are you guys any closer to coming up with some way to reverse this?"

"Um… No, Captain, I'm sorry."

"Right… Great. Spock, you got any idea?" The cat gave me a look that had me smiling. "Yeah… Cat." I plucked Uhura off my shoulder – carefully, I knew she'd kill me if I was rough – and hefted Scotty as well since he was leaning on me. "Chekov, Sulu, come on. Spock, you too." He was immediately on my shoulder, which made me smile for a moment. I almost missed it when Scotty, in my arms bundled against Uhura, had grown very quiet and was gazing at Uhura, his jaw dropped. Uhura was studying him curiously, also finally growing quiet.

Bones continued to growl and make grumble-like meows as Chapel carried him to the turbolift and, behind us, Chekov and Sulu walked with their tails linked. Once in the turbolift, I felt a scratchy tongue along the curve of my ear and blushed, flicking my gaze to the black cat. That had been… friendly. Usually, he would only do something like that when we were alone. I looked down at Uhura and Scotty, who both wore knowing looks, and dumped them to the floor. "Shut up," I muttered. "And let's get you all back to normal."