You know the drill.



Naruto'S PoV:

Just when you think your day can't get any worse..

I wake up to find that my so-called team left me behind while they went to the bridge for the next enounter with Zabuza. On the way there, I find out that Gato bastard sent a couple of his goons to grab the old man's family for hostages. Thankfully they were just a couple of two-bit thugs, so it wasnt too much trouble to deal with them.

When I finally get to the bridge the fight's already started; the ero-cyclops is dealing with no-brows, pinky's 'guarding' Tazuna, and the emo-jackoff 's getting his ass handed to him by the fake hunter-nin in this wierd mirror dome.

In case you're wondering why I'm not even bothering with their names, I'll explain later.

Anyway, the teme looked like he needed help the most. Using a smoke bomb for cover, i managed to tiptoe in and tred to get him to follow me out. But, I forgot a good chunk of his mind was devoted to ego. Soon as I got his attention, the first thing to come out of his mouth was 'Get out of here, dobe! I don't need your help fighting him!'

I should add that he said this loud enough for his opponant to hear and blew any cover we had. And let me tell you, those needles that guy uses hurt like hell!

So, there we are trying to find a way out while getting turned into pincushions; I'm shrowing out shadow clones like mad in the hopes the guy'll get distracted so we can get out of this thing, unfortunately I didn't know what the hell Uchiha was doing until I was grabbed by the collar and yanked over..

Right into the path of another volley of needles. When I turned to try and avoid what I could, I saw something that pissed me off to no end.

The same comma marks one-eye had. Sharingan That plus the self-rightious smirk told me everything

The miserable son of a bitch deliberatly pulled me INTO the line of fire to save his own hide!

Though, the impact of the needles plus already using up most of my chakra meant I didn't get a chance to do much of anything before it all went black.

What I didn't know was that one act of backstabbing was gonna spell the end of me being 'Konoha's Punching Bag"


Regular PoV:

Haku nearly dropped the senbon she was holding when she saw what the Uchiha had just pulled. Not only did he use his own teammate has a shield, he didn't even bother to hide what he was PROUD of what he did. She had intented for that batch to strike him where it would finally knock him out, but when Naruto suddenly appeared in the way, his size and slouch from exertion meant they struck in completly different spots then intended. Part of her prayed they weren't lethal.

"Hn, about time the dobe had a use." Sasuke sneered as he watched the blonde fall to the ground. Or he did until the air started rippling with KI, all of it coming from from the masked nin.

And all of it directed straight at him.

"You intentionally risked his life soley to protect MISERABLE PIG!" Haku snarled, putting the senbon away and loading her fists with kunai. She looked straight into his eyes and took aim.

Before she could let loose, the air around them suddenly went still and heavy. The mist outside the mirrors was actually sinking to the ground.


Outside, even Zabuza and Kakashi could feel their skin crawl slightly from the ominous sensation.

"What the hell has that little idiot done now?" Kakashi muttered, "I should've just told him to stay to the side when he got here!"

It wasn't hard to tell who that was directed to, And even though he had just encountered the team a week prior, the ex-mist nin couldn't help but take offense to that comment, "And what makes you think it was him, Hatake? For all you know that duck-assed Uchiha could've done something stupid." He smirked inwardly when he caught the man's eye tick

"Unlike Naruto, Sasuke actually knows what it means to be a ninja." Came the smug reply.

"Oh really? And who was it that saved your soggy ass last week, hmm?" Zabuza pulled down part of his bandages to reveal the scar on his cheek. "He actually managed to draw blood while your apparent favorite nearly tried to commit suicide when we first fought." The tick came back full force, much to his amusement, "Ha! Try and spin THAT, ya prick! Even Mist nin know playing favorites'll get you in trouble."


"Though I know I should be wary"

"What the!" Sasuke jumped back when the blonde stood back up, though it wasn't that he got up, it was how.

Naruto had literally raised back into a standing posistion, like he was on a flippable table. No sitting up, no limbs bending, nothing...

"Still I venture someplace scary'

'N-Naruto..? What's going on?" Haku fought back the urge to gulp when his eyes shot open. Whatever was happening, she didn't know weither to be relieved or half-scared out of her mind. Especialy with whatever he was talking about. His voice sounded hallow..almost dead.

"Ghostly hauntings I turn loose!'





Just a lil plot bunny that me and Pseuocode Samurai knocked around. This one'll probably be a depot for some of my more psychotic ideas.

Sneak Peek:


Watching the self-proclaimed 'avenger' rocket past her, Haku had to admit she'd never seen anyone get their face tattooed with a cast iron boxing glove before. Much less one with the letters 'BJ' emblazoned on it.