"Sign here, here...inital here, fingerprint over there..stamp it in the corner..there." Sarutobi looked at the completed form before adding his own signature, "As of now, Naruto Uzumaki is no longer a member of Team 7. However, we'll have to give you an evaluation to see what your new posistion should be. In the meantime you'll just be giving the other teams a hand when necessary."

Naruto shrugged, "Eh, I can work with that. Long as I don't have to put up with those three anymore."

The Hokage turned his attention to Zabuza and Haku, "One your probation period is over, Zabuza, I'll instate you as an offical Konoha shinobi. Haku, we'll need to evaluate you as well to see what rank to put you at. That is, unless you wish to just be a civilian."

"Well, how does this place feel about people with Kekkei Genkai?" Haku asked uneasily, making a small ball of ice form in her hand.

Sarutobi's eyes widened, "Hyouton? Well I'll be...I had heard all its users had fallen victim to Mist's Bloodline Purge, rather glad to see I was wrong. To be honest, I'd reccommend becoming offical; granted Konoha holds Bloodlines in high regard, but I'm afraid the majority has become rather obsessed with one in particular." The look on his face was enough to tell her who he meant, "Knowing certain members of the council, should you go civilian, they'll try their damnedest to make you...well, I'd preferr not to mention it, but I think you get the idea. That or attempt to make you the Uchiha's wife, weither you want to or not."

"Oh HEEELLL NO!" Zabuza growled, "I see Haku almost like my little sister, and I will shove Kubikiri Houcho up that emo prick's ass sideways before letting him even get near her!"

"Just so you know, this is by no means to pressure you, I just want you to be aware of the situation." Sarutobi added, mentally groaning in sympathy pain at the though of Zabuza's claim.

"Well, since you put it that way, I think I'll go full ninja." Haku responded.

"Right, I'll see about having it ready for you in the next couple of days. And last but not least; the matter of where you'll be staying." As the sentence ended, Sarutobi's gaze fell on Naruto.

The blonde quickly caught on, "Whoa, Jiji. Unless you got some extra bedrooms stashed somewhere, I really doubt 3 people can live in a two-room apartment."

"Actually..this is something I should've given you a long time ago, but felt it would be best when you were able to look after yourself." Sarutobi snickered lightly, "Though, given what Zabuza said you did to Gato and his men, I'd say it's safe to go ahead." Placing his palm on the desk, the Hokage performed a few one handed seals. As soon as he finished the last, a seal appeared in the corner of the desktop followed by a faint click, revealing a hidden panel.

"Naruto," He reached in and extracted a larger than normal scroll "This is the last will and testament of your parents, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki."

"Um, let me be sure I heard that right." Zabuza wiggled a finger in his ear, "You're talking about Minato 'Fourth Hokage, AKA: Yellow Flash, AKA: Iwa's worst nightmare' Namikaze and Kushina 'The Whirlpool Princess, AKA: Red Death, AKA: Source of the wet dreams for half the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist.."

"Oi! Really NOT something I wanna know about my mom, thank you very much!" Naruto gave him a one eyed glared

"What? I respected her sword skills. Was never really into redheads to begin with. Anyhoo," Zabuza turned his attention back to the Hokage, "You're saying he's THEIR kid!" When the Hokage gave a confirming nod, he made his way to the nearest chair and immedianly slumped into it, "Holy shit..." He muttered.

"Right.." Sarutobi responded, "Well, I guess you'd better go check out your new home. The scroll has the address inside. I'd accompany you, but.." He turned his gaze to the remenants of Team 7, "I have some chewing out to do."

"Oo, can I leave a shadow clone to watch?" Naruto asked eagerly, getting a deadpan espression in return, "Can't blame a guy for asking."


Haku peered through the heavy iron gates of their destination, past the bars was nothing but a lot filled with weeds and trash, "Naruto, are you sure this is the right place? There's nothing here." After a moment of silence, she looked over to see him with his face buried in the scroll.

"Hehehe, sneaky, Dad. Really sneaky." He chuckled from behind the paper, "It's there, Haku. We're just looking at it in its security mode."

"Care to expand on that?" Zabuza looked over the blonde's shoulder at the writing.

"Niether of them really trusted the civilian side or the elder members of the council so while Mom was pregnant they had a seal array set up to activate in case anything happened to them before I was old enough, hiding the place so they couldn't get their hands on the house or the contents. This whole place is set up like a big storage seal; all the crap we're looking at right now is just a genjutsu."

Zabuza whistled under his breath, "Hm, color me impressed. Didn't have anything like that in Mist, that's for sure."

"But how do we even get in? This gate doesn't have any lock or handle." Haku asked.

Naruto gave the scroll another look, "Lessee..the gate, the gate...here we go...well, that's handy." Without another word, Naruto reached out and ran his hand over the blade Zabuza's sword, opening a gash in his palm.

"Wha..? Hey, what the hell, gaki!" Zabuza yelled, watching him slap the bleeding palm onto the middle of the gate. On contact, a glowing seal appeared under his hand. Suddenly, what could only be described as an explosion erupted from the center of the lot, filling it with smoke.

When it cleared, three jaws could be heard disengaging along with the click of the gate opening up.

"Whoa..." The trio said in unison. In place of the lot now stood a three-story manor, complete with a groomed garden on one side of the stone patch leading from the gate.

They stood in silence for minute before Naruto grinned, "Dibs on the master bedroom!" He yelled as he ran to the door.

"Hey! No fair!" Zabuza took off in persuit.

"Wait for me!" Haku rushed in behind them.


Meanwhile, the Hokage was eyeing a certain jounin and two genin as they finally came to from their unappointed slumber.

"Ugh..my head.."

"Wh..what happened...KAMI, WHY DO I SMELL SO..."!

"SHUT UP!" Sarutobi's bellow quickly silenced the three, giving him a moment to adequately begin, "You three twits have some explaining to do."


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